but they can not directly deal with the Chinese

September 22 [Sat], 2012, 12:52
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: North Face Women's Windstopper Clearance, relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultLee from innocent is double ,Wuhan base and base of Zhanjiang of first phase project at the same time completion ,Wuhan base has reached an annual output of ten million tons of levels ,Zhanjiang base also has an annual output of eight million tons ,and according to the Li Ming report after one month to complete the two phase of the project ,three months can be completed ,after all, base facilities have been completed The North Face Men's Gore Tex, to wait for the energy conversion machine of production problems ,now without state support the factory could not for their own production ,only the number of civilian enterprises ,speed up the natural two base rate cannot be put on a par with ,Wuhan base share basically is catchment of the Yangtse River to eat carry out the basic ,the possibility of little ,Zhanjiang base was built on one half of the shares sold out ,the other half of the instructions of the central Hongkong Macao comprehensive supply ,make petrifaction relies on the monopoly and energy supply .
( read the novel to the vertex novel network www.23us.com ) but God destined Li from today have third Hi ,just had tens of thousands of dollars worth of lunch Lee from just had a phone call from Buffett ,Lee from the recent very like to hear Buffett ,but like most is the sound represented by the content ,this time.
More happy ,because Lee from already owns a six percent stake in Bank of Fuji ,Fuji Bank is one of the top ten shareholders ,the transaction had just completed ,this information can be estimated tomorrow published in China Internet portals, Sohu with the new wave of new questions have been to Buffett desktop new world hand in hand the United States of America legend Warren in the Fuji Bank ,Lee from is also very like the subject ,small Japan ,finally I rode you when, as a young cynic is no other thing can be substituted ,think of there are so many Japanese will put money into their own here very excitement .
Pete received his phone immediately went to Buffett financing ,it was friendly fire ,one family does not recognize one family ah ,how to get their own money to combat with ourselves ,but Buffett did not leak ,even Pete and his son back together ,just move the money to help Pete the family took the ten percent of the shares ,and Buffett quickly visit Pete father ,asking him to return the money, if not only take the Fuji bank debt, Pete family in the United States is also a local family ,but like Buffett financial big alligator or bad too far ,say Buffett is also out of $five hundred million.
Price ,just one hand only, need not to offend Buffett ,so Buffett spent $five billion five hundred million to the acquisition of the ten percent stake, did not cause the Fuji Bank vigilance ,owns a twelve percent stake in Fuji Bank became the third largest shareholder ,owning the rights to the convening of the board of directors ,this time Buffett finally no longer dive ,some small shareholders are that it is all up with Yasuda ,his son-in-law had betrayed him ,oneself What to still wait for ,have like Buffett sell your own company ,soon ,Buffett with very little capital became Fuji Bank Mr.
Yasuda from Fuji Bank board chairman ,by Buffett agents to serve as the first step ,more beautiful than expected to complete ,Yasuda Suke Pete brings Buffett a golden opportunity ,don is it right? God to take care of Li Conggen Buffett .
To hear Buffett and Chinese energy group in the Fuji Bank ,Fuji bank stocks soared on news ten percent ,earned billions ,also became Fuji Bank ,actual strength not Yasuda but very reluctantly sold his own the remaining ten percent stake ,to get the money Yasuda went to the United States pension ,he did also in retaliation for those in their difficult time did not help his lotus consortium bigwigs ,and since have invite wolves into the house ,just as do the thorough, simply put all to Buffett ,after the Japanese financial community was Buffett the old fox, you can earn money ?Hibiscus consortium has realized his mistake ,but this mistake has been irreparable ,along with Yasuda contract signing ,Buffett and Lee from Fuji Bank has become the largest shareholder ,and has thirty-four percent of the absolute superiority ,hibiscus consortium was only a loose alliance property rights ,is not directly to the company make some instructions ,the Japanese financial as Americans or play too tender .
News on the climb out of government for the acquisition ,Li Cong also agreed ,after all, history has a Chinese businessman can do another large national bank deputy directors ,and people are very happy ,but the Japanese do not think so, they can tolerate the Americans in their head shit ,but Chinese absolutely not ,but they can not directly deal with the Chinese ,because the Chinese is standing on the Americans behind ,only knocked the teeth of their own stomach .
But Buffett pace did not stop ,in a high-interest loan to Fuji Bank ,Fuji Bank started in the Japanese takeover plans ,hibiscus consortium within the bulk of backbone enterprises in the purchase list, because membership of a consortium will more or less to know some insider ,a stranger came in to take things is a thief kids north face down jackets Sale,but a family member is not the same ,Buffett is the name of this banner began his monstrous .
This several day Lee from being good news for Buffett have been bombarded with some of the scalp ,basically has no joy ,this old guy too will do business ,the average weekly himself would serve as a new Japanese corporate directors ,if their job is written down ,estimates A4 print the paper will have a good few .
Think about it ,so happy . Li Cong was giggling to see her sister came in Timberland Men's Splitrock Boots,this office can come in without knocking on so few people . Oh ,no ,you have what thing ?You look so happy ,it is my niece ? Li Congkai said ,see ,the mood is good sister .
Shut your mouth ,I find you are the business ,with our two major Petrochemical Corporation gas station cooperation plan was the Ministry of Commerce of the impeachment ,cutting our energy group out of retail industry ,retail energy industry ,the two groups will respectively make up us seven billion five hundred million RMB with nine billion yuan .
If previously Lee from sure to us ,to improve the visibility of the group ,the state will let myself out of the retail enterprise ,but it does not matter ,do not do it, it seems the country with their own ideas are the same ,only their own pipe production ,retail things or the group of two .
Compensation is also good ,after all ,he didn ,it is white . Surprise ,a country can not make our group was too strong ,after the company development way I think we exit some countries do not want our development ,our main create some don ,but the enormous influence of the project ,sister of your opinion ? Li Congyou the idea is not a day for two days ,but still have to ask the company number two .
You think I know that ,but we now idle money a lot, I think we should set up a charitable foundation ,the community to make something ,to enhance the image of our company is very important North Face 2 In 1 Womens Jackets Clearance, and I let the Propaganda Department has formulated some classified advertising program ,this huge publicity plan you the eyes have a look ,to funding and are quite broad, I think this plan after the completion of our company in the country improved greatly a grade .
Li Yan said to a plan to Lee from Li Congqian ,if this file, estimation of the at least half of the people know him with energy group .( read the novel to the vertex novel network www.
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