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November 01 [Thu], 2012, 10:28

> Moran travel bag inside has been carefully listening to Lee the Huai and that police dialogue, trying to hear what clues from the inside. The Xiaoyun situation seven forty-five, say, Li Huai Xiaoyun mother's remains buried in feng shui points. So it stands to reason, Xiaoyun should not get involved in what right and wrong. However, the fact is that it really is the unexpected outbreak? Wait a minute, the Moran mind suddenly a flash. Today in burial coffins when they have been not seen Xiaoyun mother's ghost, Could it be that Mr. Paik early before they catch on remains moving hands and feet? Thought here, Moran can not help but gasped. I could not help but feel cursed himself to the effect. When Li Huai has been followed by riding on a police car, rush to the direction of the government hospital. heard. He whispered See Li Huai so, Moran did not continue to speak. In mind, she secretly sigh breath, and thought: I hope that the wait for the next back spirit the Yangcun can find the answer right. After about twenty minutes, Li Huai they came to the government hospital. As said before, the car just stopped, Li Huai put travel bag zipper open, let the and Moran looking for an opportunity to leave. Then he followed that police entered the hospital. That police called Wang Limin, Criminal Investigation captain in charge of this case. Wang Limin's age looks a little, the estimate is 24 years old. His age when the Criminal Investigation captain, will certainly have some attractions. Now is the time popular summer cold high incidence of a lot of people come to the hospital to see a doctor. Fortunately, Wang Limin Li Huai take the lead, or to desk queued query Xiaoyun room number and have to wait for at least half an hour. Wang Limin directly bypassing the crowd, walked over to the stairs there: , right? But now anyone see his face and know his bad mood. Indeed,Northface Women's GTX, the stairs were not many, they soon came to the fourth floor,UGG Evera Shoes. But he turned a blind eye to continued. Li Huai, Heard that police officers,North Face Bionic Sale, then nodded his head,Nike Air Max 2009 Sale, with two people went to the front of the room, the door opened. Li Huai just walked into the room, they saw a Purple to flow down the sun into the room, it seems to reach all parts of Xiaoyun body, but Xiaoyun ...... who has been a burst of black gas enveloped the Road violet no start. But look, Xiaoyun face Que Shibi last night to see a good many. Is this is the feng shui of gas? Li Huai no more thought, walked up to the beds in the edge, and then whispered shouted: Li Huai! See Li Huai, Xiaoyun hardly believe my eyes, eyes suddenly red. Suddenly it flew into the arms of Li Huai. The tears just like missing the embankment of the river flows out crazy. See Zhefan scene, even though Wang Limin this clank Hud also can not help but be moved. But in view of the relationship of the duties he had to stay in embarrassing places. LI Huai-hand Xiaoyun fast again into her arms, one hand gently stroking her back, and the hearts of a thousand words to say, but they were one unable to speak. Li Huai, I'm scared! I really scared! The Xiaoyun pumping two under the nose, and then took a deep breath. Barely suppress the tears about to lack embankment, said slowly: whole person stumbled, simply do not know how it is, then he forcibly picked up me, to take me out of the room, how to know at this time turned out to be my dad, and then, and then .. ..... -------------------------------------------------- - Recommended own old books
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