put his hands on the m a high wall

November 21 [Wed], 2012, 14:09
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult( recommend ah ,rewards ,trousers ,I want it all !!!) Walking out of Yang Lin and did not return to his room ,but the stairs and staircases ,the door is opened ,to broad roof .
WEnXUeMi .CoM walk slowly to the roof edge ,put his hands on the m a high wall ,looking ahead .While silver light ,rippling blue waves ,a trap in a circle ,the fish in the water and leaping out of the water ,round up the mouth ring out of a size of the bubbles ,and then dive into the water .
Reservoir beside the covered with grayish white duck circle ,quiet ,but from time to time so one or two ducks quack light is called twice ,then lost to .Nearby Evera UGG Shoe,the distant mountains are dark, no animal sound ,extremely quiet .
Since the mountain breeze ,blowing slowly, with a trace of coolness comfort .Enjoying the country among the unique spirit of static and the cool breeze, Yang Lin pleasant spit out a sulk UGG Bailey Button Fancy Boots,leaning against the wall ,immediately turn ,look toward the elephant trunk hill .
At this time, the Elephant Trunk Hill surrounding is still a white flash, shining on the surrounding woods ,let those trees appear green ran Yang ,also can saying is a kind of offbeat scenery ,but let Yang Lin strange is he didn the sound of a machine ,then to the elephant trunk hill from the water reservoir has a hundred meters away ,the machine came rumbling sound strange .
Oh ,this Tianhua building is really efficient ah ,but it UGG Highkoo Boots,manor earlier business ,himself a little earlier implementation and plan the next step ,well ,now ,have a look those advanced cave fish and duck how .
Yang Lin the elephant trunk hill that another scene, smiled and said softly UGG Greenfield Cheap,followed by a whole body consciousness ,immediately disappeared ,into the cave of space .Walking in his space soft land, Yang Lin went directly to differentiate to duck gathered that piece of land .
At this point, the duck are slept pretty sweet ,one by one, the whole into one piece, like a yellow sea .Yang Lin remained silent and soundless consciousness ,spirit of making over ,found the duck who when the body enginery state than did put into his space before ,for good a few times .
Exploration to this ,Yang Lin will force the spirit of back . Did not think of this cave had been able to change the duck function ,it seems there are lots of utility of their cave was found ,it should be their capacity is not enough reason ,but as long as you continue practicing it will sooner or later ,work up, it is no need to worry about this .
I think so, Yang Lin immediately laughed ,then towards the fish congregated around the place ,where Yang Lin is placed an automatic feeding machine in where, automatic timing cast cardamine .
But when Yang Lin came to the fry gathered point is found ,and not many fish around the automatic feeding machine .Contrary to expectation to see this scene ,Yang Lin immediately some curious to go before ,found that these fish are actually groups find place is that sleep ,a string of bubbles continuously from the bottom up, as if they sleep during the waters become soap pool .
To see this ,Yang Lin did not continue ,and turned towards garden area to go .After a while ,garden area will appear in front of Yang Lin .The garden district can be said to be completely developed, that for many fruit trees, have grown, lush foliage, developed root system, overall show their vitality, To of Nyssa, also grow exceeding one Turn around ,Yang Lin immediately laughed ,he knows these fruit trees if the graft in the elephant trunk hill ,no one think they will transplant ,but think I planted in the elephant trunk hill ,want this unbelievable things ,also Yang Lin this one has his space man can do .
See here ,Yang Lin did not continue in his space to stay still ,consciousness ,the man immediately appeared on the rooftop .Out of the cave ,stood on the roof, Yang Lin clearly feel of coolness than into the hole before some .
It seems that time too early . Said, Yang Lin lifted his wrist watch time , well ,three past ten, it to go to bed, have to get up early tomorrow to the Elephant Trunk Hill have a look ,if the hole digging about words ,you must think of a way ,these fruit trees all transported to the Elephant Trunk Hill ,planting .
With this in mind, Yang Lin turned around and headed up the stairs .The stairs, Yang Lin turned to the door shut ,it toward the stairs to his room to go ,.Into his room, Yang Lin had no windows ,curtains ,isolated ,the silver moonlight ,it went to bed, fast clothes off, then lying on the soft bed ,closes his eyes ,breath smooth ,began to fall asleep .
Night ,dawn is coming .Since the last curtain pull too tight ,so now there is no in the light, but even so ,Yang Lin was still awake .After all, once the biological clock form ,a sleep at this time point ,come very naturally wake up, just like Yang Lin .
Wake up Yang Lin didn stay in bed, first hand ,comfortable stretch, then will sit up ,get out of bed ,rapid wear clothes ,walked to the window ,curtain ,window open ,immediately outside her warm cold air convection .
Look at the house ,outside and no fog, only a light mist ,free to look at, hundreds of meters .Open the door ,Yang Lin quickly washes, and then began to burn hot noodles ,ready for breakfast .
This time, Lin Changyuan came in ,saw Yang Lin ,he laughed : Oh ,brother Yang Zi so early . I also want to cooked noodles to call you, did not think you come now . The speech, the water has been boiling pot ,Yang Lin immediately after Lin Changyuan asked : long-term ,how much to eat noodles? Well ,a bowl on the line .
Is brushing his teeth responded with the Lin Changyuan ambiguity .Lin Changyuan heard this, Yang Lin immediately put his bag of noodles in, or nearly four hundred grams of noodles .The noodles are cooked quickly ,Yang Lin quickly even with the soup in two separate bowl ,then put condiments and lean whistle .
At this time, Lin Changyuan also wash finished ,as Yang Lin had done ,not polite UGG Australia Short,holding and began to eat .Yang Lin sees that ,smiled, since a will go in the hand also gasping eating surface drinking soup infants .
A time clock ,two people put down his chopsticks .A cup of boiling water ,drink, Yang Lin smiled and said to Lin Changyuan : long-term ,what do not ,do not, we will now go on elephant trunk hill .
No !Walk . Hear the words of Yang Lin ,Lin long-term say without mincing words back road ,then two people marched downstairs, sitting on a motorcycle in the elephant trunk hill .( free read novels ,no pop-ups .
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