and Dr Yin is to cooperate with the safety

September 21 [Fri], 2012, 16:30
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThey listened to the rain Mercury words are nodded ,only the Chen family father Chen Kuanglan and don Song Xiangwen at heart sad ,it looks like rain ,home is ready to take their job for the other ,is no big scores, we are family ,you are bound to see each other ,also give some face ,and family which has mutual connection ,is no big contradiction, so this time have exposed the innocent kind expressions to odd no window Qi only Ann Jianwen, standing in the father Ann moon behind, squint at present all ,like a looking for prey wolf who generally comprehensive strength is not weak ,although there is no cultivators ,but the financial strength, but behind the death to help support ,keep a small family status without any suspense but An Jianwen didn these ,but in his eyes ,the family man ,are his goals ,are big sheep ,all he is to slaughter the target An Jianwen ,already expanded to the extreme ,with Dr Yin support ,he is now the family is placed in the eyes of course ,its real Even the rain can not know death ,help the gang ,but is a cover only, in death help behind, there is also a great patron presence ,and Dr Yin is to cooperate with the safety construction money ,but in fact ,he developed some of the results ,is to give fire wolves behind patron ,and earned the money ,that is not how the forces behind the eye ,also to death to help themselves development power to these things ,An Jianwen himself did not know, but he knew only that ,once the DR can produce a long time to maintain the black Order drugs ,he can on the family .
But unfortunately ,the drug cannot give him yourself ,otherwise ,he can also taste when the master . Third links ,is also discussed between ,and our home for the study of rain winners ,have also prepared some pills ,is derived from the hidden rain small poly gas Dan ,like everyone had heard of the pill ,is to enhance the strength of the Jiapin rain mercury said -- I heard that the prize is the small poly gas Dan ,all with envy and greed expressions ,but everybody Know ,junior ,rain Home Feng maximal strength ,others simply unable to contend with it so ,this award it is out when the prize ,as it is home to show off rain out ,because in any case study contest ,Yu Feng must win, the pills or people own the people in after the surprise envy The North Face Shirts,mood also calm down ,that does not belong to them ,they also don think too much ,rain home the thing in the hand, where is so well ? Now that you have no doubt, then began the first link ,the family reported about their revenue last year ,as well as cultivators strength order ,is it right? Background backer ,mercury said: rain rain does not need saying North Face Gore Tex Waterproof Mens,just an auction proceeds on the top ,you a few family income ,but our strength ,also need not say more ,I is the black Order late peak strength ,Feng is the mysterious order metaphase strength and our rain home backer, was hidden rain rain star although need not say ,but also is very detailed show them the strength of rain ,rain does ,the strength ,in the family ,is the most powerful .
We Shaw last year but have no income ,but recently it is connected with several big business ,estimated that next year earnings reach billions ,of course is on the fixed assets of Schottky proudly said: we Shaw though no cultivators ,but our patron hide leather House said, will guide my son and nephew of practicing Xiao family situation ,let all of you have to sigh ,originally a in auction On the meeting, are not subject to any kind of family ,suddenly all of a sudden shake up ,it seems ,are hidden family support is not the same ah I believe before long ,Shaw will and rain home on an equal footing and inside this besides rain home ,background is the largest Xiao home North Face Gore-Tex Womens Sale,so Xiao Jiaxian speech is normal course ,settle down behind the death help is not weak ,but Ann moon is a low-key person ,especially his death to help do some illegal activities ,so try not to talk much .
We Liu fixed assets, last year increased by about three billion, as practitioners ,temporarily not yet. Liu Zhenhu said ,to the strength ,keep the status is not the problem ,but there is a member of the small family old man is the black Order interim master ,our family business is not big, but it is still some ten asset growth .
.. ... Wu Gonggao heart is a sorrow ,if Wu Chentian does not matter ,this will certainly become the second Wu Xiao family exists, but now ,can enter the ranks of the four family is not very good ah four family position Karen Millen July Arrival Sale,rain is fixed ,and Xiao Jiada latecomers become the first.
Mean ,sure is the four largest family in the ranks of one and the sun ,although adjuvant therapy family ,but the special position ,as long as the sun still ,then the sun must be a
member of the big family of four in the last spot ,Wu Gonggao feels he may not be able to fight ,because home is not weak ,not only behind the death to help support ,but also is very
rich ,before installation is not too much ,just get the death to help support ,becomes the small family of the first, and now ,I to enter the four big family row column of course
,step ,even if the home to give up the position ,but the song ,if the promise and rain home marry, so the family would give the set aside a four family to the position ,thus ,Wu
had no hope to know ,four world Home and small family although the same as family ,but said that out of class to difference North Face Gore Tex Pro Jackets,Chia is certainly not then before the scene ,several other
saga is also called out their family strength ,and turn to Chen time, Chen Kuanglan thought his grandson Chen Yutian injured ,be torn with grief ,but the helpless sigh tone, said :
the Chen family no industry, Chen Yutian was originally a mysterious order early strength ,but was repealed ,now there only one ancient martial art patron ancient martial art ?Which
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