fell into the sea .This is the sea

September 15 [Sat], 2012, 17:48
The sea is matchlessly clean blue sea ,smooth as water ,occasional breeze ,as thousands of finest small scale-like ripple ,appear to be blue ,but sunshine ,but a blinding light ,and pieces such as fish flash, this has been the blue water, even the cotton into the sky .
Lu Yuan stopped ,fell into the sea .This is the sea !In the South China Sea sword memory of the sea .After a while ,the wind blows ,to tide ,strong tides ,waves and waves ,a row of white flowers with white gas foam spray ,rushed to the high bank ,towards the direction to the potential impact ,such as thousands of horses at a gallop ,instantly became a raging sea the pole of the battlefield .
A sharp wind into bugle, kept the howling ,tens of millions of pounds of the stone, in such waves hit ,also vaguely instability .This tide, and the magnificent two characters ,no matter what is used to look at scenery ,than not .
Lu Yuan sitting there ,watching it slowly ,even to join into one, feel the sea blows .At the same time ,also in the back of the sea sword impression .Pneumatic tide ,with most of the day ,finally ,wind ,tidal dissipation ,also in the evening .
The western sky ,burning red evening sun, each wave of each row of blows over time, the light at the top, red and bright, is the burning flame ,surging .Finally ,the sun ,moon ,orthochromatic come .
In the moon silver sway ,the night wind is so light, with a slightly awake gas ,the sea had entered the sleeping in general ,only occasionally wave tide surge on the shore .Lu Yuan is feeling at every moment .
Sea sea sea gentle ,warm ,the raging sea ,terror ,the beauty of the sea ,the sea of everything .Not natural ,Lu Yuan also lost to them .Such beauty ,when have a tall drink ,almost unconscious raised his wine gourd .
But I do not know how long after ,Lu Yuan come very naturally understand sea sword meaning what .Three thousand Miyuki Avenue ,intention, that is inclusive .The universe ,tolerance .Sea of swords ,it is rather difficult to pass a sword ,especially for the volume is not the person is hard to pole .
Lu Yuan volume has been fairly large ,plus won the South sword some memory ,understanding for sea abundance ,so at this point, looked at the endlessly vast sea ,realize the sea sword .
Lu Yuanyi turned the hand ,nourishing my sword from its scabbard ,not the sword ,but the hands of dedicated hot sword ,and the sword at the same time, dancing ,and the sea ,and the sea ,and the sea ,looking at the moon ,waved to raise my sword .
Moonlight on the spring river ,sea moon tide living .The sun and the moon trip ,if one out ,Xinghan brilliant ,if its in .Also I do not know how long after ,Lu Yuancai returned to consciousness Sale UGG Evera,and the consciousness of formal split apart .
However ,Lu Yuan also pondering, the sea itself ,will not have consciousness ,the earth itself ,will not have consciousness .Moment lost ,drink a mouthful of drink ,Lu Yuan thought, he would now have a lot to the sword ,that is the sword of wind ,rain cloud sword ,sword ,twilight sword ,fast sword ,the sword ,the sword of wood karen millen clearance outlet,the sword of water ,fire sword ,Tsuchino sword ,the sword of snow ,ice sword ,the sword ,a total of thirteen kinds of sword .
And among them ,belonging to the water sword to have six kinds, respectively is the cloud ,rain ,water ,snow ,ice ,the sea .It seems ,to water the kendo ,also not too far .The five emperor reincarnation Kendo ,is Yan founder life crystal ,he could soon learns, is only slowly practicing .
Now ,has made the sword of the ocean ,the purpose of the trip was to ,it is not necessary and the South China Sea in the South China Sea ,the Xian Lu Yuan without much interest ,forget it ,collect a seaside wine ,he can return to Huashan .
There is no doubt that ,in the South China Sea, here is most famous wine is the South China Sea stuffed ,stuffed the South China Sea ,degree is not high ,deep blue ,gently shake ,as the sea of blue ,a go ,some sea water inside .
In addition ,there are ten sea wine ,ten sea wine is to take ten kinds of marine animals and plants into the wine to wine ,some hippocampal ,sea snakes, seals ,sea lions ,Caspian ,fur seals ,sea ,sea dragon ,sheep ,sea bird ,a total of ten ,finally to the sea birds as a point clear of pen ,this wine taste very strong ,full of the South China Sea man passion .
Lu Yuan hit South China Brewing two hundred jins, two hundred jins fought ten sea wine .Later ,estimation of rare to the South China Sea, the South China Sea is not playing some local wine ,that is not his style .
These completed, Lu Yuan sword straight to Huashan where .From the mountain so long ,and hill .-- -- -- a sword flying road ,between the clouds .The clouds or thin or thick, or poly or casual .
Lu Yuan Royal white sword in the light of which, does not appear .A fly over, there are almost anything ,or a time of national peace and order to the .It seems ,yuan country ,ground of demons, these effects for days ,not yet appear ,once gone ,says the way has no ability to control the entire Jin ,is a terrorist .
Try not to let troubled times ,Lu Yuan in the mind set ,dark passage ,a now gone ,life like grass .My right man ,immortal chivalrous swordsman who, as the immortal chivalrous ,also want to do a force .
Naturally ,only can be the basis to try to ,if the thing can Lu Yuan ,to nature, to also will leave for a moment .In this thought ,appeared in front of a lofty mountain ,the highest mountain ,chop the sky North Face Womens Apex Bionic Jacket, earth up ,climbing up, do not know a few miles radius .
And to Huashan .Finally back in Huashan .This time from Huashan to leave ,for a long time ,when leaving Huashan, he is immortal double ,then back to Huashan, have long five ,while the middle span of time but also some big ,through regional ,foot of hundreds of thousands of miles away ,he did not have to walk a long way ,such a long trip .
This period of travel ,finally ending .Heaved a long sigh .Finally back in Huashan .When outside of Huashan ,to determine his identity ,in Huashan to protect hill large array of infinite ban light ,to the north peak time, filled with emotion ,every tree and bush in Huashan ,are so memorable ,quickly arrived at the Changchun Changchun home ,back home ,Changchun centered not disgraceful ,apparently have been cleaning .
Lu Yuan with a sound ,returns to his room, the room is not big ,and the original is as like as two peas ,a table and a chair was moved to the position ,will carry on with the nourishing my sword and Yuefeng town sword hangs on the wall, there is a Changhong sword .
Only in Changchun house ,can be truly enjoyable, sword hanging on the walls ,at other times, is to go to bed, the sword is placed in the pillow .To not Lu Yuan special alert ,but here are so do .
Lu Yuantang is in bed ,this Chuangkuan is five feet long ,six feet ,lying in the bed ,familiar and relaxed .Land Yuanshen a stretch .m back ,in changchun . Soon fall asleep ,sleep here, than the other places to sleep more comfortable .
It woke up ,simply wash one time, went to an important place ,it is the master cemetery .In the north there is a cemetery ,the cemetery ,I do not know how many tomb ,Lu Yuan brought some wine to the cemetery there .
Huashan ninth generation old sword immortal Lee Yuanbai tomb North Face Denali Fleece Hoodie Jacket Sale, Huashan ninth generation old sword immortal wife Li Zhou tomb master exactly two people the tomb together ,exactly had already stood here ,and the teacher ,is the compliance of the life in here ,must master here ,energy and exactly together ,should be quite comfortable .
In front of the tomb ,there have been long grass .Lu Yuan a finger ,hand has its own energy ,the tomb of chaos weeds .Hand turn, will bring the meat ,put in the grave master exactly .
Master, I know you have been too comfortable for me, rest assured the master ,I have reached the longevity five practice ,most are two mana ,can be offset against Sima white ,who don .
Lu Yuan hand-moving ,poured a glass of wine in the master .This tour ,day for a long time ,so long to come back ,to the tomb to master nature .... ... Lu Yuan with nourishing my ,Yuefeng town Erjian ,wearing hats ,in the north around UGG Kona Boots,decided to find a place to rest ,sleep in the north ,sleeping on the grass at the clouds drink, is Lu Yuan is the most easy thing ,but still did not find the place, but was passed on to the moderate and vegetarian to them .
Moderate and vegetarian ,Yuan Yuan people have been sitting there ,Qingcheng Mountain League for the past, Yuan Yuan people look to Lu Yuan : this time, is for you to prepare a thing .
For one thing ? Lu Yuan asked .Yes. Yuan Yuan people nodded : after a while ,should be the central Chinese people came to Huashan ,to test our fairy door ,is it right? Can rise to large fairy door .
Yuan Yuan people laughed : had moderate fairy door ,good fairy door ,large fairy door ,are central to Chinese people to determine ,in Yan happy time, to Ungyeonshi Ber Huashan fairy door into a large fairy door has no interest in him ,but now he wants more power of Chu ,Yan him in our heart ,only doing something ,for example ,Huashan into a large fairy door .
fairy door lifting for large fairy door ,is the need of a variety of conditions ,including on the younger generation of examination ,it is a natural need for you . Yuan Yuan people said .
No problem . Lu Yuan nodded .Although the good fairy door lifting for large fairy door ,land element itself is not too concerned about ,but Chu head down himself commanded ,do our best ,after all, he is now the head of a door ,the lord .
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