has also fortunately Feng Yanxian step low

September 06 [Thu], 2012, 19:03
Later in the Na after the age of fourteen at five cents for she built Emei prick as special weapons but to learn now just two years it is not strange but also is not very much.There is similar and aster drive worm techniques are when the worm has hibernation to drive worm challenges may therefore have no more strength loss. UGG Sora
Although her face is not very high but the disciple martial arts other overwhelm with numerical strength of its Na is also struggling to cope with.Fang Hongying and Xu Miao and Feng Yan fight dozens of round a few times a row poison almost hit Xu Yan in the face by his 2007-2008 flashed and Xu Miao's attack also let her some indecisive Fang Hongying to be do not want to use the poison out of the operation but had to use crutches transverse (came) wind think straight fight Feng Yan's face in the Feng Yan sword cut the party Hong Ying cane the crutches as a cane when very hard texture but by Fang Hongying as weapons to use is soft and hard by the control stick and the sword the sword without collision stick cut cane is around and hit Feng Yan Feng Yan did not expect that there will be a gate this stuff are back and then Fang Hongying hand poison armour has also fortunately Feng Yanxian step low head otherwise Party A will Hong Ying poison into Feng Yan's eyes -- this is also Fang Hongying is a blind faults always recognize the thing than normal.
Feng Yan and poison a since and through the door all the way back its Na is the enemy for a few people Emei prick choked choking repeatedly enemy for dragon and tiger disciple sword with has been stabbed in a dragon tiger disciple but its Na Emei prick but not pure poison or the disciples must have been killed on the spot but the disciples luck is really bad to the extreme though is not to be its Na kill but behind Fang Hongying out poison armour was away on Plurk sound if watermelon cracking voice poison a in this man's brain is hard and from the forehead and a straight to the na.
Lin Guoyu saw the Na suddenly difficult tight hold hands to help its Na out here but subconsciously glanced aster and aster binocular micro alloy facing such fierce fighting her without a look.Lin Guoyu
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