face more and more soldiers

September 14 [Fri], 2012, 19:03
Abstract Chapter 634th fighting giant !( on) -- roar ! The night than during the day the giant significantly more grumpy ,face more and more soldiers ,variant of giant made a sound similar to ghost screaming giant roar ,then limbs plus tail again forced ,huge body of a black light ,into the crowd .
Killing, mounted thereon !In the variant of giant steel tongue long enough to tear the front ,the human body is small and fragile .I saw the giant a forward with big mouth swallowed a dozen rushed to the front of the soldiers ,and the long tail swing, to several other pick up individual radium sh- gun continued in the crocodile attacks sentry ch ō uhave to be split ,dirty blood type floor .
!Rumbling !Bang bang ! After all, everyone is at the end of the l-ng being seen ,although the beginning is giant hit a be taken by surprise ,but the Crusaders squad of soldiers or rapid response .
More than a dozen rocket group soldiers began to raise arm individual rocket launcher ,aiming at the giant head began to attack .At the same time, other soldiers on one side cover ,one side of the individual radium sh- gun at the giant eyes released energy beam .
They know ,like giant this ferocious beast want to kill it is not so simple ,so only the first hits blind the eyes ,waste to its fighting capacity .Then ,in a pounding roar ,flames and variability of Na ,head is completely wrapped in a beam of energy and rocket explosion caused by the flames .
Roar ! But the next scene ,but the soldiers very despair .Only accompanied by a loud roar ,the giant figure suddenly accelerated out of the fire zone .But its ferocious over the head ,except for a few small mouth had no serious injury .
Even the most fragile eyes ,in that layer of strange mask under the protection of safe and sound .But this time the attack ,apparently angered run amuck variant of giant .Only after it becomes more furious roar ,limbs and tail move together ,like a killing machine in the camp in general most people rushed .
All the people back ! On the variation of the giant run amuck ,Zhou Yulong was in camp in the ring and .Then ,with the four sound intense roar North Face Women's 2 In 1 Clearance,four burning flame silver s- bullets like a shooting star that split the night ,and smiting the giant that like the lantern like blood red pupil .
Bang bang bang boo ! Roar ! Crocodile pupil in front of a layer used to separate water and dirt transparent mask ,this layer mask in giant variant became extraordinarily tough tough after .
Even Zhou Yulong was the fire element to enhance the power of liquid bullet ,also cannot be a x-ng breakdown the layer mask .But Zhou Yulong sh- this is not out of a bullet ,accompanied by three metallic roar ,four bullets collision forces come together in succession ,after finally broke the giant mask .
Accompanied by a bubble burst light sound, giant the blood red left eye suddenly bursts up large amounts of mucus and blood Hu .Hitherto unknown pain ,let the greedy and cunning ferocious beast out a ferocious roar .
Then. Turn around and run !As a wisdom has been inferior to human ferocious beast ,the giant in the eyeball rupture moment knew each other do not mess .From the eyes of the pain came to tell it ,if it be so tangled fight, their next attack is likely to hit it in one eye blind .
Even ,it is also possible to x-ng life losing .So in this moment, the giant of the fear of death completely overpowered the desire for food Finnegan UGG,no ferocious beast style towards the reservoir lunge .
Because only there, it is home .It is convinced that ,regardless of how each other once powerful ,following it into the water ,eventually to before the enemy general is it in the water alive strangulation .
After all ,the variation before it is already the waters of the emperor .While the variation ,it is to become a water invincible . Want to run ,run it? Look quickly toward the waters run giant, Zhou Yulong smiled grimly ,stopped the pace .
It was at this moment ,a sound light sound suddenly from the ground in efferent ,dozens of about ch-ng waist so thick, about ten meters long red blood s- vines ripped into the sky, land ,and like a root Lasso ,wrapped in a giant huge body .
And giant compared the body ,the thick blood s- vine is not so strong ,but accompanied by the sound of firecrackers light sound, the first few root wrapped around a giant body of the vines are forced to earn it will earn a two segment .
But that number is too much ,although the giants broke nearly ten vines, but it accumulated speed and power in a time of struggle are consumed unceasingly .Finally in sixty or seventy vines twining North Face Backpack Outlet,giant into a large oval cocoon ,no longer move .
Grasp. To be looked at the vines tightly entangled in the presence of all the people in the giant, is a joy .The magic bestial dark sigh rattan power was strong ,even the variability of giant such horror behemoth can catch .
,destroy tanks attention immediately ,energy storage ,ready to send sh- ! But in all dark breathe a sigh of relief, Zhou Yulong is surprised voice high up .And the devil beast vine with J ī ngGod contact he now feels that the devil beast rattan ,simple sense is a dying moan .
At the same time ,an extremely powerful force in the world of Warcraft vine giant cocoon rising ,is about to erupt .Hear the words of Zhou Yulong ,the C-O destroy tanks soldiers heart all is one .
Although they don why Zhou Yulong now that they charge for sh- ,but from Zhou Yulong intense look, they don it would be a good thing .Then ,accompanied by bursts of energy operation accelerating noises ,were placed in the heavy armored car at the top of the destruction of a number began to rapidly charge .
A flashing arc ,has gradually appeared in a number of unique and destroyed the gun tube . Roar ! Apparently, Zhou Yulong fears become reality .Accompanied by a hitherto unknown giant roar ,the devil beast rattan wrapped into a giant cocoon like inflatable generally suddenly swell ,dozens of strong magic bestial rattan ,beginning with terrible tearing sound of continuous crack .
Like blood red blood juice ,starting from the magic bestial rattan split flow ,the giant cocoon made a blood red ! Finally ,in a loud ,the beast vine giant cocoon was completely broken .
While the giant cocoon ,has soared to forty meters long North Face Triclimate Jackets,four or five meters high terrorist giant, also appears again in the face of the people .Look at this giant swollen body ,the face of Zhou Yulong s- with a coagulation .
Thought on the giant and the J īking,mastered the body variation pattern . Roar ! Enter the body variation patterns of giant power increased ,at the same time UGG Rosie Boots,it is intended to kill also constantly boiling .
A long time has no biological it B ī to that point,today ,it will be these small food completely engulfed ,to release the hate of mind .So ,it a loud roar ,begin to turn to attack towards Zhou Yulong et al .
But before it turned a swagger before others ,three beams of bright light as the sun shine Hu ā itonly right .Three to one, finally in this critical moment to end, show their stunning fangs .
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