Want to restore its Vaillant

November 22 [Thu], 2012, 15:31
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultIgnoring two evil look ,dialect out his own conscious breath careful exploration of the big array on earth ,a moment later ,a strange dialect face took on a look .
! .Although it has been associated with the array has great contact ,but dialects has not offering refining this can now confirm is the magic weapon of large array ,now with just before offering refining a token breath ,also has its own powerful magical knowledge inquiry which ,after a series of exploration ,dialect affirmed its spirit from for goods order ,is a magic weapon with goods order ,perhaps because of time too long because, as the sharp weapon of evil gas ,now this talisman circulated outside Vaillant cannot and its goods order line, is also not as greatly inferior spirit ,otherwise it don a friar with evil spirits dialect reason thunder light will break a number of times .
Want to restore its Vaillant ,only the will of evil gas added successfully ,but now the devil Faxiuzhen world ,and where to collect so much evil gas, if in the dark :the magic weapon ,but can play a real vaillant .
Although some chicken ,it is a spirit from device ,a moment later, perceived outside of transmitting large array is not monk air show, hunkering down dialect ,hit a few Shoujue ,began offering refining .
Just his little knowledge of God into a large array mark magic core, from fully offering refining and time ,language live exercises, toward the side two face fierce ,but has been captivated by his evil, to cast a calm atmosphere ,and a flashing, escape out of this office space in the magic weapon ,interstellar transmission direction to .
Have a knowledge of God in this imprint ,later time to complete offering refining ,only temporarily dialect did not want interstellar transmission show in front of people ,also do not prepare horses this magic weapon away ,now dialect also intend to block LAN-STAR for some time ,otherwise the cathedral array cover ,the interstellar transmission will be others, this is the only dialect is unwilling to see things ,you also need to arrange a dialect of large array .
Not going to monopolize the resource dialects ,dialect to block LAN-STAR is there are a lot of ideas ,not to say the East China Sea Island such as flat as the large array ,or a similar Spirit Valley peach - forest as the place ,most dialects is their heart ,then with several brother together to lock monster tower ,now the dialect can be sure ,that is the ancestor figure and ban stuck in Zhou Zhongyang town and the temple of the same goods order exists, for such a weapon ,though no confidence to charge into the hands of dialect ,but also exists again thought ,is a dialect of enlightenment ,to today see also is not a small harvest, since many years know that bin Tao and Lu Nanzi are not the news of this gets out ,will also actively attract dialect sector of distracting monks .
Soon after UGG Women's Suburb Tall Boots,the dialect has passed through the red large array ,standing on the block LAN-STAR star transmission of large array array wave front ,now more intense, already in many dialects ,know that this is someone coming out of the signs UGG Jimmy Choo Sora Boots.
As the number of dialects of induction ,information ,a spatial fluctuation flicker ,a figure appeared on the platform to transmit a large array of central star .Moment ,dialect is induced into a familiar very breath ,not wrong, is really not big brother star ,is a dialect is not sound ,look after Rin ,once again sweep ,muttered : star brother ,who hurt .
Originally available than reason later star inadvertently, this flavor is very light ,as soon as the oil lantern flame ,shake and crumble ,even across interplanetary transfer large array ,direct cross-legged sitting down, start up method is urgent .
Suddenly he heard a sound star big brother star accidentally ,slightly robust UGG Mini Boots, looked back to see dialect figure of the tall and straight : dialect ? A joyful voice out, just the voice just fell down ,suddenly a star not mouth spray ,a blood shot out ,falling in the large array platform ,became a blood-red flowers .
Seeing stars unintentional ,clearly is forcibly pressed under in vivo injury ,if not recover as soon as possible ,will have great consequences, especially for the star had no intention of such spiritual body ,dialect also no longer asked what ,cried out : star brother don say much ,antecedent recovery ,have what thing later .
Speak several dialects from the fingertips ,breath out along the meridians ,star had entered his body .Dialect breath just entering the body ,with a kind face star not immediately wonder look ,seem to be surprised and very strong warm breath dialect ,wisps of the body most of the few injury wrapped up ,indescribably comfortable ,this method has more than star unintentional thought ,only he knows now is not reclassify words, see dialect aside hunker down, he also immediately close eye, slowly drives up method .
After a half day North Face Apex Bionic Outlet, star unintentional breath slightly stable ,also was only marginally stable ,this time the star had suffered injury is very serious ,were it not for the dialect in the side ,I for several months or even years to stabilize, but even the dialect can only do this step ,this hurt the fundamental the injury ,but also spend time recovering his star unintentionally ,otherwise it is hand to help him recover dialect ,in his later work is also upgrading the disadvantages outweigh the advantages .
Dialect for star unintentional body situation is very clear, aware of his breath stable ,he said : big brother star ,here is not restored ,I take you back to the caves . Although not yet and dialect say anything ,star has also sensed the dialect strength to an unbelievable level ,hear the dialect words ,don talk just nodded .
Dialect hands fretting ,did not withdraw their auxiliary star inadvertently recovery atmosphere ,but that this will not support it ,and a flashing red ,once again into the large array UGG Women's Short Sheepskin Cuff,blood beast beast beast eye bat two feel dialect breath ,the moment will appear in front of the dialect .
See the two evil, star not immediately face appeared one look ,they were able to shuttle back and forth in the array ,with dialects had left a few contain evil Lei thunder wood magic weapon ,but can not be with the two can be in of evil beasts against breathing freely ,often encounter are dodge it ,but soon Star unintentional face shows strange look ,he saw the dialect as to appease the spirit of the pet to appease the two fierce general extremely evil, and the two monster also a deputy and unable to part from .
In big brother star accidentally threw a conscious message ,so that he need not worry, dialect and that several divine consciousness to the two evil, then two yaoshou backed out ,and not long after ,large array in many evil monster have had news ,a large array of a sudden strong vaillant .
The dialect is a dodge to escape out of the red large array ,then a light flashed, and then appeared, is already a deep sand cave hermitages .Late night shocked just fly when dialect show strength ,and is now in the star has hermitages breath shocked, compared to other people ,as the spiritual body with his old man when Yoko ,for God felt more acutely, just breathe a few bites, he is aware of these strange smell for itself has great benefits .
Star big brother ,you peace of mind before recovery ,recovery of specific things . Dialect will unintentionally down ,immediately said ,then ,it is a breath into the star no body ,to help him raise temperature body blood meridian .
Understand the meaning of dialect ,star has said nothing, then close your eyes again drives up method .Uncharted depths of a few months later ,finally slowly will not dialect body own breath back ,then take a pill to the body before the star unintentionally, and prior to that a same old man is the spiritual body applies : red star big brother ,and for a few days ,your injury more restore somewhat ,can start to refining the pills ,can let you injured most, perhaps work will further also not necessarily .
Star intended or not at all, even when the red revenue . Star big brother ,what offends somebody, how to such an extent ?It is your brother ? Look at the stars have a dialect to exploration of immortality ,and said .
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