he kept beard Deng Yanjing towards Adon

September 16 [Sun], 2012, 17:07

Qinzei mind PAN Xiao Wei Recommended: If the cold source: He moved into Jinyuan district next morning, discovered his bike was gone, he decided to buy an electric bike, the next day to find how to open the lock! Being anxious, a middle-aged dumb ran up fiercely pushed his hands grab his electric bike! Adon had a fire in my belly and no place to Caesar, to see that the the importune dumb fire, he is a dumb will push a stagger, dumb jumped up with him desperately. Are wrangling, a young man rushed to Lycra Adon stop: one looked, from time! That new electric cars are still top of the stairs stood it! This thing passed, dumb and he forged a he would stay away. Adon anger Qiqiaoshengyan to seek explanation, he was arguing with the doorman, property, happens dumb joined in the fun. He pulled Adon hold in his mouth and Adon could bear, brutally kicked him,Buy Womens North Face Shoes, and then went straight home. Ah East determination Qinzei the good ideas he came up with a The next day,Kids UGG Roxy Short Outlet, he was to buy an electric car, still on Lou Daokou after work, turn off the lights early in the evening, through the curtains sewn a stared Buzha at new car, one hand tightly holding a stick, everything is ready, just waiting for the thief car theft. Hateful car thieves do not Night from 7:30 to half past eleven, Adon eyes are afraid to blink, the thief is not. Adon was wondering - Do car thieves are so picky, but also Legitimate when Adon decided to give up the fishing action hurtles Adong like like a small whirlwind rushed downstairs, holding the stick when the submachine gun: ah! Use a flashlight, you Road car thieves who? A residential property management director Liu,North Face Womens Denali Jacket, a dumb! All people are stunned that dumb would be more exciting, he kept beard Deng Yanjing towards Adon! Director Liu did not explain, and waved his hand, and took Adon toward the parking shed not far walked toward the big guy. Adon mouth fell open in surprise: he had lost bicycles and electric bicycles in the parking shed! Director Liu unlock the Been enthusiastic dumb as the the residential parking shed obligations administrator. Two weeks ago, Adon moved here to live, he was like in rural bike anywhere without being prosecuted. For security purposes,Karen Millen Solid Dresses, dumb Adong bike moved to the shed. Adon know what that car is lost, nothing immediately to buy electric bicycles, and still parking chaos. Dumb kindly electric bicycles and moved into the carport, East to the carport recognized the car and then want to Laramie, Adon met him on the hide, also beat him. Night of dumb see Adon and buy a new car and still parking chaos, and my heart is more anxious to find the middle of the night, he the Director Liu gestures to explain what was going on, the new car and then decided to pull the parking shed, directly to the next day Adong ...... things clear, the Adong face has been red to the roots of his neck. Then the dumb smile
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