I always can put his seat to you.

September 01 [Sat], 2012, 16:54
Li Zhonghe smiled and said : well, such as the police station that dealt with ,your seat has stabilized, we will arrange a time to spar _ read & ;& ; Zhao Weisong said hastily : Li mayor, I do, just you .
I remember it Li River so ,what should I do now ? Zhao Weisong asks the Li River : you immediately rushed to the station to heavy Zhao Weisong nodded ,and then turned out ,and leaves his office door shut as Zhao Weisong backs UGG Adirondack Tall Sale, Li River laughs very aglitter with mobile phone ,Li river called the crow County Public Security Bureau Director Ge Bin mobile phone calls fast pass ,Ge Bin was heard : ha ha ,I Li mayor ,I thought you up the mayor after the man to forget .
Li River and laughing, said: ,brother, how can forget about you ,brother really miss you man only ,Qing town here ,my time is too tight ,a lot of work is needed to understand ah .
.. ... Ha ha ha ,you also use the familiar ah ,just to the town ,the town leadership ripped off ,dont know Ge Bin laughs Li River laughs: is really concerned about brother ,brother of the man you call ,one is to greet the man, also have one ,there is something to please you for your help .
,don follow me around the circle UGG Hat and Scarf Set, speak out ,shoot Ge Bin and Li in the relationships that may not cover each other casually speak naturally ,Li River laughs: Qinghe town police station director Zheng Haipeng ,I want to change him .
Oh ,you adjust the town leading group ,now the following departments .Hehe Lo Pro Button UGG,broom ,the three fire burned . Ge Bin smiled and said I said brother ah ,don want more, but crow County Qinghe town economic town Li River : I ah ,I would like to take Zheng Haipeng down ,Yu Binglai served as the director of the police station .
in the army ? Ge Bin gave a start Yeah ,Yu Bing once in the Chengguan town police station for several years ,he has shortcomings ,but also has the advantages of Li River in : if he put the Qinghe town police chief ,believe this boy will effect of Doom in Li River if someone else is ,I have to refuse ,but not like you ,you speak out ,I gotta help ah Ge Bin said: rest assured ,this thing I remember Li River hung up the phone ,happy days ,the soldier boy, seemingly to be grateful for my old Li ah soon ,vice mayor Yang Fan came in May from the party and government director Rong Sheng a deputy mayor, Yang Fan look refreshed ,beaming smile: Yang Li River Mayor look well , said Yang Fan hastily : thank you ,mayor ,I have come to report to you thought .
Oh ? Li Zhonghe startled, laughing : you just promoted officer of less than twenty-four hours ,thought does not satisfy ?Want to rise ?You will go up, but that the mayor ,I always can put his seat to you.
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ... ... Yang Fan Li Zhonghe was so amused ,both hands to take cigarettes Li River ,and help with the Li River light ,said: I dare not seize the mayor Li .
Ah ,I haven big appetite ,I said, ah ,in future work ,I all aspects of work ,but also need Li alcalde guide ... ... Li Zhonghe waved ,interrupted by Yang Fan, said: I said the mayor Yang ,you can have a virtual, I Li River new town not long, the town is not very well ,you also let me guide ?This is not the nonsensical .
Yang Fan is a shrewd person ,he served as the director of town Party and government for so many years ,contact a myriad of leading cadres ,but he had never seen Li Zhonghe so that the mayor, talk casually .
However ,Yang Fan did not have any apparent on Li Zhonghe ,one is the Li river so young was the town mayor on behalf of ,no power of words ,nothing ,two is the one which is Li Zhonghe promoted ,he must be grateful for another point ,he told Li Zhonghe is also to fear ,that Li Zhonghe had defeated former mayor Ma Dongming Ma Dongming Qinghe town so strong ,how can he all of a sudden fall ?If not for the Li River and strong ,he could never fall Li mayor, I mean that you can understand ,I can today ,all depends on your promotion Yang Fan Frank tunnel: later in the work, I will do a good job ,don let your hope Li River smile nodded ,Muse ,my old Li side one more Yang Fan ,great strength ,so far ,Li River in the array had E Naomitsu ,Yang Fan ,Zhao Zhixiong ,Zhao Weisong ,Zhang won ,nine members of the Standing Committee of occupied six, 2/3 ah enough with Wei Changtian counterbalance the with Yang Fan talked on ,there was someone open the door the Li River cried ,the door opened ,E Naomitsu came in.
Oh ,right down to the river Yang Fan quickly got up and offered his seat Jiang Shang Wen smiled: Yang long today, good mood Yang Fan smiled and said : yes ah ,to be able to Mayor Li such leaders worked together, it is my pleasure ,if not happy ,that is absolutely false compliment ,red fruit compliment Li River smile on Yang Fan said : Yang Town, after ah ,specific work ,I also need a period of time .
Solution, this time, we rely on your support . Jiang Shangwen and Yang Fan speak with tunnel: rest assured ,but the mayor ,we must put the Qinghe town report to you as soon as possible, Li River laughed: after a lunar January ,I must go to the village below and enterprise to walk, you will have to stay with me.
no problem said two people at the same time as three people chatting, office door was opened by his horse ,who came into my old Li without knocking, ah Li River is a bit angry however ,Wei Changtian dodge in Jiang Shang Wen and Yang Fan stood up to Wei Changtian expressed respect ,also called Wei Wei Changtian .
Remember to see Yang Fan and Jiang Shangwen was in the stern of the office, eyes rapidly flashed a displeasure ,however ,his face quickly returned to normal ,and said: Oh ,I have bit of thing now, I talk with Li Yang Fan and Jiang Shangwen immediately once, immediately withdrew Wei Changtian walk to the door Mens Classic Mini UGG,the door shut ,low voice ,said: I just go to the following turn ,found three cases of highway robbery ,hey ,Qinghe town public security environment Is too bad .
Oh ,yeah? I just arrived, really do not know such bad security environment Li River deliberate and thoughtful for a while ,said: normally, Qinghe town belongs to the high economic development of villages and towns, this area should be very good ,the security situation is Wei Changtian looked ,he thought Li Zhonghe had with his point of view is very consistent ,this is really it was an accident .
So ,Wei long way : I just thought Jimmy Choo Mandah UGG,I think ,Zheng Haipeng has not suited for Qinghe town police station director, must change a person . well , now remember ,you consider the problem is really thoughtful Li River : in the villages and towns, without a strong police station ,it is not I completely agree with Wei .
Remember opinion Wei Changtian was full of joy ,and said: well, I now immediately to the county public security bureau director of Ge a call to consult him ,said , Wei Changtian took out his mobile phone ,and when the Li River surface ,called the Ge Bin mobile phone quickly ,the voice of Ge Bin from Wei Changtian mobile phone to the Li River in the ear: Wei .
Remember ,Hello ,a phone call from you ,I think I Eye problems, ha ha Wei Changtian laughed ,followed by one greets Li River listen to come out ,that although Wei Changtian sinister ,but their Kung Fu is not shallow ,he followed Ge Bin greet five minutes to into the Ge chief ,today to give you a call ,but to work on the matter Wei long way : today I went to the police station to a circle, found the problem ,the current director Comrade Zheng Haipeng at work there is a considerable problem .
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