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September 10 [Mon], 2012, 12:00

Lu Fei side playing is fun, the real dragon tyrant like a duck to water, strong offensive extremely overbearing, but Fang Jiuding Dragon is getting scared. Jiuding Dragon originally also can rely on the experience and strong gas warfare slight advantage, however, after they speak, dozens of trick opponents tactics increasingly subtle, increasingly fierce offensive, when his shot often upper hand in the other, always binding the hands, a pair of viper sting Jaya is no longer the first clever, even gradually fell under the wind. Several interest rates between the two sides dragged his exhausted body has battled more than fifty rounds, Lu Fei vindictive really shabu freely release, support the wearer really offensive Longba Jiuding Shenlong continue the absorption of Jiuding Nei Zizi constantly vindictive heart at ease breathing gateway has come and gone, like a huge grudge cave pool Ding vindictiveness, the output speed could not keep on Jiuding Dragon the grudge consumption speed. At this moment, Jinmang black light at war to the most critical moment, a real dragon tyrants wrong body wound, close to the opponent, immediately display their fighting skills, tightly wrapped around the tall body Jiuding Dragon UGG Desoto Boots, the more wrapped more tightly Jiuding Dragon hands with from the mighty King Mount, constantly bombarding the body in the real dragon tyrant, Xuepentaikou opened, looked hideous roar intertwined, whose voice has been too close to call, to wear gold cracked stone Longxiao Dragons, At this moment even more piercing, hysterical. Lu Fei feel the whole body bursts of pain came. The grudge Jinmang With Jiuding Dragon body was Jinmang real dragon tyrant Chande subsided many, who Jinmang piece of flashing, flashed sometimes Leiguang, sometimes annihilation, want pushed vindictive been difficult incomparable, whole body distribution of Jiuding Dragon the passage of time, the original direct sharp Jinmang has less lot kind of hint of warm Jinmang emerge from time to time, the Jiuding Shenlong look looked find any Jiuding Dragon, after all, but the entity Shenlong, in some After the contest, although the scratches and bruises, but not to the state of dying. The paste it hand [wzdff playing group] the darkened Jingmang the other hand, the great body of true Longba whole body is also darkened many. The quintana Golden body gradually becomes transparent, Lu Fei vindictive continued signal, real dragon tyrants anywhere because grudge unsustainable The situation becomes increasingly anxious, urgent. Lu Fei moment intend Jiuding Dragon defeated before dissipating real dragon tyrant, it now appears, is forced to whom, is the only viable move! The tear, issue a cry pain roar of sound that really Longba sky and Dragons, but the body increasingly wound tight, contracting, the worst result is a crash and burn, when Lu Fei intended, has been done in the real dragon tyrant this preparation. Vindictive body finally into a very heavy blow, localized explosion, broke out in a burst of gorgeous black Jingmang looked whole body is so vast and majestic, magnificent. Dragons into the skies, the huge real dragon body violently exploded off black Jingmang covering everything. At this moment, the presence of the the vindictive spirit come unrivaled outbreak from hundreds of Zhang Yuan Lu Fei hearts GeDeng brow fierce bear stunned looked earth-shattering war, mighty grudge projection is so amazing This is the real dragon tyrant cracking Gong inspire the true strength of it? Lu Fei stunned at the same time, the underground passage did not even ready at the moment of the dragon, ah, earlier several interest-Lu Fei hearts lingering haze% doubts. No one thought the real dragon tyrant left last flac. Lu Fei, fear of color watching it explode to tyrants, Double Vision with a full heart are hop, then intense continuous fluctuations, eyelids four eyes firmly fixed Ssangyong body in midair, the original Jijin the flying moves the hands and feet is not autonomous stopped. [Wzdff paste right hand playing group] Jiuding Dragon severe wheezing, really Longba body still dissipate, but they did not give up entangled. Lu Fei mind wonder, under the stunned expression, Jiuding Dragon decided to the spent force true Longba initiated under the last blow, destroying xin strike, imprisoned in a body that must be the complete elimination of real dragon vindictive wound, Jiuding Dragon eagerly shouts, that golden light and increasingly weak the dark Jingmang down again, interwoven with, just Jinmang the time reverse osmosis! For a time, just like the collision of fire and water, life and death choices, both of this war have resorted to all the stops. Not yet before the outbreak, the fluctuations in the vast and cleaned up the vindictive spirit come to pass and slid out to this vindictive fluctuations at the intersection of the two focal center, layers shed from near and far, that hard but some loose Dragonscale heavy grudge clouds, and sometimes like layer of tulle touched they break Huifei like Gone with the Wind out midair sound like a leisurely away guzheng tone. From afar, the whole scene seems to put a boulder in a calm lake, sparking giant Shu Zhang, surging toward all directions sadistic swept through Dragonscale debris filled the sand, the momentum of the vast, Effort Missing Piece, no ripples, only giant but lingers. Lu Fei has gone to the very distant shock not scattered apart again unconsciously many back aghast watching that fierce fighting with both sides. Lu Fei doubts haunted with the tilt of the situation, the more heavy, at this critical moment, his fighting skills have been unable to play, said no grudge to be able to display their fighting skills, confused and shocked coexist, anxiety and anticipation from the same. Dragons deafening roar again and again, wearing gold crack stone, blood crest, mid-air, accompanied by intense golden Black Mountain broke out in a road crash projection out Leiguang Lightning, Thunder Voice, crashing in Kowloon Shending in again and again broke out, the chaos of the world seemed to be the beginning of opening the general piece ancient forest, that beast within range of a radius of hundreds of birds, set to be this vast momentum appalled, shivering, in addition to the run, even the sound of time, even if the issue has also been deafening clap of thunder sound to drown ... a split that dark Jingmang suddenly stop beating heart beneath Lu Fei whom fierce one tight pupil whom contraction, shock watching mid-air. Lu Fei suck down a cold lump, knowing that the next moment will blow to the arrival of a seminal, in front of all of this as if the mountain wind in the full House before the storm Men's North Face 2 In 1 Sale, as if the silence of the volcano in the outbreak before the moment of silence. In front of the sound but for the next moment to do under the bedding, just really Longba under the will counter-attack? the earth tremble, it seems that the whole chaotic world tremble general, Ssangyong bottom Lu Fei moment like in the hurricane being in general, such as the sea, which leaves the ups and downs of the boat at any time giant devouring possible. Loud explosion sound came again, accompanied by angry Longxiao, long Dragons, the ground was the aftermath and petty vindictive moment like The Searchers rolled off the tripod within a radius of several vindictive are jumping up explosion after the collision as if to boom broken Zhefan tripod in the chaotic world in general. The sound of explosions thundered North Face Triclimate Sale, the Jiuding Shenlong angry roaring sound came, the original, even this loud explosions Jiuding Dragon's voice nor can conceal. Mid-air, sharp rang constantly, that whether it is the Kowloon Shending vast space to withstand the destruction of Juli began rift? In turn accompanied rang? Watching this collision distance Dai Li Lu Fei moment are unbearable, the heart bile splitting the more, even though long known that this Ssangyong Ssangyong wrangle must be earth-shattering, so early on to avoid the few Baizhang outside But this time it is stunned to find that the original return was not enough, true Longba Lu Fei's safety has been unable to take into account the moment, it is now also in the final struggle, Lu Fei's life and death to look at his own good luck ...... that swept the sky grudge sand like storms generally overwhelming tilt from Lu Fei, though they are not a weak person repair on the outside are talented amazing, few rival the person, but also have a God of War 's qualification, but at the moment in front of these vindictive sand flow strength, but did not dare say able to gear down the moment are generally crazy in front of vindictiveness to gather up a Road enchantment to life, tightly defensive with this At the same time, the body quickly receded, Lu Fei from sluggish to react, was speed, but as flash floods grudge gravel before coming general seem is so trivial, but a moment's circumstances, and is caught, that round after round of vindictiveness the grudge Enchantment forged fragile in the face of sky vindictive gravel roaring force struggling to but blink rupture. Kowloon Shending want to split it? Lu Fei worried that she could not carry this offensive, worried about the real dragon tyrants are able to reverse the situation, also will not worry about this artifact Kowloon Shending unharmed ... Lu Fei slightly distracted, dangerous come Bailey Button Krinkle UGG, break out of true Jiuding Dragon the Longba wound, drilling into the sky vindictive gravel toward Lv Feifei will come, Jiuding Dragon oncoming fast and extremely Lu Fei only saw a streamer from the sky flashed, the a Xuepentaikou has visit head, after Jiuding Dragon Wars has a grudge lack Lu Fei, there are still a lot of advantages, vindictive gravel through the sky power and influence, impact, Lu Fei in a disadvantage position still be able to feel the pair bloom exudes Jinmang Alondra Sensen chill ......

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