If the girl really not Waltz words

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The 171st chapter first slow bear ,Vladimir in action received a report .This is a copy of the United States from send encrypted information .This information from the United States to his hand Sale UGG Boots Women, only three days .
This document from hidden in the United States as a senior spy ,although age is not big, but after a long-term UGG Cove Boots,strict training ,but also to the state of absolute loyalty . Network .
.. ... Information that ,the United States is a very special communication system ,can achieve the plurality of communications ,and very fast ,whenever and wherever possible and to the other end of the contact system .
In addition ,the so-called network and some other function ,but this report was just rough mentioned .The report also mentioned that the * * Party also appears to have a similar network ,but there was no way to contact .
Vladimir : for this report very seriously .The United States is likely to develop a new field ,maybe Americans in aviation field can not catch up with the Soviet Union ,so he prepared to take new approach ?He was somewhat uncertain whether the United States this feint ed or each other something really strange ,on the report some fuzzy .
Finally, Vladimir could only order the other continued investigation ... ... The same day Jimmy Choo Sora UGG Boots,Catherine and Jeanne ,is just down from the car .The United States is popular what each evening, how does Catherine think the party some strange .
Joint business is business ,with pure capital operation is to Jeanne said angrily . Maybe your grandfather just for you . To tell the truth ,Catherine now feel very torque ,if the ball does not succeed ,she will be very happy .
But this time ,the car also gradually stopped .Catherine is wearing a black dress ,more conservative ,and Jeanne and her dress .Catherine was later to see a very lively dance ,but on the inside, she was somewhat disappointed ,the ball is not busy ,and even some dull ,and now this at sixes and sevens sixty time want to compare ,it is be misfits .
Even so ,but Catherine was very interested in looked around .According to the social register ial-Register ) first documented ,the United States has about 881 the family ,from the family out to people ,almost can be defined as noble .
At this time ,several people smile, from which came . I hope we can have more opportunities for cooperation . Catherine saw ,in which a person is Jeanne ,he still looks and a few years ago ,not so old .
But let Catherine feel surprised ,or another person .Dad. Catherine was speechless with surprise .Kate .Bruce was astonished at his daughter . Dad ,what are you doing here ? Catherine walked up .
I talk business ,Kate ,what are you doing here ? I am and Jeanne come to the party . Catherine strange , you and arms dealer what business can talk ? Of course is for umbrella .
.. ... Look ,the party is really and Jeanne in blind date party some difference .Catherine looked at Jeanne, only to discover that she is his grandfather talk ,so we continue to listen to his father said .
We are talking about standard mercenary industry a system ,they all want to make a specification ,and The Pentagon also hope that we can be more orderly . Indeed, the U.S. now is a mercenary in Vietnam ,although unable to change the U.
S. as history of such conditions ,but it can undertake the logistics aspects of the work ,so the army and reducing the burden of some .Catherine Jan felt a little strange ,arms dealer who played mercenaries .
.. ... She may not remember history could have happened ,but it looks ,her dad to distort history faster than she also quickly .Then. Then there is no deal ,but we still talk about an arms deal .
Specific ? Catherine is very interested in the arms .Maybe life is impressed ,Catherine always felt to engage in arms ,are gangster .Although Catherine didn being called, if can become the behind-the-scenes boss ,Catherine is very happy .
Catherine once said ,I wanted to be manipulated the United States Mastermind ,though it is not realistic, but can close ,also seems to be very interesting . Gentlemen ,ladies ,welcome you to my party .
.. ... At this time, party is main is finally out of . Who is he ? Catherine was curious . Adams lodge .A member of the Boston foundation . Catherine nodded .Boston consortium control arms company Raytheon Co ,and next to the old White ,also owns shares in Raytheon Co .
But the real power of the master North Face Accessories,is the United States of America ten consortium is a consortium of boston .It is the oldest American monopoly of the consortium .It is composed of nineteenth Century operating the slave trade and rich Boston area of Lowell ,Laurence ,Adams and lacI family with new Kennedy family joint component .
In the Kennedy family ,who once appeared the president Kennedy .Impression, the Boston group seem to be more inclined to the Democratic Party ?Catherine here on the Republican leanings of relatively large, because the Republican Party is big capitalist interests .
But Catherine seems to remember her in that era ,many people like the Republican Party called alliance is china ... ... It is strange . Dad ,you be my dancing partner ? Catherine said suddenly .
Sorry. Bruce strange . I was dancing ,you to be my partner . Catherine smile . Please, I not too familiar with the waltz ... ... Catherine a pair of be lost to all sense of shame .
OK. Bruce knows that ,even if he refused ,Catherine will be wrapped up .If the girl really not Waltz words ,their play cover .And my daddy dance well ,at least she will not reject and feel uncomfortable ,but she and the other guy .
.. ... Forget it ... ... At the same time ,( read the novel to the vertex novel network www.23us.com ) online .Early Slow Bear : Hey ,that in addition to our ( read novels to vertex novel network www.
23us.com ) ,it is said that there is a network .Gregory has just finished his dinner, and then back to the computer room, saw such a sentence .Then, following the start of discussion up .
Now the network on-line number ,there is a total of 90 people ,early slow bear a word, let a chat room alive .The twelve Dragoon :this I heard ,my brother in the work with the military ,they often seem to mention ( read novels to vertex novel network www.
23us.com ) .But the network is mainly on the East coast .The twelve dragoon ,immediately aroused our attention .This time, the people online nickname ,mostly his own name .Some like the Gregorian North Face Apex Bionic Jacket Outlet,giving his name and the last immortal such a prefix .
Therefore ,such a strange name immediately attracted attention .Immortal Gregorian :Skynet? This name is really cool ,why we can call the network ( see the novel to the vertex novel network www.
23us.com ) ?AI Kool :maybe because of network company called Intel ,of course ,is responsible for the operation of the United States of America Unicom is now .Immortal Gregorian :why not call ( to read the novel to the vertex novel network www.
23us.com ) ?The twelve Dragoon :probably because ( to read the novel to the vertex novel network www.23us.com ) sounds more L .Immortality :seems like the gregorian ... ... AI Kool :but now in charge of the network ,is the United States of America unicom .
Early Slow Bear :almost, because they are below ARK group company .AI :they have been losing money ,he really don .Immortal Gregorian :perhaps in future profits, I found I has been inseparable from the network twelve Dragoon :No, my brother said ,this stuff in military applications will be greater .
.. ... At this time ,the system has dished out a row of red font .Chat to distinguish all colors ,so it is not black and white ,but a variety of colors .However ,that only the red font ,is specially used in the system .
Notice :server failure ,for maintenance ,1 minutes will be closed network .Gregory was speaking on a high ,but did not think there has been such a problem .But he only shrugged .Because they are being invited to test network .
And on the other side ,the United States of America Unicom technician is sweating .( read the novel to the vertex novel network www.23us.com ) message is so easy to be known ?They immediately brought the information package ,and then recorded to tape .
They call Catherine ,hope to be able to ask Catherine ,is it right? Need to put this information to the military .But the phone is turned on, the receiver is not Catherine ,but her, but Catherine now ,still dance .
( see novels to vertex novel network www.23us.com ) ... ... A Russian students will be his computer off ,then stood up .Then he began to speculate on the rise .This network will be on the east coast ?It is the The Pentagon ?It is possible .
He immediately left the computer room, and then called out .Soon ,there is . Hello ,Danny ,this is Andre . His proficiency in English speaking . Andre ,how ? would like to ask you to come to the West Coast here birthday ,but I am sorry ,I am afraid you this birthday need on the east coast .
There were silent for a while . ?You there? I ,don ,I big ,five angular cake ,happy birthday . He hangs up the phone, and then quickly leave .He immediately telephoned the store ,then ordered a five angular shaped cake ,then bought a ticket to New York ,left California .
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