Wei GB then changed the subject

September 01 [Sat], 2012, 18:57
Comrade ,I believe you from the heart - love story :! Wei Guobiao Frank .Device :no ads ,full text ,more unequal Xie Tiancheng speaker ,Wei GB then changed the subject, said: what I want to say is ,our leading cadres, have an adaptation to different environments, I have for you three to conduct a full investigation and understanding ,the three of you ,are that want officers ,to the Director-General ,officers but also able to succeed to the people ,let you into the dragon with go to work, I also passed over in one before making a decision ,the dragon city if not stable ,which means that the whole Lin Province overall situation would not be stable ,to tell the truth ,let you into the Dragon original go to work ,a little bitter you - love story :! Well -- Tian-cheng Xie ,Li River and Ge Bin have started ,they did not think the governor has a Wei to export w ě nsaid earlier this paragraph of word ,the word being shown his true wisdom ,is anyone can not refuse ah !Finally ,Tian-cheng Xie Wei governor ,said: I have no problem ,I firmly to the organization ,leader cadre ,ought to be subordinate to the organization as long as the needs of the organization, I have no objection .
In saying this, Xie Tiancheng turned to look at Li River and Ge Bin ,and then to the Wei GB : just ,Ge Bin River and two comrades ,how they will choose ,I have no right to decide .
Wei Guobiao turned to look at Li Zhonghe and Ge Bin ,said: the comrade, you mean ? Li River already made up my mind ,at the moment, he smiled, and said: Wei governor ,in fact ,I really don want to leave J ī MingCounty ,I on J ī Mingcounty really have feelings ,on one hand ,I am a native J ī MingCounty UGG Kids Bailey Button Boots,grew up in J ī Mingthe county grew ,he grew up with a hometown hometown construction to serve the ideal ,on the other hand ,when a cadre ,I went to the peach Hu ā ditch,and peach Hu ā ditchof the masses have forged a deep affection ,I have talked to the local fellow wish ,help peach Hu ā ditchtake off deficient to become rich, if I leave J ī MingCounty ,afraid to live up to the expectations of my folks .
.. ... Oh ,the comrades ,you have deep feelings of the masses of the people ,to this point ,I dare say ,now young leader cadre ,a few people are able to reach such a realm ! Wei Guobiao is not pleased to say: the comrade, I believe you will succeed in your new job ugg for women! Paused, Wei Guobiao added: the comrade, you in J ī MingCounty Qinghe town mayor as generation ,into the Dragon City ,I let you served as director of development and reform commission ! Ah -- Li River listen to the words of Wei Guobiao ,surprised with mouth open ,lean ,it will not, but even a rise of two or three grades !Dragon city is that what place ?Dragon city though is a county-level city ,but the city developed degree too his horse house ,Lin Province many city leaders handles ,once in the dragon city served ,far do not say ,say the sea mayor Zhang Dongfang ,he had served as deputy mayor of the former city of dragon ,even the Standing Committee is not ,as a result, the Dragon Yuangan in two years, suddenly, it became the mayor of the city of the sea Sale UGG Cove!Dragon City ,has always been to Lin leaders as the gold plated !If the dragon city dry for two years, my old Li then back to J ī MingCounty ,it would be a county or county Party committee secretary of what ?Li Zhonghe outwardly calm, deep inside is more and more excited about .
~ ~ but ,Li river or shirk replied: Wei governor ,I ,I think I still do not have the ability to ... ... Wei Guobiao smiled and said : the comrade, I believe you are a dare to do outstanding young cadres ,I also believe that their vision is not wrong, can do it ,the dragon city is always we Lin Province development emphases ,the province of dragon city, each job are very concerned about, you get to long raw ,what can not solve problems ,you can call me directly .
My mobile phone number is 139 ... ... Wei GB as one of the chief of the province ,even on Li river so to speak, Li river presses a root is be overwhelmed by an unexpected favour ,by now ,he had to left to accept this glorious and arduous task .
Wei Guobiao smiled ,towards Ge Bindao : Ge chief ,I know you and gay ,lesbian relationship Tiancheng river is not shallow ,ha ha ,all two of them agreed, you don say no ,but the third time I with you three.
Soft words ? Xie Tiancheng three person, began to laugh at the same time ,the atmosphere is one of pine .Ge Bindao : since all two of them agreed, I have nothing to say ?Wei governor ,I am a soldier was born ,I want to talk about their own ideas ,can ? Is it right? You thought of dragon city work, continue to do your security ? Wei Guobiao seems to be guessed Ge Bin ,laughed : rest assured ,into the Dragon City ,I heavier burden ,I decided to let you take the Dragon original municipal committee secretary concurrently ,Dragon City Public Security Bureau Director - other friends are watching :! Ah -- Ge Bin shocked all of a sudden from ear to ear .
Wei Guobiao over a subtle smile ,win it ,very simple !It seems ,in front of the three ,is an official m í !Wei Guobiao believed that ,this three ,from now on ,has become his own man !Hum ,Wei governor ah ,your old home to include my old Li ,hey ,you are wrong ,you seem to underestimate my old high practical ability !Li Zhonghe thought ,you son of Mr.
Wei Mingjia ,who is my old Li he actually saw Lu Qing ,C à o,by this point ,I will never follow you do old li ! ,Ge Bin ,the two of you can go out, and I think the gay chat alone .
Tao Wei gb . Well -- Tian-cheng Xie and Ge Bin also gave a start, but they had to stand up, full of doubt Hu òwalked out of theroom ,and he will compartment door shut .Booth ,Wei Guobiao Zhou Dongping has long seemed to guess what the master to talk alone with Li River ,took out the Chinese soft ,laugh to Xie Tiancheng, but he did not pass to Ge Bin, because he felt his identity ,taller than Ge Bin Puma Wheelspin Shoes,but Xie Tiancheng is flat and level ,both are located !Ge Bin did not care about Zhou Dongping cocky ,but pulled out his cigarette ,lighting ,with a breath of .
Zhou Dongping whispered : Congratulations, thanks to promotion secretary ! Xie Tiancheng was a dull, said: thanks to Zhou Chu care . Zhou Dongping smiled to say: I never thought
UGG Boots womens,Xie book written in J ī Mingcounty only for one year ,then do a very sensational performance ,a short zero eight months time ,you have from the sea ,Secretary of the Communist Youth
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