Although some of the suspected monopoly

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The 252nd chapter copycat QQ ... ... The soldiers encountered a * * trouble ,they appeared inside from Soviet espionage ,but a few days ago also suffered a be rather baffling ambush ,but now these mercenaries are united together ,to prevent the recurrence of things ,while waiting for the superior orders .
Arms dealer in thinking ,what is to let the soldiers remain in Africa ,or withdraw .But soon ,the capitalists would make a decision :stay in africa .Let them the reasons for this decision ,are those diamonds ,gold and oil .
Other local tensions ,however in Tanzania, the situation is somewhat calm .Here is the Africa relatively peaceful place ,and Tanzania and China politics f ǔwalk very near-- the next year, the Tanzania-Zambia Railway begins survey -- the troops in Tanzania ,and even from the Chinese military adviser .
Here is the umbrella mercenaries are the people ,and their name is Laurence hired .As for Laurence ... ... At the moment he is laughing .Tanzanite is really J ī ngbeautiful jewel, now in Kilimanjaro he bought large blocks of land, now they have surveyed the considerable deposits .
Umbrella although scale there are so few ,but the roots are in the southeast ,but the company did not excessive force, it can not like these arms dealer mercenary can make a lot of money on the battlefield .
... ... But on the other side ,but Catherine is thinking north face store,if use the network to replace the traditional media and communications tools .The network is omnipotent ,although still not completed .
However ,to make the network can replace the current telephone ,television products ,also need a period of time . Her, do you think we are now computer is missing something ? Catherine asked her .
This ... ... X ì ngis not enough, will be very upset ?I think Kate before you made a lot of ideas ,now the computer is not able to achieve . Indeed, Catherine thought about MP3 ,and digital video ,but unfortunately, this is not the real thing -- even in the sound card are not above the computer ,want to play a video or music ,really egg the pain .
But even with the sound card ,Catherine above the computer need to decode chip ,in order to produce such a decoding chip ,also must start from the beginning of ... ... In short ,it all becomes very troublesome .
Besides this ? I think wasteland inside the beep beep Xi ǎ Ocommunication technology is very good ah ,what the ... ... Electronic mail . Now in the mail ?Make fun of ,5 〜10years maybe can also ,as for now ,this is a boring behavior .
Currently, e-mail can be said to be almost completely without any market .As for communication ?This simple, CDMA is its main product ,after their own but to launch mobile phone .But soon ,Catherine also thought of a famous software -- QQ .
Instant messaging software ... ... Seems to be ?But Catherine thought not, after all ,even if QQ ,such as instant messaging software ,not necessarily suitable for now all of a sudden, Catherine and into the tangle .
Many of his ideas ,in the network popular before is not possible ,although things network lines are laid out ,but Catherine is not too happy to .Even if your network Unicom throughout the United States ,but this is only the intercity line only, although the federal government f ǔ as their customers,but in the city line ,just New York and California was the most developed .
New York optical cable lines have been throughout the whole of Wall Street ,this secrecy device for Wall Street ,is a good thing ,so the optical network is the earliest complete in there .
But because there is also WAL-MART headquarters at the same time ,the federal government of F ǔ alsoneed a line from New York to washington .Because of these reasons ,so the optical fiber network in the most popular .
Then ,is the California University network .Ralph is now fighting for CH ū nrattan adorable school order ,if he can convince ch ū nIvy League to join the University ,for the network construction will play a very important role in the whole university network ;and completed ,and will accelerate the city the popularity of the network ,this is a multiple things .
Our current customers are mainly those of commercial customers ?Our products should be used to give them ,so I think we should start from this ? Elsa to Catherine with their own views .
Catherine calmed down ,this time needs to use a network of people ,the vast majority are business users ,it at least in recent three years will not change ,until their cloud system of universal down ,will it be possible to change .
So ,commercial users need most is what ? ... ... The secrecy? Catherine immediately think of the word .Is confidential to present people, either by phone or mail ,is safe, the former has the potential to be tapped ,the latter of which is not safe .
Wall Street is not because of security and security reasons, so welcome your product ?This is it I suddenly had a good idea . Catherine is very happy together . ? Elsa at this time finishing the things on the table .
Well ... ... For example a confidential communication software ? Catherine suddenly thought of Tencent TM UGG Tularosa Route Cable Boots,this software and QQ similar, but are geared towards the business users ,but also many many functions ,but also J ī ngJane some function .
It seemed to be appropriate? But selling right .Confidentiality ,confidential ,nature is to keep a secret as the first priority .Catherine picked up the pen Classic Tall Fancy UGG Boots,and then began to design .First of all ,this is a software must have enough privacy x ì ng,although it is not a hacker ,but this protection is still very necessary .
Then ,to ensure that the software content will not be visible to others -- this easy to handle ,use a password to get .Then ,the transmitted data must guarantee the stability ,can not be lost or some other condition .
.. ... The preparation of a instant messaging software is not difficult ,Catherine in the life when used for fun and broken through QQ software ,for which the architecture is quite understand what .
But such a software itself does not need too high technology ,so it is very simple to get .Anyway ,Catherine is ready to turn this software was written out again ,the software is written out UGG Turn Cuff Gloves, and then in the software on the basis of strengthening its confidential x ì ng on it.
Then ,Catherine prepared to copycat Tencent Inc QQ products ... ... ,should be original . Catherine murmured in a sentence .Then ,she began to write software .This software ,Catherine completely is modelled on the QQ architecture to write .
Of course ,Catherine more considered confidential x ì ng.But because the Internet itself is open ,Catherine would make a decision -- m é nfor this communication software to build a port .
Although some of the suspected monopoly ,but ... ... Monopoly is not to make money ?Many enterprises encounter antitrust reasons, it is because they are too arrogant .Although Catherine has put himself into the United States network company ,the United States and the United States of America moving Unicom telecommunication three company ,but Catherine are still left a heart, in case there are split ,then there can be trouble .
-- although it may take twenty or thirty years .The next few days ,Catherine had been in the preparation of this software .In an initial write some kernel ,Catherine will this software throws below to complete .
The independent innovation ability of the enterprise has been Catherine wanted to see, they too hard words ,only so that the following people who have nothing to do .So many things are just as Catherine head only, save job is Ji ā ogiven below ,sometimes ,even Catherine just throws a concept ,then Ji ā oto the following people to finish .
Sometimes ,you have to know how to learn to be a lazy -- well ,indeed in the whole ARK group of people are so busy every day to utterly routed the -- the personnel training is very important .
That this project to Ji ā oout ,Catherine had a sudden thought ,the instant communication tools ,can make now chat room upgrade version ,after all North Face Down Coats Womens Outlet,only a few commercial users only, but if the college students also together in words ,it is not the same the .
But this time Catherine also thought of gregorian .Maybe ... ... I can make the game also Gregorian together ?The idea seems good .Catherine is ready to be separated from the two software ,like QQ and TM are the same .
QQ and TM are very different ,but both are able to chat with each other .Catherine thought for a long time ,and finally decided to launch the three version ,a version of the game ,is a college student chat the regular version ,and the last one is the commercial version .
Although copycat QQ programmes ,but after all because of the times different ,so the software has no group function ,but is similar to a chat lobby in addition to this ,Catherine also opened the buddy system ,let the other party and people they know a separate chat .
Because into graphics system ,so the software can now black white Phoenix version is much better .The Phoenix-Stargate system ,is Catherine J ī ngheart preparation of a system ,not what happened .
Just ,now California university students seem to begin its own network of interest ,have the real-name registration network ID has nearly 8000 people ,of which ,90 are college students -- they are the most likely to accept fresh things people .
Development of software for them ,although no commercial users that can immediately see the interests ,but it absolutely right ,they can impact is far-reaching ,absolute . Well, this software called QQ .
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