making resistance to abnormal

September 11 [Tue], 2012, 11:21

Your support is our biggest motivation network Zhaimen broken but general tide yellow nail Pikemen, Blue A corporal, obesity the dumped hands with Red Scarf archers directly welling up, seems to be to bring human wave tactics they come alive submerged, Liang Qi the elite Tiger Balm riding in Ex frenzied attack, the the instantaneous physical value plunged by more than half! This time Hu Huahao has already rapid rush over, his hands over his head is a mind Lei Chen! This look at the scope of attack least dizziness lived hundreds of people, boys Lema bows directly leaps in the air, the body of a flash of light, has launched his nirvana shoot with great precision! The five flaming rocket directly consistent shot in intensive Cao central, if they be magnet adsorbed on the elite Tiger Balm riding around, although the sky was raining, but the the boys five rockets caused casualties as 50 over four people! Good amazing stunts, in boys heyday, has also changed to what state? ! And then performing the tapping at the huge elite fertilizer male red to, this guy sets of a pair of the best shoes feet later, the movement speed increase a lot, buried his head with spikes on the top of the black depths helmet, life hit out a way to survive, and then leaping spotted a the most contented carries big fat ass sat down! Flesh and blood splattered! Followed Green also drag a long silver red band of light fly from his goal but it is directed at the physical low micro Hongjin archers! Great the guy Lengjian lethal, Hu is directly aimed at obesity dumped hand focus attention. It is worth mentioning. Qualify as the Tang hand home Huhua Hao increase in the power of not only the basic attributes, moves smoothly into very obvious to improve, even if fists kicks Shen. Weight mainly, but also an Hangyunliushui smooth feeling karen millen outlet store, it looked also think very pleasing, Fang Lin sullen the chaos sound of a Hansha, wear directly has crossed Shasheng fierce battlefield with four in Blue Minions. Go straight to the tall precarious flood Longbridge uplink three or four yellow nail Pikemen he lunged under the command of a blue A corporal Hansha ------ This is also the current chaos to Cao come out to block his only strength. However distant suddenly Jishe to three Jinjian Zhiguan into two positive play the yellow nail Pikemen ground bayonet to chest. Two unwilling to hold the shaft of the arrow, slowly fall, is a remote support of the boys on horseback, and striking the Blue A corporal was going to dance the gun toward the front of the enemy. Suddenly they found in front of his chest, an unexpected two ferocious eyes give purple light! A time it seems that the whole soul is adsorbed into it, and can not extricate themselves! Shortly thereafter, the remaining two yellow A Pikemen Huang's Jinjian captured the life that Blue A corporal has been loyal to the immediately following in the forest behind square, with four blue shirt rogue a foot on that has been re-fixed on more than half of the bridge! Fang Lin coldly raised his gun, aligned with those who are still busy call, tried to prevent the the upstream huge driftwood collision pier ground artisans. | | | Member reprint | a little bit of silver spray, which is almost equivalent tantamount to a unilateral bloody massacre! Although the bridge collapse in this Yaoyao Yu able to connect the two sides. But that could be only put six horses and Chi broad deck, but now also repair only to accommodate a ride the prevailing ground level only. Those artisans either side forest shot and killed, either gamble which only jumping torrent narrow escape from death in luck. {{Member reprint]] after only just a moment, the ground Han Shasheng behind Cao's camp on gradually smaller. Has attracted most of the enemy fire the two elite Tiger Balm riding in front. Fang Lin pedestrian simply massacre machine can be used to describe. The dozen red archers, obesity dumped hand dead. The remaining yellow nail down Pikemen mob. But the other side of rushes came thundering hoofs come tumbling! Cao's elite Tiger Balm riding! They turned out in a timely manner driven back! Fang Lin smiled coldly, was also in his budget, the wave of a hand, Liang Qi whole body up and down behind him are stained with the blood of the elite Tiger Balm ride if cold deicide left below killing field Benz on a narrow bridge can only accommodate a ride through the crazy! The Liang Qi Cao strongest arms in this precarious Longbridge make a deadly collision! Only to hear the pattering Lek bang Beisi Fang Lin control the elite the Haw Par ride both man and horse are not live staggered back, shoulders carnage flashed, his left hand was actually terrible gun pick fly Puma Running Shoes Shoes! Blood mad spray, broken limbs in the dark black night throwing flying out of an arc, dropping under which the torrent below! Cao elite Tiger Balm ride suddenly pulled out the long knives of the waist, oblique play down the riding make a dodge elite control in Fang Lin Haw Par ago, no creaky chopped into their armor, then cut into the body, and finally even the crotch horse cut into two! I last situation is not bad, with a hint of flame up to three meters, straight all the darkness in an instant tear! Bloody, half of them fell into the river, the corpse half horse corpse down in the deck, another half corpse, the corpse of half horse fell on the deck! White Cancan bones and swayed blood flesh and blood, exceptionally shrill! Fang Lin took a deep cold air a motion detection function: Name: Cao Rui: Str 80, Dex 60, stamina 90 spirit 35. [} [} Physical value of 4500 points. attack range of 1 m, Houbei the fish scales Zijin knife attack range of 0 m, the armor: embedded steel bin iron heavy Kay. All inflict 350 points of damage, and there is a 50% chance to make the enemy's movement speed is reduced by 40%. [79 literary Network} cooling time of 20 seconds, the treatments distance of 15 meters. --- 4, issued eight consecutive times quickly attack Attack Range: 180 degrees front to within five meters of each thorn damage value of 80% of weapon damage each hit will inflict 10:00 seconds, continuing 3 seconds bleed, bleed effect can be superimposed. cooling time of 20 seconds. chance opponent's Kuipo vulnerability, reducing its physical value of 80%. [} judgment skills reincarnation reduced to 5% UGG Ultimate Short Outlet, 1 hour cooling time. increased by 80%, reducing all damage taken by 20 points, making resistance to abnormal conditions, life regeneration per second +8. increased movement speed by 15%. riding Chi on the Longbridge! The moment before the two played against Fang Lin frowned and forced back the spirit of force excessive wear and tear in the aftermath of his men again use powerful magic charm surgery, plus give it a crazy state! Note: Fang Lin spiritual power ceiling is 54, would have control of the relationship between to Liang Qi elite Tiger Balm ride, the upper limit is reduced to a 54-11x232 then broken Zhaimen with a powerful magic Charm 32 - 1121, just another control a blue A corporal 21-1110, 5:00 spiritual power gradually resuming broken Walled until now. 15:00, this time to the rest of the elite enough the Haw Par ride plus crazy status of the have barking Chi on the bridge, although they can not be directly approached to assist the captain, but you can use throwing cyclotron chain hammer to attack the traitor! Six is ​​thrown to the roundabout chain hammering playing from control in Fang Lin the elite Tiger Balm riding him with several dark visible bone deep wounds, the blood Kuangyong out, then quickly soaked armor. But the whole property boom can withstand Cao Rui crazy attacks, insisted did not refundable North Face Men's Vests! They bust into the water, tightly hold on piers! Four blue shirt rogue! Strength properties of these cannon fodder is not high, but there is enough Agility has climbing stuff, enough to support flood ten minutes! Fang Lin smiled coldly, suddenly forefinger and thumb, alignment dragged seven riding on top Longbridge elite Tiger Balm ride made a gesture to pull a gun!

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