then like human slaves rub twine the same action

September 04 [Tue], 2012, 15:35
miscellaneous yuan oscillator bone dance is relatively simple ,the first arm bone on both sides of the body swing alternately ,then like human slaves rub twine the same action Gloves UGG Accessories,the last roll end ,and then the head-tail connection ,even if it is completed .
! .Although simple ,but be repeated many times ,a group of actions done, will create an element of the ring body ,and when Lv Yan finished nine group action ,his body appears in front of nine different colors of the elements of the ring ,the following how Lv Yan is all know ,head bone dance magic demo has end, this more at a loss in the case of Lv Yan or the first encounter .
Wanted to think ,Lv Yan direct hand began to promote these aperture ,put them into the extrusion ,and some effect ,aperture issue Kaka smash ,but very good fusion together ,finally formed a huge color aperture ,oppressive elements full of them ,but because the specific magical effect to be constrained ,as if ready to explode, in general ,this stuff just take a look at feel very terrible .
Lv Yan didn hesitate ,if you were his magic killed ,probably also counted as false ,so he felt almost immediately after with the back of the hand ,the aperture of the element to the central square ,the Centaur Archer head direction into .
Sou !In Lv Yan driving moment UGG Brookfield Tall,the aperture sight ,the next moment appear directly on the Centaur Archer leader body ,his body imprisoned her .Lv Yan heart a happy ,this spell only from the moving speed ,than the hot rose high up a notch ,the speed should also be used to kill the nive out of ten no problem .
The opposite ,Centaur Archer chieftain apparently startled ,will jump to escape ,but the color aperture was beginning to deformation ,into a flow of liquid up his body, seems to be in that moment ,the Centaur Archer princes wore a flower cardigan .
Then, the magic power broke out, it suddenly exploded ,but not the flame shape of the explosion ,but as if all of a sudden expansion of times square ,a sudden jelly color material ,various colors of the elements inside the cloud in extrusion ,a rumble or kakaka strange sound .
Lv Yan looks terrified ,the enchanted form too weird ,is simply the Centaur Archer leader do to knead dough long .Lv Yan surprise is not over ,the color rubber dough and a sudden contraction of acme ,into a condensed ball hover in the air Jimmy Choo UGG Boots,it seems crazy in rotation ,elements from the spell and collapse into simple elements body .
The next moment ,the ball suddenly pulled into a straight line ,through the square ends of lines ,colorful ,like a was straightened up colored krait .Lv Yancai thought of snake ,the linear changing again ,violent concussion ,these can be really like a smart viper .
After a while ,it contracted again into a ball .After that it becomes a huge color plate ,and the drifting profusely and disorderly transforms into numerous swimming spot .Into a funnel shape rotary body ,then slowly changes in phagocytosis in himself .
To be a group of mutual bridged chains ,continue to extend the composition of a complex graphics .... ... ... ... A dozen times see things in a blur after the change, the colour dough is more and more big ,the last expansion to almost the entire square size ,finally turned into a huge chaos sphere ,in the crazy rotating in a sudden collapse ,bang ,the vast elemental storm scattered open square ,several other Centaur captain blown East shake down West ,only is God a loose won .
Stay after the dust settles ,Lv Yan to the square look ,Centaur Archer princes disappeared !Lv Yan bone with ecstasy, successful, use this miscellaneous yuan oscillator magic ,he really can kill the Centaur archer princes .
Remove the mirror column used in the limits of magic ,is really very good .Dense spot in the sky together to form two ,finally is a real white liquid drop ,into Lv Yan Lv Yan knows ,this belief force drops is the foundation of faith requires at least 1000 spot to the condensation, his body time to digest the condensation of 5 such belief the liquid drop .
Spot light ,light foundation ,egg mass ,droplet ,the number of each lifting 10 times ,the form of belief will have some changes ,do not know the 10000 basic spot degrees of belief in the force ,what will be the form .
Lv Yan now also no longer think ferrari puma shoes, since you can kill the Centaur princes ,he certainly will not relent ,immediately began to emerge from the chase chase ,in about one and a half hour later, he got a chance ,in the square edge corner of secretly cast miscellaneous yuan oscillator .
This time ,the sword Centaur rulers was killed by Lv Yan . Jingle ... ... Mirror tower development degree 6% head in my head light cool voice ,every time the development degree increase 1% times, the ball will prompt Lu Yan ,he did not expect that only 2.
5 men killed leaders developed 1% ,there are 3.5 people were killed by princes ,mirror tower should be developed to near % .The proposal put forward by Risn is really very reasonable, now look ,distance as a reward the time is not far .
Vama grassland ,marsh front vardaan .Alban watching the three disc ,it was the first time he had seen their magic disc .The aim is to remove thousands of kilometers of vardaan swamp ,because in the swamps and skull mainland bordering the edge ,is the best point of attack ,Alban need there arranged a large magic ,will the mainland skeletons catch all in one draft .
The last three hours or so ,Fars magic start ,a flame in his palm up .It is not worth mentioning in the fire, but no one dared defy ,after all the disc magic ,even lose faith force and plate printing plate ,is an extremely formidable presence .
Call ! Fars will fire out ,see it in the wet swamp side sliding to the end of the horizon ,in which the trajectory of a red line for a moment, the next moment ,this long to seems to be no end to the one divides into two.
Suddenly ,to the north and south sides of the sweep ,the office ,water vapor instant dry ,the earth was burned into gray ,which Devour Magic Ze pythons and other wild animals even scream are not issued was burned to ashes ,almost too in the twinkling of an eye ,vardaan swamps disappeared ,leaving only the stretch as far as eye can see gray ash plain .
Simple !Overbearing !Fars magic and legend records are not the same, very simple and bossy ,although spent several hours to chant ,but plays a role of time is less than a minute ,in a minute, thousands of miles of marsh was completely burned the city of ashes ,which any creature has become the victim of .
Alban gasped Karen Millen January 2012,Fars magic is too powerful ,the light is the flame ,can instantly destroy the entire Lunteer city ... ... No, should be enough to destroy the entire central plains .
.. ... Oh ,offer strength is too strong .Fars away quietly ,without saying a word . Hey ,Fars ,you still love ,would rather lose faith force ,also to forcibly display type stage magic .
Byrness smiled and walked on .Vedes in the side sneer: Gaines ,people with deep pockets, look down on the mere thousands points . Despise. Byrness look pleased with oneself : now than before ,no disc printing ,we only from the base to absorb the force of faith and belief ,now so dispersed ,the day is just two hundred or three hundred points ,it was a spectacular blaze ,afraid to this several day absorbing the belief force release light ! The two set of act recklessly and care for nobody ridicule of Fars ,but Alban is recognized ,the two disc is reminded him ,don scared to Fars magic ,although Fars that trick is very strong, but not lasting .
Alban smiled and nodded ,indicating understanding ,he knows this is the two disc between mutual repression ,who have hope in the future to gain more belief force ,early strength .Fars ,Byrness and Vader ,Vader ,magic ,with hurricane ease bog in the ruins of Byrness crater ,with smooth operation these gaps are filled can be safe to walk the flat stone road ,two people are using a click Ding Lodaeron source elements ,they seem really cherish those beliefs force .
After the completion of Alban army ,1/3 in the Prairie night bar family continue to suppress the residual ,and clear grassland other stubborn force ,then the 2/3 army to the continental margin .
After twenty-five hours, the first batch of vanguard reached skull continental edge ,the front is a magma turbulence ,the distance is to guard the skull continental bone ant wall ,Alban was here once, is following in his father Crusade army skull continent ,but he remembered ,father army in the bone ant stop before the wall ,the wall by tens of millions of magic resistance bone ant guard walls ,completely unable to completely destroyed ,leaving half of human body ,finally returned to his territory .
Now ,once again standing in the front of wall bone ant ,Alban see the countless great holes in the wall behind the absolutely empty ,magic resistance in ten recently destroyed bone ant army magma heart island without primer hole ,governing magic resistance bone ants imperial bones also became Lv Yan horse ,general Nadi Augustin was also a sell will be unable to cast spells .
.. ... This time ,skeletons were also take what resistance ? The three set ,we start array . Alban stop army, will be the first of their strategic intentions to tell the three disc : although you are strong ,but I don in danger ,so I have arranged, will the mainland skull are concentrated together ,we shall give them a large range of the forbidden spell magic ,they will catch all in one draft .
If not to say yes or no ,Gaines laughed softly ,Vader ,a face of disdain .Alban smiled ,took the map in the three set before deployment: from here to the northwest 760 kilometers ,there is a going in ,our goal is to go in for center within one hundred km of the area ,become a land of the dead .
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