his right hand be riotous with colour

September 14 [Fri], 2012, 17:49
Cried desperately ,so long ,finally succeeded ... As the body was pressure is more and more small ,Zhou Yulong can finally open because of pressure to close eyes ,looked at Carlos ,said : elder ,I do now ,is it right? Have through homologous enlightenment .
Then ,he waved his right hand be riotous with colour ,a bright light, slowly began to emerge in the palm of his hand .He feel ,these elements are all derived from the jungle ,but he has a strong sense of intimacy .
Even he have sufficient grasp ,if he met the enemy ,and he has the blood of these source general element not only can fight for it, and can even do not hesitate to sacrifice for him .
He counted out ,if according to the homologous technique level to calculate ,he should have reached the homolog three layer .Homolog three layer UGG Fluff Flip Flop Sale,thought of here ,Zhou Yulong is thrilled and look up ,look at Carlos ,hoping that he gives a positive answer .
Because homeobox three layer ,it means you can command the various biological nature for the battle .It for him, is a day of good news .I don know. To Zhou Yulong surprise, Carlos in the first round of the laps, and then down to look at him ,deadpan answered: the prophet in this case ,you are now North Face Backpacks Clearance,I really do not know .
Sorry. Don you see .Carlos to Zhou Yulong momentarily speechless ,he put out around the already weak stress ,then grabbed Carlos ,asked : you see, I can be communicated with nature ,but they can also fight for me .
Such an obvious mark ,you say don by homologous enlightenment ! At this moment ,Zhou Yulong is almost always considered Carlos playing himself .He managed to work through the homologous enlightenment ,can this old monster ,who want to use a don she sent her .
It is inadmissible !I really don known .Zhou Yulong watched in their own right hand grasping the collar ,Carlos frowned ,and said : I somehow is also an old man ,young man ,for I have a little respect .
As his voice down, a far beyond the jungle pressure hundreds of times in the oppressive feeling suddenly makes Zhou Yulong loosened the right hand ,then inverted a crashed into a block of rock .
Mother ,almost forget this million years old strength is much taller than me . From rock struggling ,Zhou Yulong patted his body dust ,then made a face, said : I distinguished predecessors North Face Soft Shell Jackets Sale, was I too reckless .
OK ,I can understand your feelings . And Carlos is not too difficult to talk to, to get Zhou Yulong to apologize, he would no longer pursue .Said : but you now that I really don ,we Muria civilization of tens of thousands of years of history, in your case ,or the first time appears .
??? Hear the words of Carlos ,Zhou Yulong immediately head mark .He pointed to condensing color ball of energy ,said : this is not a natural element of predecessors ,?I clearly already and they established a communication ,then why not through homologous enlightenment .
Your hands element is from nature is good, but don ,you those elements not only you and the establishment of communication ,but also seems to regard you as enemies . Carlos shook his head ,then waved his right hand .
As a light flashed, Zhou Royal Dragon to penton occurs when a ball of light energy .These energy blasts ,and just and his war energy homology and root .They are beside Zhou Yulong .
Not only is not close, but also a kind of ready to attack the desire .If not just in the week Yulong body had a badly, but these elements early on he attacked . This is nothing, just like the world since there is the one who likes you ,he must have hated you .
Some elements like me, hate me some elements ,this is very strange ? Looking around the clouds of hostile elements ,Zhou Yulong suddenly toward its waved ,those elements scared to break up in an uproar .
Subsequently, Zhou Yulong again laughed : you see, these elements are very good ,far less than the good brothers do i ! Hey ,do you think not unusual ,in our Muria civilization has never happened in the past .
Feel oneself highly flattered into Zhou Yulong appearance Puma Pace Cat 691 Shoes, Carlos was weird said: the core of homologous technique ,and natural homologous ,and then into the nature, natural help .But your homologous technique ,not only into the nature, but also made the original harmony one of the natural elements of civil war .
I am a God, in the prophet UGG Cove Boots,what happened . ... You mean ,the original homologous technique is the will and the whole of nature of communication ,but not a part of . See Carlos bizarre appearance, Zhou Yulong knew it not far from his thought .
He frowned, asked : that is not to say ,I only finished half of the homologous enlightenment ?Predecessors ,I once again, the other elements of communication, the homologous technique is it right? Even if complete ? You see you around those elements ,and they again, may ? pointing to those hiding in the corner ,Zhou Yulong was on the hostile nature elements .
Carlos shook his head ,sighed : besides ,homologous enlightenment only once in a lifetime, the results will not change again .Even if it is a left transmission container as well ,because these are etched in your soul .
That is to say ,after you in battle ,not only these elements help, but also care them as your enemy ,attack . I grass, not ,don me . Hear the words of Carlos ,Zhou Yulong has been able to get in a fight after fantasy by the angry attack scene elements .
Think of here ,he could not help feeling a chrysanthemum tight ,make fun of ,outside natural element is much ,if be elements of the enemy ,he also shall live . Hey ,originally wants you to be a natural ,only to let you become natural enemy .
Tragedy ... Watch Zhou Yulong speechless look ,Carlos shook her head again ,and said: but it may not so bad as you think ,though you are the enemy ,but you also have a league .From just those and you in the same front element ,their fighting capacity but higher than your hostile elements ! Yes ,I have these brothers ! Hear the words of Carlos ,Zhou Yulong pine ,then looks at the hand colored ball said: brother brother ,you must come .
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