face floated up agonising

September 05 [Wed], 2012, 14:05
Alban arm drills host is Athy !The mark X ì ngscarlet eyes ,Lv Yan saw it ,he knew Nerin with Alban run away with Athy ,didn three who do not know how the evolution ,even together ,Nerin and Athy as Alban body part .
4 0 six 5 time for 8 Alban is not man ,completely into a monster .Athy came out, hand bone bow Teng sounding .Whoosh whoosh !Arrows volley ,Lv Yan is also the future emergency escape ,just to the front of his arrows ,an arrow arrow sh è sh èskull,neck ,an arrow sh è vertebrae,if Lv Yan does not even make avoid or into water elemental ,it may be the deadly arrows sh è die.
Crisis ,lobular suddenly beside Lv Yan out ,forced a Lu yan .Kaka poof ,Lv Yan is sh è fault,the skull was wiping a rift ,but managed to escape death, lobular also being shot sh è Xiōng mouth,a sound like a real arrow in voice ,gave a cry of pain drop below .
Athy smiled wryly again bow .Listen to the roar of Orr said: ,you give me stop ,to kill those small-time ,Lv Yan left for me ! Athy with my unwilling hands again and again ,pull move, more than a dozen arrows fly out, even to the skeletons were all shot down drifting profusely and disorderly ,broken bones, also do not know to have carved the soul to death ,but to AI Xi Gang that J ī ngaccurate archery ,lest the soul are be fraught with grim possibilities .
Lv Yan grief is unbearable ,summon mounts ,teleport to Alban will and he desperately ,but his white bee just poke out ,found in the left shoulder Nerin has been restored ,the magic tree is swept across and come ,will white bee firmly blocked, but also Lv Yan body completely wrapped dead ,the other side Athy once again opened the longbow : Lu Yan ,you ! Even though Albarn in him up ,but still can Athy hatred and rage ,the bang of a thud ,three arrows appeared in Lv Yan around the skull .
Coughing !Arrow Ji ā owrong too ,Lv Yan was turn into a cluster of blue s èaerosolscatter, half a second after the reorganization in Orr behind ,Athy swallowed soul ring to the bony arch suddenly a : come on .
A whoosh, Athy bone bow arrow were Lv Yan away ,he screamed in anger, but no way ,Lv Yan looks like is pulled a situation .But in fact it is not so ,Nerin to Lv Yan with a wave of his hand, sixteen root element column thrust into Lv Yan ,Lv Yan in the origin of type disc has been grey type helmet Xi ōng apart ,but still can not stop element column ch ā intohis other bone gap ,and a separate Xi ō nga peripheral also has many leaks ,also became the element column drill into perspective ,he was hung up as salted fish .
domain name please everyone familiar with the hot water ,light and dark ,strong and weak ray virus ,as well as elements of blood and gold element ,the twelve elements of Lv Yan are available ,there are four kinds of elements which Lv Yan had not seen ,he is the sixteen elements form a cage was stuck, no room to move ,the color s ètheimprisoned column in black s è skull,as if waiting for a sacrificial offering .
Alban face happy smile : ha ha ,Lu Yan ,I tell you ,just I left feeling ,so your hands so far none of death ,and if you don ,I can no longer guarantee . Lv Yan noticed the Alban left shoulder Nerin expressions of pain ,right shoulder Athy looked angry ,know the three one monster probably incomplete fusion ,if be able to find the breach was good ,but he has no time ,nor the ability to do all this ,Alban strong the .
As for the promise to Albarn not possible, Lu Yan one hundred percent sure ,if open domain m é n,then he and all the time the soul one could live .He and Alban ,Nerin ,between Athy is dead enemy ,absolutely not be able to unlock .
See Lv Yan still refused to cooperate, Alban face s è turned cold,will be issued a kill order .But at the same time ,the sky suddenly lit up a piece of the flash ,Alban surprised look ,see those black m é nfragmentation after gray s èfragments,do not know when it falls back to the origin of type disc ,are strange elongated deformation ,gray color s è also began tochange black ,appear to be something wonderful changes .
Nerin ,stopped the rubbish . Alban one refers to the sky ,at the same time Nerin also lifted up his hands ,white s è stormin his hands and then passes over the cohesion between ,to burst out ,forming a huge tornado to those fallen black m é nfragments to blow ,Lv Yan saw the tornado appearance of a white s è ,could not see the internal situation, this kind of storm stroke element agglomeration has reached a point where its power is incapable of further increase ,has a base plate and minced .
However ,the powerful storm in black m énfragments ,seems so feeble .White s è stormover the black phantom m é nfragments ,was immediately cut into numerous small branches ,faster because the magic structure was destroyed and collapse ,the grey s èfragments arelonger pull ,gray s è hasgradually turned into a black s è,a root to drop from the clouds ,hanging in the origin disc disc between the earth and the clothes ,looking ahead ,Lv Yan seems to be in a huge black s è forest.
What is this thing ? Alban in tone also took a bit of fear puma ferrari,he began to bark NERIN Name : Nerin teacher ,how this is going on ,you know ? Lv Yan saw Nerin eyes suddenly into a trace of light of wisdom ,he seemed suddenly woke up ,looked around the situation, but suddenly in a hoarse voice asked Alban : king ,you really put his body Ji ā oto the bug ? Alban and impatient, said: now is not the time to discuss Nerin ,that time UGG Boots Outlet Sale, I ask you these black column is how the matter ? Nerin will head out ,over the Alban cheeks saw Athy ,his face s èextremely painfulunsightly ,but also full of regret ,half do not speak, Alban grunted coldly ,also do not see he is how to use the means of Nerin eyes ,wisdom of the light suddenly disappeared ,returned to lose one .
Look ,Alban robbed him of the right to the use of the body .Lv Yan hearts see ,for the current status of Nerin very remorseful, but he was part of a pattern of Alban monster ,on their body does not have enough control over the .
Well, I won and you nonsense . Alban sneered : Lu Yan you want for your arrogance and stupidity to pay the price . Orr said ,the use of Nerin body down out of a huge element grasper ,towards Ander Lena crashed location and ,with a Ander Lena body grip in the palm of the hand, and lifted upwards ,prepared to put before Lv Yan started killing, the Orr said nothing to kill one .
But at the same time ,all the black s ècolumndoes not have the rule is the flowing together ,like a windblown ribbon ,one of them came to Ade Rina place ,Lv Yan was in front of a Hu ā ,Ade Rina and take her hands at the same time disappeared ,being black s è columnswallowed .
Lv Yan shocked ,and Ade Rina link between broken ... ... No, wait, did not break ,Lv Yan feels that Ander Lena still exists ,but it is far away from his position ,presumably because too far ,he can only feel a range ,do not feel its physical location .
Then, the black s ècolumnswing speed more and more quickly ,more disk and the moment the soul being black s è columnphagocytosis ,Lv Yan was surprised that ,being black s è columnphagocytosis of the moment the soul did not like Cadel disappears so thoroughly lost contact, but they are all in a short period of time be moved to very far place ,from the origin of the type disc .
,this is the false lumen ! Lv Yan came from Larry Sean Soul : black m é nafter the collapse, a teleportation spell level decreased ,from the breakthrough star cross world domain m é nattenuation can be in the star cross world inside long distance mobile virtual space !Sir, this is certainly false lumen ,such a huge empty cavity outbreak in the star cross world history once .
.. ... Shortly after the invasion began to appear in insects Sale UGG Women's Accessories,adults ,it is our escape only ... ... ,the soul Ruisien disappeared ,he was also a sweep to his empty cavity column by phagocytosis .
Lv Yan hearts know ,Ruisien say well ,this is the only chance of escape ,but Alban also sensed something was wrong, it took Lv Yan body to the disk jacket outside fly, if be Alban out of the empty cavity of the forest, Lv Yan will lose the last chance .
Can him .Lv Yan hearts ,from crystal phalanges release a large number of Green s èelement,this element is him from the mirror tower to be ,but do not know the principle elements ,he used this element to guide the head bone dance spell Karen Millen Multicolor,but can not succeed, this is a kind of from holy magic control element .
But Lv Yan was not be able to use it in the mirror ,the book tower exit ,there is a use of this element in the magic : Lv Yan green blade phalangeal fast swing ,Green s èelement in hispalm edge forming a sharp serrated edge ,in his own body surrounding the element column quickly cut off .
Green blade is used for mirror tower development, some special unexpected situations ,such as lock mirror environment ,at the same time it also can open Mirror Tower element M é n,let developers the freedom to leave Mirror Tower ,green edge only to elements have special role ,as combat is too fragile, so Lv Yan rarely used to realize the danger which ,today ,this is his final .
In the green blade cutting element column ,was soon a root fracture ,but Lv Yan found in the Alban left shoulder Nerin turned his head ,saw his action .Lv Yan is cool, green blade cutting element column speed is fast enough ,if the Alban again some element column to yourself puma running shoes sale,so he is in any case also can not escape .
But the strange thing is ,see Lv Yan of Nerin action, face floated up agonising ,and will look ,he opened his mouth ,but did not say anything ,even clenched teeth ,l ù outstruggling appearance, Alban was back to Lv Yan to set the tunic ,seem to be Nerin changes do not have any reaction .
The hands of Lv Yan does not stop ,when a few seconds later ,almost all elements of column is cut off ,then on the right shoulder ,Alban Athy suddenly turned around ,he saw Lv Yan the news immediately after the shout, and then hand to pat Nerin head: fool ,traitor ,you let go of Lu yan ! Lv Yan saw Nerin mouth floating a wry smile ,the eyes of the wisdom of the light fades ,simultaneously with the mouth said to him: save me .
The original is just Nerin itself consciousness captured moment control, help LV rocks .Alban suddenly back, in the eyes of Nerin wisdom disappears ,he raised his hands ,sixteen new elements to the Lv Yan column .
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