Joe McKnight says that he will stay with the Jets

May 18 [Sat], 2013, 12:38
Joe McKnight has new competition in Nike 2013 NFL Jerseys the New York Jets with the hiring of Chris Ivory and Mike Goodson.
Movements make it difficult that McKnight can enter the rotation of runners, but probably not good idea ask Joe if he believes that his time in Jets is ending.
"I don't care who they bring, are going New 2013 NFL Jerseys to have to kill me to keep my place." Do you understand it now? He said McKnight, according to New York Daily News.
"Just because they bring to Goodson and Ivory bring they believe that I already went.Only bring more players to raise the competition, Nike Sports Clothing they are not bringing someone to say, 'Joe is finished' "."
McKnight has no doubts that will stay in the team.
"Yes, I will be in the team, I won't go, no way".
McKnight has become an expert NFL Super Bowl Jerseys in returning kicks, but has never found a role in the career of the Jets game. Since he was selected in 2010, only McKnight has 112 races for 502 yards. McKnight said he never had any conversation with the former Nike Elite NFL Jerseys offensive coordinator, Tony Sparano, an action which we are sure not helped in its development during the 2012.
Even so, unless you get into trouble with the institution, we do not see possibleMcKnight ends up on the street. The team still owes him $630,000 in the final year of his rookie contract, a manageable salary considering their contributions to special teams.
McKnight probably is safe. "In no way" we can be sure of any form.