heart against the trachea there

September 08 [Sat], 2012, 16:25
Theroad to happiness is very beautiful very simple composition 600 characters have numerous individual asked me to do so ,if you are happy ,you regret it ,I always smiling without a word ,and my heart has already answered the question I am very happy, the way of their choice for many pain I also happy ,for me.
Road flat, I won .On artistic path as decreed by fate ,I would learn to dance ,painting ,but then I my heart that I not like just for ten years old promise I will stand on the stage to let all of you for i ovation I care about all the people around, but they don me, I can only secretly in the heart cry ,I pay them just naughty children attention getting a way ,and I am afraid that naughty child ,I hate this kind of no return to pay, so I made this promise .
This is a hard way to go ,when I choose art by all opposition ,I would say the way you let me choose ,even now I really like dance ,I will not forget my promise ,there are those of you never know this is the first time I so pain and speak to them ,Karen Millen Dress 2012 Sale,perhaps regret it, finally I have got one to embark on a search for artistic inspiration journey .
At the beginning, very tired ,but I gradually found that this is actually a kind of fun, I fell in love with it ,I don ,no longer regret my decision ,I finally found my happiness ,even if everyone thinks every day so hard I was very unhappy ,but ,I finally found myself ,this time ,I would study for others ,for others and work ,I only for himself, to be happy yourself .
Happiness is everywhere ,but we have to savor carefully ,like me, I thought I would forever to others and do every thing ,but paid no attention to me to those not worth mentioning .Give up that had a dream of myself ,but I was lucky ,at last ,I won my happiness ,Womens North Face Vest,I think ,how many people can not find their own happiness, there are many people for those not important to give up their ideals ,I hope ,all the people can be happy, this is a world of love .
Happy and in love, you need to seek out ,it has been waiting for you to find happiness ,and this road ,actually very beautiful, but it is more simple .About happy composition 300 characters .
There are a lot of things ,but I think skating the most happy .Today ,my brother and I went to the square ,a look ,not too many people .The square has little friends in skating .Look! They are playing happily !There is a big brother skating skills high ,while normal slip ,a slide ,a suddenly raise one leg ,with a leg brace, stood on one leg .
Sometimes moves leisurely ,like flowing curves from people passing ,and quickly ran ,as an arrow, and then to a stop brake .Is really great and !Over a five or six year old boy ,level also .
Move freely graceful ,easy ,almost like a figure skater .I stared ,some beginners ,also cannot leave the parents help .Some slip a few steps ,fell ,apparently for beginners .After a while ,I come back to, think of their own to slide .
My brother and I wear skate shoes ,stand up .We stood up and began to slip, after all we are a veteran !Although we are old ,but we never learned patterns, will gallop .My brother and I hand in hand with the slide .
The ground was quickly we slid .I didn catch the steep land slide ,I tried ,I found that as long as you quickly slide would not fall .We slip over the steep ground .Suddenly ,I saw a downhill path ,I would like to try some real self smooth taste ,stopped in the downhill road ,ha ha !Do not move too and my normal speed .
Skating is really happy today .About happy composition 300 characters happy National Day arrived ,in this day, my cousin and I ,Puma Speed Cat Big Shoes,brother and uncle go mountaineering .= WWW.t262.com road up the mountain is not very difficult to walk .
But ,come back is very difficult to go .We in the mountain trail difficult walking .The side of the road on top is very steep ,the other side is the abyss ,as will accidentally fall to fall .
We trudge about an hour, he saw a spectacular waterfall .This waterfall is like a soft silk ribbon hanging in the cliff .I can thinking of the Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai to write Mount Lu falls in such a poem :three thousand feet down ,suspected Galaxy nine days off .
We next to the waterfall trail climbs along the Creek Falls ,upstream ,at this time but saw more strange beauty :many of the silver falls together ,like a fairy with ribbon dress but ribbon litter .
We continue to climb ,also saw a goods font waterfall .He is above a waterfall flowing down a small pool ,small pool is divided into two flow falls down .You say ,the waterfall model is it right? Like a character ?We played for a while, from the home falls road laughing and talking to go home .
This national day time to mountain climbing ,not only watch the magnificent waterfalls ,and physical exercise ,exercise a strong will ,is really too ah !About happy composition 200 characters today ,my mother took me and my brother to play against us .
I got there a look inside ,huge crowds of people .My mother bought a packet queue token for my brother and me .We start to play the pirate ship .There are a few small friends call, someone drew a 500, the highest number of votes but he drew .
My brother and I a cast of two coins, respectively is the No. 111 and No. 1 ,no ,we are not playing .And then we will go to play the hens lay eggs ,gets a lot of votes ,changed the eraser and balloons ,today is really rich and colorful !About happy composition 400 characters a few weeks ago ,the school held a sports meeting, which is filled with a happy event .
This time competition project :basketball football relay ,relay ,100 meters relay and broadcast gymnastics competition .Is the best football relay .The race began ,we cheer carrying gas tool ,snare drum ,small cymbals ,bass drum filling board came to the venue ,all participating players are the last practice ,along with the arrival of the game, I not by tension ,heart against the trachea there, take my breath away .
Because football is not the strengths of our class ,I think this is likely to be the last one .The beginning of the game, we have classes Li Cheng opened a good head ,cheap north face,he played very well ,the ball at his feet like a good baby, he was playing in the legs .
He played so freely, the posture ,like in the grasslands of jogging, so natural and unrestrained ,let a person can him in the game .This makes me not so nervous, I tried to cheer for him .
This scene is very busy ,for each class of the cheerleaders are devised many curious methods for contestants to refuel, some good use sand hammer rustling to gas ,some with thick cardboard to make eye-catching gas brand ,and to the canteen to buy air hammer ,whistle ,balloons and other hard dance for yourself classes of players filling .
The students cheering merged into a motivating players forward march ,make the welkin ring .The end of the game ,we surprisingly won second place ,UGG Tularosa Lace-up Boots,I am happy for them ,but I want to tell them: whether they win the championship ,they are the best ,the position is not the most important ,it is important to make class more unity through the game .
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