Huaixi Army the Ying Yangjun

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Afar to Artemisia chow ancient, towering walls, Cui Gar finally often called on the breath. He has gone on the road continuously for five days, today finally can rest. Liu Ding command is in a hurry and want him to have arrived before the fifteenth day qizhou, when he received the order, the first month of the tenth. So he had only spent two days, will be on hand work to Wang Cheng Yen, then hurried departure from Lishui, all the way to the boundaries rushed qizhou. From Lishui to qizhou the road is pretty good, unobstructed sailing on the Yangtze River, the Ying Yangjun navy warships. NAI of Taihe ZHUGE Bin under the auspices of the the Shu state road is a large number of broadened roads are constantly opening of the connection between the various towns, a large number of the influx of refugees from the outside, have joined the ranks of off hilltops bridge open. Want to know why Ying Yangjun deficit so amazing, just need to take a look at the Shu State a straight road to Tongcheng know. Cui Gar traveled across the country, found only Chang'an and Luoyang have such a spacious flat near the road, even if the four carriage walked side by side, do not feel crowded. In fact, Cui Gar quite regret his in Lishui time it is too short, otherwise, he would mobilize the people of Lishui first local road improvement. The road leads through fiscal, Liu Ding, often under the said sentence, but it never Cui Gar Wang Cheng Yen said, may feel that both of them are old-government is no need to teach. In fact true, Choi Gar and WANG Cheng Yen, understand the importance of roads open, they had reason for some people with ulterior motives off the stage, is mobilized a large number of migrant workers in the road when results because of financial uncertainty The original funds to be used to build roads, always court siphoned tune to suppress Huang Chao rebel army, cause people can not get wages, and ultimately led to riots, plus some promotion events. Both of them became the scapegoat of the court, and eventually exiled thousands of miles away. Cui Gar leave Lishui. Lishui City residents, just was settled, the traces of war are gradually being eliminated, the economic life of the local land has not yet returned it. For the piece suffered Hongjin Pirates ravaged the land for several years, Cui Gar is still very emotional to see those who have left the people towards Tingfu shade as long as seven years, living a miserable life. He kind of feeling you want to cry. That really, he plugged into one of the people in the middle, a little reluctant to leave. However, Liu Ding command he served as the prefectural governor, command he must leave as soon as possible Lishui. Liu Ding command, there are some very tempted Cui Gar words which is driven Cui Gar quickly leave of Lishui The reason. In accordance with the command of Liu Ding, Huangzhou the Ying Yangjun regained belonging to Chaotingmingguan management of local, the Ying Yangjun does not directly intervene in the local management. In other words, the Ying Yangjun the court regained qizhou Huangzhou. But did not themselves, but the initiative will be handed over to the court here and sent officials to direct rule by the court. This history of nearly a decade of ground. Absolutely never happened before. Just in view of the extreme Huaixi military barrier court and no place fixed ground state, Huangzhou want to wait for the court to send government officials, it is impossible. Liu Ding recommended by the Talented local officials continue to rule, or deployed the part Ying Yangjun officials rule, once the imperial edict to arrange new officials took office. The Ying Yangjun will withdraw the initiative. Cui Gar never did not believe Liu Ding sincerely auxiliary court, he thinks Liu Ding made are superficial, to deceive the court, its ultimate purpose, are from the court to get more benefits. Because he has seen too many of these things, no matter how clever slogan, how loud, in behind the slogan. Always hidden shameful to intrigue. Since Shi Rebellion later. These local warlords, and the court is a carefully Past, is now, and will remain so. How much local Jiedushi, how much land regional power groups, the number of large and small warlords nominally is enshrined in the court, and even take the trouble of tabular own faithful to the court, the words on the table like nauseating to the point of nausea, as a matter of fact it is sectarianism, never substantive action. Cui Gar, Xuanwu Jiedushi Zhu Quanzhong exemplary in this regard, he focused almost entirely on the behavior of all traitors, simply deceived the whole world. Chosen to the court and the emperor felt very faithful, worthy given his word Choi Gar and WANG Cheng Yen, left Beijing for the last time, to remind the prime minister Xiao meet unexpectedly, Zhu Quanzhong letter shall not, you should think of ways to cut off Zhu Quanzhong wings, at least to a certain number of nails placed within the sphere of influence of the Zhu Quanzhong, in order to prevent accidents . Xiao meet unexpectedly does not agree that the the court such practices, but will let Zhu Quanzhong generate dissent. Ultimately, the court has given the Zhu Quanzhong unprecedented powers of his trust is also a plus, leading him in the court of the component is increasing in Bianzhou vicinity, people only know Zhu Quanzhong without knowing the court. Behind the facts show that Zhu Quanzhong at a critical time, this person is absolutely unreliable, in addition to rivals Rick used his forces and relations is very complex, intricate relationships and the various forces in the Off. Things are always thinking about how to reap the greatest benefits, if there is no interest, he is definitely not action. Court expect Zhu Quanzhong to quell the surrounding princes, especially Huaixi army is to destroy this the largest evil forces, and it is too difficult. Course, standing Xiao meet unexpectedly stance, things that no one could court a precarious now, of no fixed abode, displaced, can be described as a broken country oak will do, not to mention the wealth and status, even have to miss a meal a. The result in this case, the most fundamental reason is, of course, the court did not belong to their own troops. Do not say the court there the Shen Cejun, there Praetorian Guard, it simply is not imperial army, but belongs to the field Lingzi personal. Shen Cejun Guards in the size of the military head, all just listen to the field Lingzi the command, even the emperor can not errand. Court since even its own armed forces are not, what forces compel local Jiedushi execution of the imperial court? It is simply impossible. Li Chang Fu Fengxiang Jiedushi the same love-hate relationship to people in the court. Fengxiang distance Changan is too close. No middle ground natural barrier. Zhaofaxizhi. Can always Changan to launch a fatal blow. The court want to stay in Chang'an firmly in place. First is to guarantee the Fengxiang Jiedushi be faithful. But it seems from the current ground situation. Before Fengxiang Jiedushi Li Chang words. Later ground Li Chang Fu, et al. Are very complex character to people. Eyes only to private interests. On the surface of the emperor fairly deferential. However, only limited to the emperor to award them time. God knows the hidden evil intentions behind their land. If you do not pin down the Zhu Quanzhong and Li Ke land. Maybe they even the regicide are done out of the ground. This field Lingzi hostage the emperor fled Fengxiang. Trying transferred Xingyuan Prefecture. Fengxiang Jiedushi Li Chang Fu outrageously send troops to kill. Where there is to do the courtiers to taste? Only wait for them to the Emperor an early death. Another election of an obedient puppet emperor. In Chu Mei Ning Jiedushi opinion. Such a manner the idea seemed to be put into action. Cui Gar learned from different perspectives. Zhu Mei has public open then. And now, the emperor had unfit to be emperor. He was ready to choose a separate ability to do the emperor the human emperor. If you are in Chang'an. Around Emperor ground. Cui the Gar certain body Funan ground. Denounced Li Chang Fu, Zhu Mei et al ground outrageous. Denounced them to despicable. Even if it is destroyed expense. The only pity. He is now in the distant Huainan. Knowing that His Majesty the Emperor face hugely dangerous. Plunged into an unprecedented predicament. He can do the ground. Only silently pray it. Man servant. To this point. Can be considered faithful due diligence. Of course. Cui Gar returned to own a secret mission. That is, tried to prevent Liu Ding and into Zhu Mei, Zhu Quanzhong to people. Liu Ding ground sinister must not be deceived. Must make a point of practical action in Huainan. Support is now a broken court. Cui Gar into the city later. Come to meet him in person is Yanhong Lin. In the inside side of Liu Ding cronies. Yanhong Lin is a more special manner. He turned out to be the land the nephew Shu Zhou Cishi Wang Bo. Are some Dandyism disciples to taste. But he and Liu Ding land relationship was very good. Active and Ying Yangjun good job. Later, Wang Bo died. Yanhong Lin on joined of the Ying Yangjun. Liu Ding places a high degree of confidence. Yin Honglin this person. Say that the earth skill. May be no ground. He does best places. And people eat dinner. What to talk. But he and everyone get along quite harmoniously. Karma in Ying Yangjun the inside to excellent. Cui Gar, Wang Cheng Yen came after Shu State. Liu Ding Yanhong Lin and the two of them to deal with. Wang Bo, Lin degrees, Cui Gar, Wang Cheng Yen's have in Chang'an with the DPRK official coincidence, they are Tang Yi Zong the Dazhong ten year Scholars, when they are 24 years old like, high-spirited, full of enthusiasm, a strong want to contribute each one's ambitions, the re-emergence of the Tang Empire. Unfortunately, later the harsh reality of ceaseless combat with them, let their passion gradually cooling down. Then, after a few years, Huang Chao Uprising, the court refuge Nishikawa, each person has a different situation, but for relatives and friends, more or less always sort of feelings. Yanhong Lin told Cui Gar, Liu Ding is not in Artemisia chow the Artemisia prefectural governor Fan Dongju not in Artemisia chow. ? the Huaixi Army. Original briefing from Huangzhou south the Huaixi army, is said to have twenty thousand people. The Huaixi Army of 20,000 people, Ying Yangjun before such a point of force, how could so quickly defeated them? Shu State to qizhou the road, the the Cui Gar received Huaixi Army is offensive to come south from Huangzhou Lanxi, the strength of more than a million people. Ying Yangjun how likely victory so soon? The perhaps Ying Yangjun just playing a small victory? More Huaixi Army did not annihilate? Must! Liu Ding himself rushed to the front to go is to inspire Yingyang Jun continue to fight, to win the final victory! He said: eager Yin Honglin said: Yanhong Lin nodded and said: over ten thousand places Huaixi Army, plus five thousand defeated in Lanxi before Huaixi army should be almost wiped out. Subsequently, the sources said, of Huangzhou the Huaixi Army can not continue to stay ready to retreat. That being said, qizhou Huangzhou just fall into the clutches of less than half a month's time, was Yingyang Jun regained. Well, precisely qizhou never did not fall, a rebuff the Huaixi military Lanxi touch. On dingy withdrawal. The Huangzhou Huaixi Army actually active retreat, clearly Yingyang Jun afraid to fight. I believe that the next time they think of offensive Huangzhou would surely think twice. Just, Ying Yangjun action also too fast Cui Gar totally did not expect that, within the heart of some of the ideas, will inevitably have to re-brewing. Yanhong Lin looked Cui Gar's face, said with concern: adults accountable if you do not feel tired, let me take you to Lanxi Huangzhou understanding as soon as possible if you are tired, in Artemisia state to rest for the time being, waiting for him to come back from Lanxi. Cui adults I see you do not look let rest in qizhou to night to say it! said: Since the later into qizhou, the side of the road would be worse than the Shu State a lot, the road curved and narrow. Ground also uneven, rough and rugged, even on horseback, also go offensive. Along the way, spontaneous to Lanxi labor Army, qizhou people flocked they are either carrying or lug, not the hands of the people and land is empty, is really a lot of variety of gifts. Qizhou people's mood is also very happy. Someone actually sang ancient manner poll. Cui Gar casual. These people are excited, Yingyang Jun defeated the root of all evil Huaixi Army. Allow them to avoid suffering from the disaster, of course, you want to reward them. The few frail physique and fishermen, said the decree issued by Liu Ding, giving them a chance to avoid the erosion of schistosomes. Cui Gar puzzled, said: fish can get freely traded on the market, only a month as taxes can be turned over to the five-penny so that we do not have to go out fishing day and night, idle land in time, we can also go to the city to walk to see the excitement of the city, by runners who do not bully. Officials at the time, in order to extract financial resources from the fishermen, forcing fishermen out fishing every day, all capture the results obtained should be handed over to the Yamen uniform pricing, unified acquisition, some of the black heart of the officials, deliberately making things difficult for fishermen either price pressure to a minimum, either deliberately dragging refused transactions live fish becomes dead fish Mens Puma Water Cube Series Shoes, ultimate losses or fishermen. In order to obtain greater financial resources, qizhou even provides each fishermen a day at least to catch two pounds of fresh fish, or suffer heavy corvee. Qizhou so many fishermen in the lake on the day and night work, can not meet this requirement, every day, after all the fish in the lake is always limited, it is not possible every day to capture so many. Because they can not be turned over to a sufficient quantity of fresh fish, many fishermen runners are bullied, beaten black and blue. Perennial life in the water, the fishermen body is naturally getting worse, they do not know the dangers of schistosomes, only thought is God punish themselves, and ultimately no money for treatment, only die helpless. Until the announcement plastered qizhou the gates, the fishermen have to know that they had hope. Yanhong Lin said: muffled Yanhong Lin said with a smile: streets everywhere. Taibai home years before hoarding liquor, all sold out, a lot of people are very rarely drunk I see that the boss smile like that. mouth no eyes, he earned last night the pours. early this morning arrived Pidianpidian Lanxi go, and also brought the best of the 20 altar of plum wine. people to uphold. Huaixi Army disastrous, outrageous, as long as people can not wait to wipe out all of them. Way of Heaven, unhappy retribution. far end of the desire of the people, Huaixi Army bound to see in my lifetime Qin Executed cases the right to grant the first moment. ground situation there is very difficult, even the dead bodies piled in the city head as a shield, the city has no food, part of the fresh corpse eaten as a food, a lot of people are eyes closed eat last bodies did not eat, eat their own people, eat small, eat big. they actually do not want to eat but they do not eat, you will starve to death. town's people eat outside the city's people eat. originally born in this world, has been enough sadness, but even if it is dead, it's still no rest. . SUN Ru also enter hayang, the order hayang the vicinity of people, crazy flee, the last only request Rick, local places popular with the unmanning hayang This little stability. the Huaixi military in Shouzhou, Ying State and other places crazy grasping small, the expansion of the military, compared with octagonal town fighting before the number of people not only did not decrease but increased. want to defeat Huaixi military road is still very far away! the country. chaos minister and the country ah! since the the Tianbao since, the royal court has been superior, only know the blood taken from the body of the people, and eventually completely drained the blood of the people who, he also paralyzed Jue sluggish world today, to be afraid of offending people. In addition to a handful of people, but also some wishful thinking on the court, the other people on the court is completely lost hope. court now Buddha across the river mud, unable to help themselves, and want them to welfare for the people, it certainly can not, they only a delay can barely see when perish nothing. This topic is too heavy, heavy Cui Gar also want to mention, especially before the young people in Yanhong Lin. In front of outsiders, Cui Gar, Wang Cheng Yen is strong court molecules, they strongly advocate to restore the majesty of the court in the past, but in their inner heart, the kind of unforgettable pain, only they learned the. In Lishui when Cui Gar had strongly feel that people desire to court, loneliness, heartfelt, but look forward to, but not now that disintegrated court, the highest court of no fixed, they is a strong desire, to be able to bring them peace, happiness court. They are tired of a life without a future, we strongly hope that the regime change, to change the current status quo. Is it, in addition to regime change, do not really have nothing else it? All the way to silence. When they arrive in Lanxi, Lanxi not like they imagined as jubilant, drawing huge crowds everywhere the warm scenes contrast, the atmosphere here is quite dignified, the closer lanxi, more feel extra quiet. In Lanxi outside on both sides of the road, neatly inserted Shirahata the ground crisp white wildflowers, somewhat sorrowful atmosphere to this beautiful town. Wind roaring past, the issue bursts of sobs of sound, wind blown up in mid-air flying with messy white flowers on the ground, as if it were a piece of falling snow, and even more heart felt grief. It turned out that Liu Ding in the sacrifice of soldiers personally presided over the funeral. In the battle on the left bank of the Palestinian water inside, Ying Yangjun loss of the 600-odd officers and men, including grimace A The Travel Tours handsome former Unfortunately killed propionate Travel Tours Shuai Shen dream seriously wounded, are Yingyang Jun recent losses. Wang Yuan was killed, considerable blow for the grimace are. Grimace are soldiers who participated in the funeral, and his face is particularly sad. In the past seven years more time. Wang Yuan their land big brother, their spiritual pillar of the sudden departure of king place, so that they seem to have lost the backbone difficult to homemade. Fortunately, they have joined the big family of the Yingyang Jun, otherwise, they will be completely overwhelmed. Liu Ding personally read the of Wang Yuan additional reward. His effusive praise of the king of the original simple dedication and hard working spirit, brave, bravely fighting the enemy soldier set an example for his family announced to give favorable treatment, at the same time request the court bestowed its right the yingyang guard Langjiang and bestowed its founding County man knighted. There are a total of nine other title, in the Tang Dynasty founding County men just last one, but for the humble king original to say, this is a very good title. To know Yingyang Jun inside, even Liu Ding also not true to the title. Wang Yuan revenge for the purpose of Cao division male. Abandon the original life, until recently, the family received their own side, I did not expect. Family life after just a few days, unfortunately left, it is really very frustrating. Addition to Wang Yuan, in the battle of the left bank of the Palestinian water inside, Ying Yangjun total odd officers and men of the expense over a thousand officers and men wounded. Most of which are all the soldiers grimace, accounted for more than 60 percent of the casualties. Killed a grimace all brigade commander Wang Yuan Shen dream seriously, such a major casualty rate for the grimace, is a fatal blow, which also makes after the war, some bad rumors that Young herons the Sa in assigned combat task when interested grimace act as the scapegoat of roles, such rumors inevitably some vicious. The hero will always be jealous. This rumor is a little weird. All limited to the wise on the right. Liu Ding et al Yang heron Sa Fighting Plan is no problem. Fly camp is good at bow and arrow, grimace are good, but hand-to-hand, long-range shooting troops casualties, is always less than the melee troops. If the position of the two armies is upside down, is to put the cart before the horse, the misuse of the troops. If you fly into a the Huaixi military core inside the camp, will certainly suffer greater damage. Grimace senior officers course understand, Diao odd, Chiun people are aware, under the command of such rumors, they feel guilty and just rumors spread of development, there must be a process, they also had to pay close attention to this kinds of dynamic strengthening ideological work, nothing. The battlefield report last night on frequently came, all of them are great victory to the message, but the victories, but this morning the basic statistical manner. The statistical Ying Yangjun own casualties is relatively easy to Statistics the Huaixi military casualties, it is more difficult. Suffered the sudden attack of Yingyang Jun Huaixi army flee Puma Sprint 2 Lux Nm, scattered in a large area of ​​the left bank of the Palestinian water to an accurate count of casualties, it is basically impossible. According to incomplete statistics, in the battle inside, Ying Yangjun total elimination of more than eleven thousand Huaixi Army, Liu Ding the secret let go of Shen Cong et al, in addition to hundreds Huai Western military escaped. The Huaixi Army Xiaoshuai Zhao, Wang Fei are killed by their own people, Song Qiang died of creating chaos among. Song Qiang's body was found in the battlefield outside 31 miles away, the demeanor is very calm, appears to be ready for the funeral after they were recognized by their own men killed, but in the end, Song Qiang, require men to kill him to death, or his men quietly kill him, it seems, is still a mystery. According to Liu Ding speculation, former majority, Song Qiang, is determined to die. Despite the defeat, and put an end to a large number of men, Song Qiang regarded as a hero in the last moment of his life, he was determined not to incriminate yourself around them, asking them to kill themselves, the ultimate success of the people around her escape. If they took the seriously injured Song Qiang hurry, absolute escape Yingyang Jun chase. There is no doubt that the victory of the battle is huge, Ying Yangjun officers and men with their actions again prove Yingyang Jun invincible. This victory, at the same time will be a great shock the Yangtze River, Wuchang Jun vibration across the shock following Town Army, vibration downstream of the town of Navy, Huainan, protect military, for Xuanzhou, Chizhou also have a great impact. Even if it is the court, if the received message of this report a success, will be happy to jump up, they really need a win to inspire the morale of the officials. Of course, the Ying Yangjun this victory, would certainly caused strong concern of caring people, especially the the most northerly Turks Li Siyuan after receiving the news, a certain dignified thinking. The Zhongyuan ground Xuan Wujun, will also increase Yingyang Jun attention. Yingyang Jun in the end and they are friends or foes, now really hard to say. Without a doubt. The hero for the Ying Yangjun won this victory maximum is Young herons Sa. Is his, carefully captured Shen Cong's psychological carefully Huaixi Army lured to the water on the left bank of Pakistan, he carefully arranged battle plan every single power used in the battlefield. Eventually annihilate 10,000 Huaixi Army. Ying Yangjun the remaining soldiers naturally also contributed them with, Yang heron Sa is not possible to obtain such a brilliant victory. Liu Hu, Wu Jie, Diao odd, Chiun performance, won the respect of the soldiers to lay their status the Ying Yangjun in. Liu Ding, of course, will not hesitate to own reward, he came Lanxi, is to give awards to soldiers. Ai Raindance careful arrangements, all meritorious reward money, office, honorary knighthood. Everything. To Special Mention Yang heron Sa, is king of the original application titled Yingyang Jun application to the court. Bestowed Yang the heron Sa founding County Male knighthood. Weiguo Yong after Ying Yangjun second a knighthood of people living. Of course, as previous referrals to the court are generally no reply, and God knows they have not received Yingyang Jun tabular. Yang heron Sa title application, the court can grant down. Who do not know, but regardless of the court did not respond, Yang Lu Sa have enough honor. These add to him the aperture, will stimulate the fighting spirit of Li Tianxiang, Yang Bi scales, for Ying Yangjun next course of action, and lay a solid foundation. The grand funeral There are a total of 40 million people, almost the entire Lanxi County, people are to participate in the funeral reflexive. There are too many people to attend the ceremony, Liu Ding's speech often cheers interrupted. Gas to listen to the people who had to stop to roar. Variously heated roaring, resounding. Should qizhou people places strong requirements. In the last funeral, Yingyang Jun also held a small but murderous stern parade victorious return of the warriors, marching neatly pace, walked from people in qizhou before, the atmosphere suddenly reached. Later proved, this small military parade, the effect is great, almost exclusively with the two-day time Yingyang Jun fill up all vacancies. Those who surrendered over the the Huaixi Army, after after screening, also partially incorporated Yingyang Jun. Noon, the funeral was gradually end, Liu Ding back Lanxi County Yamen. Yanhong Lin came to the side of Liu Ding, informed Cui Gar reach. Liu Ding nodded and said: kinky twenty years, and used to see the countless scenes Choi Gar, see Liu Ding, actually feel a little tiny feeling. In fact, Liu Ding original Liu Ding, and not much change even because pampered sake, he did not in the past so dark, did not appear to be so reckless gradually start some delicate taste. Of course, the purpose of his body, delicate word is difficult to felt. Liu Ding straight to the point and said: He said carefully: funds for development. worry about is the the Huangzhou security-government personnel touches Secondly, he thought again and said: our troops is very nervous, must be used in the most critical places. the Lujiang direction HuaiXi military around the corner, we must return as soon as possible. Qizhou, the Huangzhou financial situation is very bad, even the food supply shortage too many troops crowded in here, continue over the long term will increase the burden on the local people. He originally thought and Liu Ding arranged the Huangzhou the garrison commander, the garrison commander is necessary to ensure the security of Huangzhou, also shoulder assume he Choi Gar task. While on the surface his yellow prefectural governor, but truly master Huangzhou. The affirmation is Ying Yangjun the in Huangzhou command to make. However, listening to the tone of Liu Ding. He did not send people to monitor their own meaning. To see Cui Gar idea Liu Ding said: would withdraw Huangzhou these two days, there may be some small changes in his innocuous, but you must be resolute decision to down the Huaixi Army in front of the withdrawal, your back is necessary to take over, or weeks pass may plug one leg under me generals, you can pick and choose my purpose, Huangzhou rear, rather than become a front-line, both the Huangzhou west of weeks pass, or the back of the Huaixi Army, or the south of the land road trial you are properly handle the relationship with them. because too many incidents of this encounter. the Beijing loyalist strategy has failed, However, we later have the opportunity or to continue to Beijing loyalist from location on it, Huangzhou is the only way for us to Beijing loyalist, you should let the Huangzhou not become a battlefield, but also lay a solid foundation for our future Beijing loyalist, the burden is not light ah, of course, if the burden is light Puma Tour Cat Lo L, I will not point you will. Liu Ding said carefully: Huangzhou qizhou court jurisdiction directly, we Ying Yangjun long-term stationed here, I am afraid that will cause others gossip Therefore, we Ying Yangjun just temporarily stationed, time does not exceed six months. once Zhao Tingpai take over, we are going to the withdrawal of this problem, you must be prepared, in case we withdrew, Huangzhou whether to handle on the complex situation in the surrounding ground. seriously. Cui Gar can not help a bit skeptical. Is Liu Ding Qi Huang the idea of ​​two states? Really no contamination Also ready to withdrawal of the army? However, there is no the Ying Yangjun support. Qizhou the Huangzhou how to ensure their own safety? To rebuild the army, it is impossible, these two the poor terrible place, absolutely can not set up a powerful army. Huaixi Army the Ying Yangjun oust what the people want, but also toward the Ying Yangjun, Choi Gar want to build a army, I am afraid that people will not agree. The only way is to request Yingyang Jun at the continued presence. Cui Gar hesitate, do not know what to say. The court is now rotten despicably rotten mess, if Ying Yangjun really let go, and God knows what will happen here. For the Huangzhou people, under the in Ying Yangjun the wings and enjoy from the court ground glorious, it is the ideal way. This ideal state, it is impossible to exist ground. The Ying Yangjun not the interests of the two states in Qi Huang, of course Puma Speed Cat Shoes, do not exist for a long time. In other words, if the two states can give Qi Huang Yingyang Jun sufficient interest, perhaps Yingyang Jun is permanently stationed. That in the end Qizhou yellow two states can be provided to Ying Yangjun what benefits, Ying Yangjun want to go?

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