Huang Sen Li Chun original Chen Sheng

September 15 [Sat], 2012, 12:43

> Voice hardly ever, front Pathfinder rifle team and two carrying rocket launchers have all been frozen in a huge ice inside. wWW. QUanbeN. Com the chill biting, the blink of an eye, who all died. The the British Mr. and Mr. Du also surnamed Huang protoss look at each other, are increasingly careful. British Mr. speaker shouted: little means of the above. At this time, he also no longer have to hide their own stature, and therefore stood upright manner, against the British Mr. trio said. The British Mr. eat was surprised, he originally thought Li Chun original probably seriously injured desperately turned on,UGG Starlit, who thought Li Chun original actually appear in another one upstairs and unharmed. the roof watching them: upstairs to go? unless you already before we did not ready had to hide in the past! Li Chun original sneer: you so! ice abilities, the total amount of ability is so powerful, so you do with the ice of a bridge across the twenty or thirty buildings! Mr. English, to be honest, I am very grateful for your first meeting I mentioned point, which is why I do not want you killing one you abandon it, ours does not make sense. sneer, Li Chun original expression is wonderful: . Li Chun former shook his head, finger to the big city: social sluice ~ For tools of the family, this family, this capital city, Should not that be changed? another double cruel British Mr. apparently do not understand this truth. See the three of them and nothing happens, presumably reasoning is unreasonable, Li Chun former will let go of their hearts: Li Chun of the original, you have to know, you're alive you have to have more people die, so I'm going to kill you, you must not blame me. people are living, so I'll live British Sir, I'm sorry, you coaching my Ende, only mind. British Mr. nodded and smiled: look at how tyrannical capital protoss! the Li Chun original slightly hesitated and I did not realize that this has been the strong hold of the territory of Dan ying actually make such a choice, and he did not go it alone with yourself! Followed by Li Chun original but felt a little relieved: his record is indeed some sturdy little, especially the single off hongjialou, the skin hold Dan Realm old man surnamed also failed to stop or even kill three protoss selected by the gods. This is also a look, and indeed no wonder the ying and yellow Sendu sub Teng will be such a reaction. This time, he probably also kill two the protoss selected by the gods, do not know this time Ma Bute Lacy can not be placed flat, but according to previous experience, should not be any problems. The three of them toward their own way, Li Chun original hand, do not move, only the rooftop of the roof is to wait at Plaza. Gently pop up a black Xuanbing. Li Chun original hiding on the roof of a pile of worn-out debris, and then use the spiritual power to control it will not on this outbreak. The battle is a battle, Li Chun original longer have the confidence to have to layout a good way of escape, because once lost,Sale UGG Felicity, he would never really bet on his own life, even if it seems he can not lose,UGGs Boots Outlet, is the same. Not long after, he heard the footsteps of the roof the roof from the stairs, two, obviously he only heard the footsteps of Mr. Huang Sen DU Zi Teng, British, he also can not so easy to hear footsteps. Sure enough, the British way in front, the yellow Sendu sub Teng two behind, three on the rooftop, standing opposite Li Chun original. will more step to reducing your space, you choose to fight here and we know to step back and are you buried at! mind? people say that the hearts and minds me today regarded as an insight into the kill. Li Chun the original also do not care: after you find his flaws, this round of attacks and then re-arrange offensive sequence. Huang Sen outstretched hands aligned Li Chun original: the thousand arrows hair! Huang Sen then Shouyi Zhao, dense water arrows flew quickly toward Li Chun original. Li Chun original sneer, the Hsin Tao This is only one of the strongest moves disadvantages, time to see through,UGG Kensington Sale, you may never see through, very difficult to have the opportunity to turn around. Blithely hand in front Yifu, as last, a wall of thick solid wall of ice appeared in his hands. Slightest doubt, Li Chun original easily took over this trick Huang Sen Li Chun original Chen Sheng shouted: huge white ice on the pound straight from heaven, the British trio of Mr. Huangzhong! This is Li Chun original steel Grizzlies trick almost to the iron will change his life to the will of the Ice, the same weight of pressure on people, ice as iron, but did not the human body can withstand up. Ying fastest response, the footsteps that despite have the other two, their first ran a huge ice enveloped range. DU Zi Teng actually reaction is not slow, shouted Huang Sen is completely captive, what snapped directly by the the huge ice town in the following. Ying frowned DU Zi Teng face does not look good, which all of a sudden Huang Sen dead. may really forget to leave you a life, but now they have around you shall not die! with Li Chun original this said: Ying and DU Zi Teng face more serious, they all know, lose the yellow Sen's assistance, then they only played more arduous. A careless, both of them I am afraid that we should have to die in the hands of Li Chun original. <

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