A Heartbreaker 

December 24 [Sun], 2006, 1:24
Ever since that day, my heart left for nothing.
I'm no longer want to care, to love.
I'm sorry. I'm heartless and a heartbreaker.
I can't stand for anything anymore.
All that will fade away day by day.
From then on, you'll know how wrong I'm for you.
I can't feel you neither anyone else.
Love is just a game. There is no forever there is no true love.
And that's why ended.

My Heart Is Dead 

November 20 [Mon], 2006, 3:36
I don't believe at first, but now I know I need to believe for what I've seen.
She lied to me!
I don't care and now really I don't care.
It's useless.
I won't turn back, no more!
My heart is dead!

I miss you 

November 14 [Tue], 2006, 17:32
This is an account created with love but I left it untouched for so long. Now, I'm trying to use it again and I think really useless.
Somehow, I miss her when I woke up this morning. I don't even want to wake up but I have to.
Sitting in front of my computer, check my MSN, YM. When will I see you again?
Browse around. Browse in Atari, Yahoo! games. Somewhere we used to play games. I miss the time. Really. Whenever we play Monopoly, Scrabble or Sorry! and Battleship I was the one who lose. She was happy with it. Not now anymore.
When I was writing this, I wrote with the tears in my eyes hoping to see her again.
I miss you.

Received my NDSL 

July 25 [Tue], 2006, 23:59
Received my Nintendo DS Lite.
It's so nice.
Surprised it's iced blue.

Love it so much and I love my babe so damn much.


July 20 [Thu], 2006, 23:59
It's a great day!
I helped my sweetheart.
Called to the Yahoo! customer service.
Finally, I'm successful with it.
Sweetheart is just so happy.

My sweetheart says gonna buy me a Nintendo DS Lite.
As a gift.
HAHAHAHAHA. Can't believe it. So happy.

Asthma Attack 

July 17 [Mon], 2006, 23:59
Asthma attack again!!

Sad case.
Attack again after a long period of time.

Today is not my day!
So suffer from asthma.

It's My Job 

June 30 [Fri], 2006, 18:57
Wake up early. To say 'Good Morning' to my sweetie.
Great she's happy.
Sometimes I'll do something in order to make her happy.
I will. It's my job.

Since Then 

June 29 [Thu], 2006, 23:59
She started her work.
Since then............................

She's busy with her work.
She's tire all day.
She's piss off of the work.
I seem to be good and patient.

Just because.. I do not want my babe in a bad mood.
Support will always go on and on.
I love you.


June 27 [Tue], 2006, 23:59
A fine day but slight headache and stomachache.
Woke up really early this morning.
Thought of to have a chat with my sweetie before she goes to work.
Who knows, I have problem with my MSN and I didn't know it.
So, not a matter.
Have a chat with her when she's working. Should I say accompany?
I thought to myself, I'm kinda good today.
I'm afraid she's bored, I accompany. I'm afraid she feels piss off, I persuade her. I'm afraid she can't finish her work, I respect and let her do.

At the moment, innocently being told that I'm not respecting.
Is that I really didn't respect? I'll think it twice.
I just know, I didn't say she can't do her things.
I'm sure I didn't! What am I today? I don't even know.
Being treated badly. Feel so hurt. YOU hate me so much?

Oh well. Nothing much I can say or do.

Tomorrow is another day.

Confusing Day 

June 26 [Mon], 2006, 23:59
It's confusing!
I don't like to think about where am I next.

I won't be afraid to step forward.
Each step has it own meaning.
As I know, everything will lead me to success.
No matter what~I'll do it.

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