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September 15 [Sat], 2012, 17:12
> thirty-four years Jiajing the ninth in August ,for seven days service clique ,this is a memorable day ,because they will take part in a decided the fate of the examination ,the future is the official is the people ,will hang upon this single action .
WWw.qUANbEn.CoM if not ,have to wait three years again .No one wants to be delayed for three years ,so they both shizaibide !Last night, all day black back to their house ,agreed today Chou period end carved up, a time ,the night clerk was in turn knocked at the door ,put seven men called up .
To call up iron adults ,not knock, the door will automatically open ,just listen to it I get up early . Stand with the lantern light, we see the silence wearing jade square ,wearing a maroon loose robes ,foot foundation soap boots ,dress is neat ,is .
.. ... Forgot to wear a belt .See iron eyes rest in his waist ,silence unconsciously touch red ,he said: what are you looking at . He slammed a sound to shut the door ,almost stand nose to the crowding out .
An iron with silent for so long ,never see adults rarely everything in good order and well arranged ,he is so nervous .Further out, silence and tied the belt ,angry glares at him : is a secret .
Iron quickly nodded: secret ,secret . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ went to the hall ,already have a desk light and nutritious diet ,top a pair of black rim of the eye of Tao Yuchen have been sitting there ,very honest and said: I had insomnia, but also very excited .
Silence is not that he is killed ,only very general demeanor he nodded : before them ,along with eating . He kowtowed an egg ,the peel to be absent-minded .Tao Yuchen scoop a bowl of rice porridge ,with little pickles ,eat together ,he caught a glimpse of silence has put the eggs stripped leaving the egg yolk ,busy kindly reminded : brother, the egg white is stripped .
Silent calm : the egg white no nutrition ,today I only eat egg yolk . Tao Yuchen to admire extremely admire ,I admire his skin or what .After a while ,the sun came in two brothers ,who is also a face gaunt ,sun to his brother to scoop up a bowl of noodles .
See the sun collar sit n keep homes .Tao Yuchen smiled and asked : what, did not sleep well? Me and my big brother ,snore . Sun Ting blue pick a bowl of noodles road . Your teeth, but also fart .
Sun took a puff ,tickling a bite . ... ... Sun Tinggang took a noodle into the mouth ,then spit back the original road ,made Tao Yuchen laugh . How, nervous ? The Dashou and Xu Wei ,they live in a house ,also entered together ,Xu Wei sat in the sun collar side ,side to help him along ,and hey hey laugh : it does not matter ,a retrogradation ,two time friends ,next time do not tense .
Sun Ting was getting better ,I a violent coughing ,angry : mother killed a spare legs of the inverted Road West ,early in the morning will not say it ? A worried, even the dialect are brought out .
Xu Wei hey smiled and said: I tell you the truth ,you see the little the test once like many, like I was three again ,can be considered the examination without, not nervous . The Dashou smiled and said : yes ,the evening is one night eight .
Xu Wei old head of a red road: all ,you fell asleep. Don know what I . I . The Dashou forced smile: just a little sleep ,you get up ,have more sleep ,you get up .Make me all night ,lying there is no sleep ,brain kernel buzzing .
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ see everybody as nervous ,Buy Womens North Face Shirts,Tao Yuchen has said : to say it is Junze brother ,people from lying down on snoring ,sleep it a sweet ,call call up .
He told Wu Duiyi rooms to lodgers ,high evaluation .They feel a heartfelt admiration : we might as well Junze brother ... ... But he is able to sleep it, how not to get up ? Until we finished eating, Wu Duicai appeared ,beyond all expectations ,the man was very poor ,if not sleep at night ,but carrying two hundred kg bag around the city of Hangzhou ,running in a circle like .
Tao Yuchen strange : you sleep well ?How look worse than us ? Hey ,don ,had slept began after the dream . Wu Dui unlimited depressing: has got nine days and six nights ,you say I can not tired ? They laughed in a ball .
See everyone in their own ,Wu against the three two drink porridge ,then put on some eggs ,UGG Neema Sale,stood up and said: let ! They would take their respective test box ,divided by two carriages, to the east of it .
Each car car ,hang Hangzhou provincial Lantern ,today the city under martial law ,did not hang the lantern sedan ,is not Shangjie .It was last night short ,when the street is located in the East ,it was daybreak .
This reached is fastidious ,because at this time the are located in the East ,Oriental civilization meaning,northface cheap, this point is also called Oriental twilight ,paper and micro agree ,is time and location consistency .
The car driver will get a reward ,silent although don but also love good luck ,rewards driver, it continues .The clerk who helped to set the test box moved to the street, wearing bright red livery was restrained ,each person can only bring one back in, help to carry the luggage ,waiting for admission to wait, this is also the significance .
Shen An seven more ,with baggage ,carrying heavy test box ,and in silence seven back ,across the street, to the Great Square in front of .The square area of about two ,it is usually a bustling bazaar ,silent with a brute to buy anything .
Of course, the original designers ,certainly not let the door be a vendor ,but to the candidate set for .Silence four looked, saw in the square on the left and right sides ,each having a magnificent church, the left arch reads components two characters ,the right to write Phoenix ,the front also has a church, inscribed with opening day transported four characters .
Go to the north side of the square ,and seeing both sides of the back of the church ,wrote via take person for the press four characters ... ... This is not to be a vendor places here .
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Gongyuan ride north to south ,left and right three door nature is south, in the middle of the door ,hanging the battle of Hangzhou four black characters of the plaque, inscribed is the famous Liu Ji Liu Bowen .
In the two feet outside the gate ,and a gate ,is a red wooden fence, fence gate opened two ,usually large yamen have this ,to authorized personnel only .Students in this fence door assembly ,silent seven has been famous ,go to where people have to say hello ,there are also many people behind them ,gradually turned into a big ball .
See Tao Yuchen some uncomfortable silence and asked him , how ? Tao Yuchen said : some are not accustomed to . Xu Wei hey smiled: as the Kingsland agency ,will often have a retinue before and behind ,a small ceramic or to get used to it .
Tao Yuchen smiled : look at people much worse ,not how to start? When not to . The Dashou whispered : second before someone came to the door . The students do not have experience, second one, there were three cannon ring ,then has three tones ,the door slowly opened ,finally see Gongyuan in scenery, sentient beings can their breath ,a tight die .
I saw two teams wearing red dress soldiers ,a team with a red flag ,a team with black flag ,from the out, standing in the fence together banner in unison ,and cried out: Yeah ghost into grace ,returns ,ghost into resentment ,Cheap Karen Millen Coat,hatred for .
Let the first time the examinee being at a loss what to do ,look up a kick board ,heart that we have come to the wrong place ?How to start the exorcism ?A knowledgeable candidates down decomposition : called the ghost .
Those who follow the examinee to pay a debt of gratitude grace ghost gathered in red below, and those looking for revenge against the ghost candidates in squatting under a flag .I will put these flags in the end ,the ghosts will come immediately .
.. ... Or has the emperor Wenchang earthquake ,they dare not enter . Talking, two examiners in the same examiners accompanied, appeared in the doorway ,is the examiner named Ruan osprey ,to all the candidates and preaching a : who is who ,not cheating ,otherwise how the hackneyed and stereotyped expressions ,will sink a track : open the door .
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ people slowly into the gate ,the gate go inside ,the door is the instrument .Enter the door after the instrument is Longmen ,and the instrument door between Longmen and students went into the examination room ,is the search channel .
Because the search is very careful ,so time consuming is very long ,so many candidates will not enter the crowds outside in the square ,sit and rest, wait for the sun to rise up ,and hid under the cool wall for .
Silence is found, the walls two feet high ,and covered with thorns ,and later the prison have different approaches but equally satisfactory results is clever ,must use almost .Until two hours, some soldiers out and said: the Shaoxing review .
Silence to follow the stream ,to the front door, Shen cannot go in, silent they carry boxes ,in the .Damn, really like a prison .-- Segmentation -- finished ,hey ,I ask one of the ticket again .
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