are issued continuous gunfire

September 10 [Mon], 2012, 10:32

Song and Ma Galaxia face appears never had a serious, they could not see out the breakout Chu Xiang himself not too sure, the face of such a large number of zombie does not trick can solve things. zombie and you do not talk about the art of war and common sense, they recognize only one thing, forward squeeze chew encountered all living! Even Daoshanhuohai they will not back | Chu Xiang Song said: zombie dead wrapped, they kill too many fundamental net microcomputer or asked: Chu Cheung said: too slim, not as good as the batch that the breakout was born index Asan town has gone haywire just piercing alarm most people wake up from their sleep, and soon they will know what was going on Original Sundance UGG Boots, messy choose to follow their own team, most people choose Zhangfei Yang troops Anyway forces in people's minds reliability or higher Dean and surgical doctor but came to the end of the world fleet North Face Gore Tex Jackets, They fixed to the car a potty nest hiding in the car firmly the fort than talk to troops on foot carrying two legs stronger, say they Chu Xiang confidence more troops, but two hundred to number of people, but also the lack of the necessary transport and follow their lead really dangerous bang bang bang, three gunshots break out began, the base car rushed in the the Chu Xiang sport utility vehicle led the North, led by Song and Ma Galaxia maintenance vehicles , tankers, trucks rushed to the West Mens North Face Hoodie, while the other two directions Zhang Feiyang organization forces also cast his legs began to impact a large group of zombies after nearly an hour delay, from the teeth Town is just ten kilometers during the interval from the on the finish, in the dawn of time, then four teams are issued continuous gunfire, they quickly ripped a hole in the zombie group But with their rapid deepening of this hole and closed, crowded everywhere zombie they received the order to stop generally continue the pediment but four breakout forces Wai Wang Bin will be observed at any time as if the results of the best opportunity to Chu Xiang, Chu Xiang driving a sport utility vehicle manufacturing Zhang Debing kill zombie land learned that the zombie no centralized offensive Which breakout forces, but sub-Wai sank his face, it appears that the group of zombies did not intend to let anyone, it really these days do too much, let t4 feel Konghuang they fight the best to destroy it? The base car Lin, Zhang Jingyao and Xie Shanshan Kids North Face Denali Jackets, Zhou Mu Ching Ho Biore few female all joined the battle, because the male soldiers mostly follow the horse Galaxia and Song on another team so close to the next shooting zombie has undergone the war test and baptism of these women are fully capable, in fact, eyes closed, pull the trigger can be full of zombies guarantee will not make you bullet frustrated the first time I saw this cruel carnage and Dean Chu Feng et al. scared afraid to look at the outside of the case crouched in the corner of the team relying on strong ground fire continually rolling with the zombie forward entered the four troops soon issued the same warning, they running out of bullets, this not the money to mad sprinkled how many bullets enough loss Lin grabbed the walkie-talkie on Chu Cheung said: car stood up, looking at the Dongsheng Rising Sun under that hill and dale zombie, he suddenly felt his own insignificance, he resorted to the bone wings osteotome enjoy the massacre, but has the power to kill how much? May 10000-20000 himself to death! This breakout is simply useless! Turn the tide? Chu Xiang smile soon

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