necessary bloodbath forest house

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() Seven hundred and fifty second chapter Storm blows "Huan Yuan, you truthfully explain things." Lin Family Garden in luxury hall, Huo Yunfei looked always maintained silence Linhuan Yuan, ignoring Lin Tianxiang thoughtfully beside Gaze: "That night how it was? Why do you let go crush Lim bodyguards black man? they have violated you really do?" Lin Fu Lin Tianxiang gently wrinkled brow, without a word, sweep daughter who falls Huo Yunfei: "Old Hall, what do you mean? If not they want to infringe Huan Yuan, I mobilize manpower Weisha as they do? Could you think my daughter no reason to set them up?" .. Lin Fu sound deep and powerful: "And yesterday morning kidnapping and that they were up to no good Zuigaiwansi, light days of rì kill me under guard kidnapped my daughter, there is no justice? there no law? guarding you so that batch black people, they are not your people Huo family? "" forests, I do not doubt Huan Yuan. "Huo Yunfei looked longtime friend, bear with xìng son broke back:" I'm just trying to figure out things resolve misunderstandings "Here he lowered his voice added:" forests, you know who this is killing you that night? Golden Triangle Golden generals assigned to guard a small gold. "Lin Tianxiang slightly hesitated:" Golden Triangle of people? "Huo Yunfei little head back and said: "Kim Dae little angry with you kill him guard, almost necessary bloodbath forest house, but fortunately I was not stopped in time plays a big conflict, so I need to figure out the ins and outs thing, if it is a misunderstanding, I fully convince Kim less resolve grievances. ".. Huoyun Fei really want to resolve mutual resentment, his earnestness added:" So I hope can cooperate Huan Yuan attitude that clearly lay things and then apologize personally to gold less, we The scores on this dissipated, it's not Hello I'm so everyone? "Lin Tianxiang passing touch his face solemn, Golden Triangle name of the first really scary enough, provoke such bandits rì child sad, but Lin also have business in the Golden Triangle , strained bilateral relations will make the Lin family decimated, they might even provoke to fatal disaster, so look to her daughter: "Huan Yuan, exactly how is it that night?" Lin Fu night to hear her daughter asked to tune people to destroy black people, that is purely conventional arena dispute, so it does not inquire carefully to her daughter, now regarded as the first questioning details, Lin Huanyuan biting his lips did not speak, she promised not to divulge Zhao Hengyong night thing. Of course, on the usual promise to her is the cloud, even if Zhao Heng hand pinching Canada Goose Men's Resolute Parka her Pornographic does not matter, but yesterday, Zhao Heng Zhao Heng saved her and she knows identity, so she vowed to make things rot in the stomach Otherwise, she worried that the Lin family will become the second cherry Church. Huo Yunfei see her without a word to throw one: "Huan Yuan, Lin family is related to your future ah." Lin Huanyuan deep breathing a long breath, and she knew he had to say something: "three black people want to get drunk violated me, so I let Lin guard unto them, behold three black people with guns, and they have hidden companion, Lin guard all killed. "wrinkled brow of the Huo Yunfei, Lin Huanyuan continue to finish : "I only reluctantly to his father for help, then the process of father knew, the two sides in department stores happen Rush, called a lose-lose, if Huoshu Shu think this is a misunderstanding, that it is mistaken." "In order to Lin future, to gold less I am willing to apologize. "Lin Huanyuan to retreat put attitude, no past rì stubbornness and perseverance, in her view, if the Lin family an apology to defuse resentment with Guinness, as well as their cover Zhao Heng not exposed, she wants, she does not Nannvzhiqing in Zhao Heng, mostly considering the interests of the Lin family. "They really invade your?" Huo Yunfei passing touch of mocking mouth, how can he read countless people see Lin Huanyuan something to hide, then emerged Huoyun Fei Lin Tianxiang hear a touch of displeasure: "Old Hall, what do you want results? Golden Triangle thought To explain what? you do not need to conceal it directly say it. "He straightened slightly huge body, fingers point forward Huoyun Fei spoke up:" I can respect and can not and will opposites, Golden Triangle forces large, but the Lim family is not vegetarian, Huan Yuan not really suffer if they violated, she would take such a reputation damaging thing to utter it? "" forests, not what I meant. The North Face Outlet "Huo Yunfei exhaled a long breath, then straight to the point:" To be honest , the answer will never let Huan Yuan gold less satisfied, he believes his men will never go without instruction infringement, but little gold men see you in the restaurant to help Zhao Heng, that your relationship is quite good. "" So I I hope you change another way of saying, for example, is Zhao Heng hijack you to. "Huo Yunfei blind cat killed a rat-like poke in the truth, in Lin Huanyuan body startled, he has meaningful opening:" You put all the blame on Zhao Hang him go, let herself look innocent poor, so that it will not pursue a little gold, Huan Yuan, I hope you remember that. "Then he looked Lin Tianxiang:" Zhao Heng push things to the body, not only allows Lin from the relationship, but also for my son revenge, again, he is also regarded as our common enemy, the boy stepped off the back Jiang Tianjun can also Shasha Jiang Tianjun their morale. "Lin Tianxiang originally held reservations, but listen Speaking to Huoyun Fei Jiang Tianjun on a slight nod, fat Bear died, Yanmen seems not to force things they need to borrow external forces, so he looked at her faint opening: "Huan Yuan, as you Huoshu Shu said to do." "No I do not," Lin Huanyuan become stubborn up: "Zhao Heng saved me, I can not framed him," Lin Tianxiang look cool down: "overall situation" XXXXXX three p.m., Joe Yun Choi led five or six people came to the sub China the appointment of the club, he wanted to see that guy play any tricks, but knocking luxury rooms Shique gone to the sub-hua, less congestion to the duty manager told ten minutes later, they let Joe Yun Choi advanced wing rest. Joe Choi Yun swept wing one, to the sub China does have two points sincerity dessert table filled with imported drinks, as well as two bottles of 2082 Lafite wine, the price enough to make civilians disappointed, but Joe FORTUNE move those things did not go , in addition to outside bored there are security considerations. Three attendants pose sè still pouring tea. Joe Choi Yun came here today with two purposes, if the Chinese are really sincere to the sub-contract, he does not mind to complete the task entrusted to my grandfather, and if the child China yesterday to give him blow or retaliation rì poured tea, he is not afraid to tear broken nerve, the West family does not lack it a business. He glanced with come Du Yan, indicating she did not need to come down a grudge. But let Fat Joe did not think that thousands of operators 000 operator that he did not count to China not only to the child of ignorance, or a self-righteous madman, when Joe Yun Choi waited ten minutes to leave, people on both sides of the door was suddenly flung open, Over a hundred big guy came into Rulangsihu. Murderously space instantly be compressed. "I am Joe FORTUNE." Joe Yun Choi surface does not change sè stare look crashers, gentle voice called out their name, in order to settle the ignorant fear like Mens North Face Gore Tex Sale the guy, but did not slow the pace of this gang of assailants, blind in one eye Han holds the leading portrait, pointing to Joe Yun Choi roar loudly: "dry him" arrogant Donghonghong missing ear Han waved his hands, countless men aggressive rush, four bodyguards crosspiece past West home, but kicker kick chest wound six difficult to contain the other shock waves of big guy coming in, even in front of people who do not move will be squeezed into the back. Four hands, fists face West family bodyguard again bullying, in the narrow space is also difficult to play, they outlasted ten twenty thirty people, and there are a number of groups of people rushed to the endless, the West family assistant seeing Joe pulled FORTUNE, taking advantage of the West family bodyguard blocking shouted: "West little walk" on the West family she subsequently bodyguard shouted: "Quick little out on West" She knows the most stupid little master Fork met the most ignorant a group of people. Four combat extraordinary bodyguard transform formation to protect Joe Yun Choi and Du Yan out, just four people in a crowded room is difficult to move forward, accidentally, Joe Yun Choi and Du Yan who have suffered a few in mind fist, Joe Yun Choi disoriented, accidentally fell out of the protective ring outside. A leg kick immediately on him, he was lying on the ground staggered slam. Joe Choi's head instantly transported more than a few traces of blood, four bodyguards West family fly kick several people coming forward but was subsequently entangled opponent, the other two hundred less time to come, but also squeezed in this broken place, really a hero useless, Joe Yun Choi also restrained them to come to save himself: "Leave me alone, protecting sister-in-law out of" Fat mind clear, these guys act recklessly even their own unbridled shock, Du Yan fell on their hands will never be as good end , thought to sub China yesterday wretched eyes, his heart on a tight, unstoppable once again roared: "Protection of sister-in-law out to kill." "bang" voice not fall, his hand the addition of kicks. Joe Choi Yun Shuangshoubaotou bear attack ever embarrassed, but his eyes always reveal a touch of unyielding, and ten times the repayment of the murderous, to see their own little Lord injuries, beautiful assistant snapped: "Stop this is less in the west, is zhōngyāng Gangster's grandson "," port calls this place, how zhōngyāng what? "missing grinning ear Han shouted:" Here, I max. "" big your mother "Joe Yun Choi groan a tumble fruits, lack of a direct hit ear Tahan. The next second, he was punched and kicked in exchange for more PS: the fourth is more hit, continue to call several flower flower. Thank you Julius Zhu a reward works 3888 waves currency.
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