discussed the office building renovation

September 01 [Sat], 2012, 17:01
Wei Changhe and Yang Fan and Zhang Weiguo are acquaintances ,in the past, Wei Changtian had to clear before the town office ,Wei long Nine Mile Beach village director ,did not give Yang Fan and Zhang Weiguo good ,now ,Wei River left hand pulls Yang Fan ,right hand holding Zhang Weiguo Women Boots UGG Sale,down to the conference room next to the toilet reading - it _ ) Yang Fan secretly funny ,the Wei River ,who the hell are you doing? Wei Changhe from about two pockets were pulled out two red packets ,stuffed into Yang Fan and Zhang Weiguo a very anxiously said : the two leaders ,two brother ,do me a favor ,you and Zhao Zhixiong to talk about ,let him listen to my brother ,do not admit Geng before send packets .
station in while Geng before also said: the two leaders UGG Boots Sale Cheap For Women,ah, look at the US these years affection ,help a brother ,I Geng before friends, do not look at the moment, and see the world ,today the two leaders help brothers after the customs ,the brothers will be re - Zhang Weiguo clapped Yang Fan on the shoulder ,said: Yang, river brothers in recent years tell us a good relationship ,Geng boss is also a honest man, I want to see .
.. ... Yang Fan slightly waved ,interrupted by Zhang Weiguo, said: the old chapter ,this is a matter of principle, I can Wei River face of a female ,low voice said : Yang Fan ,I do not think you want to live ,I tell you ,in this clear town ,I have not if any man ,nor for anyone ,my brother is now the largest Qing town leader ,if you are smart ,you listen to me, otherwise ,you official Bento is not stable, hey ,not only as bad ,I will break your two legs do not believe you try threat red fruit ,the threat to Yang Fan this is a weak .
figure ,now listen to Wei Changhe great threat words ,heart thumped, hesitated on Zhang Weiguo with a flash Yin Xiao ,continue to pat Yang Fan ,and said: Yang mayor, you are young ,must stand in line .
,not to the wrong people ,the Li River is a forceful, cannot become what climate life threatening, face future confusion ,Yang Fan heartbeat out after a fierce ideological struggle ,Yang Fan finally nodded : good ,I with you ,Yang Fan Wei River slipped his red packaging into his pocket.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ... ... Wei Changhe is arrogant laugh : ha ha ha ,Yang Fan brothers ,it now, what it is as well to know ,this is the wise , Geng before said: thanked the mayor Geng before ,I won Yang Fan waved his hand ,said: I will follow the old chapter well matched ,however ,can say Zhao Zhixiong ,I can not guarantee the rest assured , Yang Town, you have to do ,is good with Wei country, big brother ,as for other things ,don to worry about Wei long river Yang Fan nodded ,no say anything out of the toilet ,Wei River and Geng before they go downstairs ,while Yang Fan and Zhang Weiguo toward the party and government to Zhao Zhixiong and Zhao Zhixiong are on the desk to see the file, see Yang Fan and Zhang Weiguo at the same time to stand up ,to Party and government six comrades, including Zhao Zhi bear the director ,since the office building after the fire was concentrated in the office ,Yang Fan and Zhang Weiguo came in, Zhao Zhixiong takes the lead and other members ,naturally follow up Zhang Wei Road : bear ,out of a Zhao Zhixiong also did not think, along with Yang Fan and Zhang Wei Is out of the office party and government the other members began to rise ,some say ,the town is now holds standing committee ,discussed the office building renovation costs as well as with the company billing issues ,Yang Fan vice mayor and the trade union chairman Zhang Weiguo together come looking for Zhao Zhixiong ,a what important matters and some say ,Zhao Zhixiong just as the party and government director ,has not entered standing out, this time by Yang Fan and Zhang Weiguo called to, must want anything good or not to regard it as right ,they secretly thinks ,Zhao Zhixiong this time into the conference room ,will be fraught with grim possibilities is said Zhao Zhixiong with Yang Fan and Zhang Weiguo out of the party and government ,the three was in the corridor to stop Zhao Zhixiong smiled and said : the two leaders ,can I help you ? Zhang Weiguo took the lead in opening: director Zhao ,is such a thing ,just during the meeting ,river side .
Write out a red envelope ,said company boss Geng before the decoration of the time to send you ,and you, but to the Town Commission for Discipline Inspection, Zhao Zhixiong tight ,but in fact the Ju ,he believed that the Li River with Jiang Shangwen good communication ,then nodded without thinking : yes ,the Geng definitely gave me twenty thousand pieces of red packets ,I push pushing off ,had to give the Commission for Discipline Inspection .
director Zhao is a really honest good cadre . Zhang Wei laughed Zhao Zhixiong was asked suspiciously : leaders of two mean ? Oh ,this is it ,the river side it will red on your desktop ,Wei .
Remember very angry ,then let the two of us to ask you to confirm . oh ... ... Zhao Zhixiong stayed with immediately, Zhao Zhixiong turned to Yang Fan ,he knows that Yang Fan is Li mayor Yang Fan said nothing ,just nodded at the moment Yang Fan ,heart of the contradiction is very fierce, he is afraid of Wei Changhe Wei Changtian will take revenge ,fearing his position demoted ,by now he only be worldly-wise and play safe ,Yang Fan speak, means that the default Zhang Weiguo is very satisfied with the performance of Zhang Weiguo Yang Fan ,he continued : director Zhao ,Wei now is so considered :he wants you to deny the red envelope is Geng before for you Um -- Zhao Zhixiong missed a beat ,eyes flashing with unbelievable light Zhang Weiguo smile: director Zhao ,not only is the Wei .
Remember asking you to deny the red envelope is Geng before delivery, our Li Town long think so . what ?Li Town long let me also denied ? Zhao Zhixiong stayed at the moment Zhao Zhixiong ,abnormal heart contradiction ,he does not know is to admit or deny that he didn this chapter Weiguo saying is true or false once again turned to face ,Zhao Zhixiong Yang Fan ,at the moment, he only put all their hopes on Yang Fan Yang Fan nodded ,try to conceal full of contradiction: old chapter you are right ,Wei .
Ji and Li mayor is out of communication Zhao Zhixiong heard Yang Fan say such words ,will be relieved, but his heart has been the existence of many doubts :Li mayor in the pre - and I had a private communication ,now why it back ?The mayor really exciting ,unpredictable .
At the same time ,Zhao Zhixiong also has a faint worry :stay attends a meeting ,in the face of Geng ago sent the red, if once admitted ,so ,by who to come about ?If once the investigation together ,certainly no one on my side of Zhao Zhixiong ,then ,I Zhixiong Zhao is necessary in a abnormal isolation if once denied ,then ,the origin of the red will explain how ?Contradiction ,a conflict with Zhao Zhixiong after Zhao Zhixiong in Yang Fan and under the leadership of Zhang Weiguo entered the meeting room immediately, the all town leaders have focused on his face Zhao Zhixiong felt leaders look very sharp ,like a stalk sharp dagger ,a neat shot over toward him ,he feels not know what course to take bear comrades, the red is you give me ,now you give us all about it ,the red is how to ? Jiang Shangwen deputy .
Remember looked at Zhao Zhixiong and said Zhao Zhixiong ,repeated raced, he doesn answer this question at the end, he turned to Li River ,look forward to from the Li river here to find the answer however ,Zhao Zhixiong saw the Li River face always permeated with a not much, if any smile ,you can not any of his psychological activities of Li River don just before Wei Changhe and Gunn in the next men on the Zhao Zhixiong act tough and talk soft ,in his heart he secretly proud of ,as long as Zhao Zhixiong will be truth ,then ,Wei long days at the Standing Committee on the face does not exist, at the same time, Li River is very optimistic UGG Boots Sale Cheap,the Standing Committee, will be demonstrated in Li River and Wei Changtian River in the town of influence height in a show -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to edit notification ,old angry Officer was on March 19th ,is also the next week to the member bar library ,old anger very happy ,this is also the it a must at the same time, the old anger here for readers to this period of time since the old old anger anger support Thank you after reading this you can also To purchase a membership ,personally think that this method is the most cost-effective ,terminally 10 yuan ,you can read many outright from membership .
Nationality ,identification sign is it work behind the name is red will such as innocent greatly the road ,the fate of 0 big armed endless ,balefire greatly I was a toad and so on ,are all members work every months 10 yuan ,can read all members work in the corresponding purchase time all ,unlimited number of words 10 yuan =1000 aspect coins ,quite effective UGG Jimmy Choo Siobhan, but also produces a monthly monthly ticket ,used to support the reading works of wrath is a really old people Fluff Flip Flop UGG Boots,not to say how many fans love the words , officer was all the way up to now ,really not easy, after the road, still very long, old anger to please a lot of support Baidu search read literature .
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