nature will not now give birth to what melancholy

September 15 [Sat], 2012, 18:10
Autumn autumn rain melancholy sharen .( vertices novel hands playing the novel ) at this time, was in the late autumn .Mist drizzle ,in Changchun home outside ,weaving a mist of rain ,the distant peaks, near bamboo, in the drizzling rain ,not real .
Corridor, the rain falls on the ground ,spilling a blossoming flower .Distant ,the rain ,the birds flit rapidly .Lu Yuan has not always melancholy and moody man ,nature will not now give birth to what melancholy .
To say Lu Yuan, also be master Li Yuanbai forced him to read some books ,read some poems ,after all, master Li Yuanbai, Confucian classics ,can cultivate people temperament ,Li Yuanbai on the nature of mind quite heavy ,one mind ,other worse, can not all ,what take the train, and the nature difference ,is past hope ,but Li Yuanbai thinks ,the Psalms ,the classics ,can cultivate one temperament .
So ,in the master under pressure, while Lu Yuan quite lazy ,but also forced to read some books of poems ,such as to sprinkle a drizzly rain days ,wash kiyoaki . The rain in autumn wind cold color ,Yan Qingjiang .
The autumn wind and rain as white wave ,failure load .Pinghu in thirty ,passing more sense of autumn . What, what looks pretty good .He is not what can ,nature also know some one mood .
However ,the mood is good what .Still no mouth to eat real .Well ,have to admit ,I was a vulgarian vulgarian ,greatly .Is now the autumn, he is should be considered a ,autumn should eat what .
Eating together, broad and profound .A confused pursuit of hot ,fresh ,salty, these have fallen under the .Really a good diet ,fresh ,spicy ,salty naturally ,but ,also want to eat food original taste ,some roots do not need this to any condiments ,single is its original taste is very delicious ,but ,really good diet, every season ,what to eat ,are pay attention to some of the .
Well, how much ,oneself to not pursue what diet quality road, as long as the taste will be OK, now this fall ,what to eat ?This season ,be neither hot nor cold ,suitable for tonic UGG Men's, which is known as the autumn ,mutton should be quite good ,Lu Yuan thought delicious mutton ,immediately open the appetite .
I don ,first find a mutton slices cooked in hot pot .There are many eat mutton .For example ,pot roast lamb ,mutton ,his most loved is mutton slices cooked in hot pot ,lamb hot pot placed there, lamb with a sword cut ,one piece as thin paper, this is a good role ,the mutton slices cooked in hot pot ,sliced paper thin uniform ,various delicious seasoning ,rinse flesh mellow does not smell of mutton .
... ... It . Use chopsticks to a piece of mutton slices cooked in hot pot ,Lu Yuanmei Mei extremely enjoy, of course ,is the right hand left hand holding a sword ,chopsticks ,the right hand sword reason ,is because there were two chowhound ,two large chowhound ,is a leaf and the Ye Yuan two .
I can not find the two one ,but as long as the delicious one out, is not the two person .The original three people eat good food ,basic to sword fight one time, in the struggle between competing sword fights grab grab food ,then as a result of the three person close UGG Kona,so three people each divided into about three, but now ,three people eat ,natural or use the sword to fight over ,not too bad ,now Lu Yuan fencing has very good ,long leaf square round leaves two people above ,so eat most .
That fair !That fair !Leaf side shouting . Yes ,very unfair . Ye Yuan nodded : how can this be . Nonsense ,who call your sword as my . Lu Yuanke won any feel shy like drawn to like ,three people ,are the same chowhound ,usually eat are Battle Sword to fight for the win : my strongest fencing ,now I call it the reasonable use of their own advantages ,do not understand .
Shameless ah . Cried Ye Fang ,round leaves in its head .But Lu Yuan noodles nature will not fall, for the two friends shameless ,direct didn .At this time, a voice said : your smile is the three .
Lu Yuan looked over ,would not care how, immediate serious one, who is white to gray, master Li Yuanbai ,in any person before Lu Yuan dare a pair of idle like to meet, but the master before, where dare ,master Li Yuanbai is his most respected person : see the master .
Ye Fang and the round leaves two people ,was gay ,now that Li Yuanbai ,nor by the serious ,submissively said: met Li Shibo . Lee Yuanbai smiling watching three people ,three people see is the youth ,Lee Yuanbai extremely valued his disciples to Lu Yuan Lu Yuan, two friends ,nature is love me : don bother me ,this time to come ,and to inform you of one thing ,in the north the misty Valley ,setting out two structures created here ,is a cloud of rabbit ,is a marbled cat ,intend to make you ten true disciples ,to charge ,but only two ,so that to see who can do .
Structures created !Was still laughing Lu Yuan, the heart not by a tight ,on the body has a three cloud spirit rabbit ,know naturally created the role of clouds ,cloud three only spirit rabbit ,basic to his own practice speed double ,double S velocity ,that is what the concept ,it is incredible .
Now ,there cloud animal !Misty Valley ,in the North West Huashan Beifeng above ,is quite famous places, there is supply ,cloud ,piled up the valley .Earlier before they reveal the origin ,such as the cloud is created ,by which the clouds stacked together ,after thousands of years of time ,will produce a beast .
Because of this ,so the structures created, quite rare .Can say ,few poles ,is also rare to the extreme .Beifeng sword immortal is six ,do not many structures created .The structures created, once owned it, only need not feeding ,cloud animal kept throughput structures strength ,can enhance the practicing cloud heart legal practice speed .
Now ,cloud Valley north ,after thousands of years of accumulation, finally out of two structures created ,of course ,the two structures they reveal the attribution is not a good choice, Beifeng six sword immortal et al Sale UGG Fringe Cardy,would like to take the two structures created, to the tenth disciples ,let tenth generation disciples lifting strength ,of course ,the welfare of the ten generation of disciples ,only ten true disciples ,the other disciple ,impossible to have the opportunity ,ten true disciples ,heart law ,swordsmanship ,pills ,and a wide variety of welfare UGG Bailey Button Fancy,are not ordinary disciples than not ,otherwise ,Jima Hiroshi would not attempt to Lu Yuan ten true disciples the position of one ,but ,by Lu Yuan to hit a gray back ,and Sima white ,also be disgraced .
Well, pull back to gossip ,she could hear Li Yuanbai say, Lu Yuan eyes immediately lit up ,leaves and leaf round also immediately eye one bright ,but once the eye is dark down ,they are known from his family UGG Plumdale,two persons in the strength of ten large true disciples ,only at the end ,and this a cloud created only two ,where they share .
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