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November 15 [Thu], 2012, 12:08
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 340th chapter give tit for tat home December 4th ,Athletic Bilbao and Madrid wars as scheduled arrival ,San Mames stadium early became the Basque sea of joy ,this season, Basque lion has created a number of club and Spain League a record 12 wins and 1 draws ,37 points over the same period of the Spanish team the best results the record of 13 games ,they scored 55 goals in Serie A during the same period in Spain as well as the record of most goals ,if the team can thus sustained outbreaks continue, contend for the title this season is no longer a day dreaming ,by this time, Basque for the team to win the League for next season Champions League first qualifying has no satisfaction .
Naturally ,as a changed team depressed state ,hold high the banner of reform leader ,Chen Chao in the Bilbao athletics fans heart is very influential ,even President urrutia even more than him .
But it is not jealous of his call effort or cut to Chen Chao ,if not his adopted son Mareal ?Urrutia words ,the famous devil Chen and how to Athletic Bilbao ?Without this with their own power to reverse declining magic team coach Coach Luggage Bags,Athletic Bilbao and what would today casts a thousand beams.
?The team from relegation how can shake the body becomes popular take the crown? In Madrid on the eve of the war ,urrutia publicly accepted the interview ,the interview he was Chen Chao flatter : Chen is the best I a great coach ,I believe that even in the world of football ,he is also the most legendary that, under his leadership ,we have made amazing progress .
Although I know that Real Madrid are strong, but I have confidence in the team ,in Chen we can create any others in the miracle of your eyes ! If not empty white call talk ,he is now really on their team is confident that he is to Chen Chao ,the devil Chen confident ,in European football history of 100 years ,had no coach to Chen Chao like magic ,eight years six times win the champions trophy runner-up two times ,in eight years time has won twenty-seven Championships ,even Sir Ferguson has repeatedly expressed his appreciation to Chen Chao : Chen is a great guy ,I did at his age can not compete with him ,even now I don only in the title number more than his somewhat ,in the Champions League success he had already passed me, I will be in my retirement Suggestion Board at any cost to ask him to Manchester United .
.. ... ... ... Oh ,I should say ,if Chen Nenggou to Manchester United .It, I can now secure retirement home ,he will surely be able to do it better than me ,ha ha ha ha ! Capable of being his forty-seven championship rings Ferguson to take seriously so, Chen Chao coaching ability is certainly worthy of recognition, even Sir said of him than he is also strong ,others have questioned the right ?San Mames stadium livelily inside ,Basque expects his side to with insane hell home advantage to beat Real Madrid in the stadium ,the press room was quite dignified atmosphere ,anyone can look forward to Athletic Bilbao beat the Royal Ma De ,but Chen Chao did not dare to do such a luxury ,he told Mourinho ,the Royal Madrid it is very well ,the team in the training ,has now become an iron army-invincible army ,anyone could not easily defeated the team ,if not the team in psychological quality existed before the big problem ,maybe they would have once again dominate the whole of europe .
To meet Mourinho atmosphere is very good ,between two people who have many of the intersection ,and since the Portuguese one after the other ,two people meet again chance is really pitiful .
When shaking hands ,Chen Chao smiled and said: Jose, long time no see ! Mourinho also ha ha laugh ,he even joked : Chen ,I don want to meet with you ,whether it is the Champions League or in the domestic Spanish ,it is really too hard .
Mourinho ,is out of his mind a little resentment ,he originally should is the most special one ,but now is the immediate Chen Chao became the best one ,but every time he and Chen Chao meet is to end in failure, as long as a thought to Chen Chao and the team play the game ,Mourinho felt uncomfortable ,but Real Madrid the absolute strength in Athletic Bilbao ,Mourinho this time, there is great hope to enjoy the devil Chen happy .
,we deal with these people . Good ! Two people sat down to keep calm ,to deal with under the stage the reporters ,in two of them the sparkling discourse ,the reporters in addition to not provoked the animosity between the two men of anger ,basically have been met .
But ,Chen Chao and Mourinho between two people really have no animosity towards each other Certainly not !To maintain a calm state of mind ,mainly because two people are very clear like this high level of confrontation ,is one hundred percent cannot make a mistake, even if only a little error ,may eventually lead to the team losing in the game winner ,not before ,they still have to keep a normal heart .
Two coach peace of mind can not represent both players mentality can keep calm ,the home of the Basque the lion have one Before the media hype ,already let the Bilbao athletics players understand the importance of the match ,at home to Spain and put on a par with the Bilbao athletics team ,is nothing more than the Barcelona ,Real Madrid this two team ,Athletic Bilbao have previously with an away draw over Barcelona this, if you can get real Madrid this off the past, who provided the League must be the richest team can get ?Have on the Spanish League champions great desire of Basque, at such a critical game comes completely don Chen Chao to do war mobilization work ,yeste ,Llorente ,Guerpeiji ,elouera ,Martinez and others had put the team emotions to drive up ,now Basque lion is entirely an angry lion !Real Madrid side ,the players to win the game is also full of desire, at the Spanish League situation becoming more serious ,Real Madrid have to lose not to a degree ,once the game they lost it, in the standings.
They will lag behind the Bilbao athletics 9 ,also behind the Barcelona 6 ppm ,don this season, played only thirteen games ,says Real Madrid and the 2/3 season can chase opponents ,but Athletic Bilbao fine said ,their overall strength is not strong enough ,but Real Madrid old friend old rivals Barcelona ,but once they leading Real Madrid for six cents ,when the white Legion want to catch the opponent will become very difficult .
The start of the game, first off Real Madrid in San Mames noisy to people a headache brain up loud boos to opponents attacked .Benzema and Cristiano ?Ronaldo transposed ,left the ball forward dash ,then a cross the ball to right behind the goal from the right point ,run up and Gonzalo Higuain headed the ball hit the I Lai Sos arms .
Oh -- that was close !Gorka is very calm ,though we lost the ball this season very much, but this relationship with Gorka and not quite, the first is our defence after the reorganization ,the most important is Chen give the team arrangement new tactics mainly to the main attack ,so Gorka was scored fifteen goals in the match not much .
The narrator in the evaluation of the performance of the I Lai Sos ,athletic goalkeeper but no one cares ,this season because the team tactical changes ,I Lai Sos chance performance is more and more, and he was appointed captain Chen Chao task ,as long as the ball field yeste he is captain of the team ,so for my own the goal has been a threat that, I Lai Sos is able to accept ,he even can feel this season occupation career he has ever done .
The opponent was hit again , Basque the lion immediately to Real Madrid showed his claws ,just over sixteen years after teenie plug on the left to the right mind to send a beautiful overhead passes Canada Goose D Alpago Bomber, David ?Lopez volley ball directly went into Casillas ! Gol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! San Mames stadium Teng and burst ,everybody crazy celebration ,Real Madrid and how, also not be in two minutes we broke the goal ?Basque completely crazy ,but this joy is not maintained for ten seconds ,the referee to the gesture dampened their excitement Canada Goose Elijah Bomber.
.. ... Canada Goose Chateau Parka Sale... ... Goal kick !?The scene large screen will playback David ?Lopez scoring procedure ,results in a tiny passing moment ,lifting his arms than David ?Lopez really is him Benzer Ma Chao had a shoulder position ,the offside penalty completely without any problems .
Oh -- -- San Mames stadium sounded great sigh ,but once again became the general stormy applause, Basque has always been a brave and battlewise ,and did not put them on their hearts ,but the team showed this to Real Madrid and wrestling promoter strength let them extremely pleased Calgary Jacket.
The side of the pitch ,Mourinho with a serious face out ,just such a leg of the coach ,the Portuguese had realized his team in the game is impossible to win easily ,the Bilbao athletics strength although not as good as Real Madrid ,but the team did have a threat Real Madrid .
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