the Oriental easy delivery of archives

September 06 [Thu], 2012, 17:12
(three less group number 128872006 ,like three little brothers ,add me .Chat with God ?) Hang up the phone ,Xie Wendong took the five Yuan Tianzhong ,Kelsang et al drove to BJ political headquarters .
Automobile road racing, not half a day Xie Wendong and the party embarked on a capital territory .Five line et al. Accompanied Xie Wendong to the Political Department of the headquarters ,so they drive is known .
Two cars in a dilapidated three layer of building stopped, perhaps orient first greeting ,also not into the door, orient small secretary welcome here, Mr. Xie ,Colonel :east wait for you long time .
Five other brothers were in the hall, the secretary with Xie Wendong arrived at the ground more than 10 layer orient office . Colonel, thanks to mr. . The Secretary knocked on the door ,door that orient thicker and heavier and slightly magnetic Xing voice : .
Xie Wendong pushed the door open ,orient secretary did not go in ,and Xie Wendong walked in ,she shut the door after the back down . The East ah ,long time no see ,sit . See Xie Wendong walked, orient stood up from the bench ,offered him a cup of tea .
Xie Wendong sat down,clearance sale north face, see in front of the Orient so hospitable ,really was not used to . Oriental brothers ,nothing to say ,so hospitable ,I just don you have anything to me . Xie Wendong are you kidding tract .
Oriental easy one, put the glass down ,sitting on the sofa in front of Xie Wendong .He also seems to have not used ,time do not know the tea down .Don tell him much nonsense ,orient the door to see the road : the East ,there is one thing to trouble you .
Xie Wendong blinked, feel very funny ,from the east to say trouble these two characters really is not easy .Orient is the military origin ,status and high ,The North Face Glove Sale,although he is one of the characters be all things to all men ,but if in front of subordinates say ?Trouble ?Is really rare .
Oh? The East elder brother ,what is it? Thank text east asks .Eastern easy to drink a cup of tea, thought : the East ,do you know about our country missile is what ? Xie Wendong don react, missile ?See Xie Wendong ,orient will know that he does not know ,before Xie Wendong could answer ,orient muttered : Dongfeng ---21D anti-ship missile .
Host : this ,as Xie Wen and I did not have much relationship . Orient said : the East ,you not urgent, you listen to me . Xie Wendong only resistance Xing ,listening to the Orient to go on .
Our country missile Dongfeng ---21D anti-ship missile, the missile can be remotely fight against the world a place in any goal ,for this missile development ,but we have spent considerable effort ,tens of thousands of researchers spent a few years before the successful development of ,,,,( omitted for thousands of words ) ,other anti-ballistic missile is very difficult to intercept ,but the United States of America standard 3 can fight this missile ,and the hit rate is very high .
Xie Wendong was not too impatient, say, orient hasn said key ,Xie Wendong raised head, said: the Oriental man, do you have anything to say . Oriental Yidun about, seemed to feel too wordy .
He was smiling in high spirit ,said: I want you to get this missile design drawings ,in this way ,we can find the restrained their methods, if you do not treat you bad ,state . Xie Wendong this is understood ,the original Oriental easy means to regard him as a knife to make .
Success ,national benefit ,without success ,he would in the United States before the government was passive ,and even their own do not know how the death ,one less gangsters ,countries do not suffer .
Anyway, no matter what the outcome ,are national win .Xie Wendong was slightly changed ,said : the elder brother ,I can .You can say .This missile is the United States government top secret ,presumably his security measures is quite strict ,I am afraid I can not find all the roots of the hair to the United States government ,was to shoot .
Xie Wendong said is not ignored ,orient nodded ,but correct: you only say ,the United States government to this missile protection very tight is right, but not the opportunity to start, to the best of our knowledge ,this is the expert team leaders -- Marshall holler .
If you find this person ,everything will be fine very . Orient said easily ,if regard others as a fool ,what is easily managed ,do this sort of thing that is to take your own life to Bo ,Bo wins, but he could not get even a fart .
Lost ,nothing .Xie Wendong heart ,but his mouth can say ,thank the text east host : brother ,you also said ,this matter since it is so easy ,why not do in that country ? Orient shook his head ,said : do not do ,is done .
The state in the United States spy while the elite ,but too few staff .Unable to build perfect information network . Xie Wendong added: if countries have no way, then how can I do better than the state ? Xie Wendong and give tit for tat road .
Oriental Road : Oh ,you are too small to allow Fawkes ( in what is now East Asia media ) power ,Murdoch operated for many years ,its information all over the world, if it want to know something ,than almost any other country in the world must quickly .
Oh? I really do not know the East Asian media have such ability . Xie Wen host .Hear this word ,see Xie Wendong he is under consideration ,and it almost temperature ,while the Orient is the increase the fire people .
Oriental easy laughs: if you promise to give you full support ,not only the country we will also send Blackhawk team to assist you .Of course ,these people not in the state of normal development .
Listen to the Orient two presented to Xie Wendong is very attractive terms ,North Face Mens Down,Xie Wendong crush ,not he mention what Blackhawk team ,but the full backing of the state of his business ,on this point ,Xie Wendong power is too big .
However ,when Xie Wendong can respond right away, he slowly and Oriental easy to wear ,as far as possible to get the maximum benefit .Thank the text east shook his head ,said : the elder brother ,I do not want to do this thing ,is really too difficult .
If you really want me to do it ,,,, thank the text east when he said ,tone has become shilly-shally . Ask for what you said . Orient eyebrow pick ,big channel . I want to join the United States nationality .
Sorry. Orient seems don .Xie Wendong is ,said: I want to join the United States citizenship ,I also am the Chinese nationality . You mean ,,,dual nationality . Oriental easy puzzle .
( Chinese nationality law the ninth regulation :Chinese citizens settled abroad ,voluntarily or acquired foreign nationality ,automatically lose Chinese nationality ) Xie Wendong picked up the eastern changed hands in the tea ,sip, said: well, I want to do something for the nation ,joined the American nationality ,I can enter the United States of America Congress ,in many cases ,China can benefit greatly .
Orient was shocked : what ,you want to enter the United States Congress ,it is not possible .Dont ,you enter ,also won big development .Americans on the staff ,into its administrative core is very alert ,its top is american .
Orient told a series ,Karen Millen Solid Color Clearance,meaning that is to say not . This you need not worry ,Bailey Button Fancy UGG Boots,I will arrange the . Xie Wendong confident road .In fact ,he is also on the American extreme disgust and disgust ,that they use powerful military and economy in the world, swagger before others ,if not the arms and money ,it is a idiot .
But hate to hate ,Xie Wendong is not a man ,good things will try to win .The United States Congress into ,where obvious benefits .Orient thinking ,he thought that Xie Wendong joined the American nationality, will not like the monkey ,jump out of the Five Fingers Group Buddha ,well control .
Silent 10 minutes, orient finally said: I call the shots .However ,I have a condition . Xie Wendong said : the elder brother ,you say . Oriental Road : you in to the United States, all in political development action ,we have to decide ,of course we will do all the abilities to help remove the obstacles you .
Well ,no problem . Xie Wendong promised to simply, he thought, however ,the Chinese government won themselves in America downfall .Get government support ,it will also do much better .
While the Orient promised Xie Wendong condition is the cause, Xie Wendong focus and energy in China, while the East would be Hongmen is his foundation, Xie Wendong is not a fool ,once made the damage state of the thing ,that his foundation will in a few days all fall .
His painstaking cast to waste . Well ,then it is settled .I will try to do .Drawings when do you want it? Of course is the sooner the better . Oriental easy laughs .The first time Xie Wendong was smile could so ugly .
Yes ,you wait . Orient stood up ,walked up to the desk ,pick up the table for a file ,little nod .He quickly walked over ,said: the East ,you have a look ,this is about the scientific research group of some of the information .
Xie Wendong took the Oriental easy delivery of archives .File write surface with a big top secret .Xie Wendong opens the sealing buttons ,from the inside out a pile of material ,material surface is an old coffee photos ,viewing angle, and candid .
Eastern easy to see Xie Wendong in this picture ,explained: this is the leader of this team is the missile expert -- Marshall holler .You know we had to spend the how much money he wanted to dig into our country ? Xie Wendong didn the eyelids ,except that his lips moved .
Should be millions of dollars . Oh , Oriental easy laughs: millions? We had a billion ,$ . Orient have aggravated the dollars this word . A million ? Xie Wendong was shocked .
He didn . Xie Wendong smiled . Well, no wonder ,be sentimentally attached to homeland . Xie Wendong turned up the files ,files are not many valuable things ,Xie Wendong stood up ,only to pick up the picture ,said: this is the photo I took .
No problem . Oriental easy to simply ,then says : when you have to call black hawk group can be, they always ready . This will come with me ,and I .I don have the news, with the convenient .
Xie Wendong refused to let such a good chance ,after all, is a regular special forces ,they are a lot of things worthy of blood kill and dark group learning ,just take this opportunity ,let Laoliu and old Sen and they exchange .
Xie Wendong point in mind ,orient which can fail ,but he is not right ,but warns: they are not involved in the Mafia that shit ,you don want to . Xie Wendong nodded ,laughed : the elder brother, you too much .
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