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September 20 [Thu], 2012, 13:00
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultFrom the beams by God s èchanges,Chen Xiao immediately determine the situation has changed ,so gently touched Wu Xiao ,sketch he searches out .
After all, Wu Xiao and his near relation ,by him to the most appropriate . Beam ,is it right? Is something wrong ,that I eat up ? Wu Xiaoye saw a light beam ,see the scruple to look at Chen Xiao several people ,said: all right ,have one of their own .
Beam are nodded ,let the bar manager and his men go out first, then explained: just and the ghosts in a person is the riverside areas CMC China Merchants investment liaison section ,called Miu Jusheng .
Paused ,whispered : but just District branch to the phone, let civil mediation . Hey ,really a bit of interest ! Ling Yue hissing sound .Wu Xiaoyou points do not hang face ,although have guessed that guy is likely to Cloud River foreign investment ,but if this is so .
It, that their apparent in Ling Yue et al a cold front lost ,track: break the law must be independent ,identity ,such as if you feel difficult beam ,even a piece of my back ! This undoubtedly to beam the pressure !Beam surface pan to s è ,one side is superior, is the side of provincial public security bureau director North Face Mens Gore Tex,which side can ,but was also suspected of Hu ò thatforeign male identity and the company background ,should be so soon moved the district government !Thought and the beam ,feel more difficult ,is y ù and Wu Xiaothen communicate ,Chen Xiao suddenly said : beam ,I suggest you immediately put the foreigner back strict law .
If the news spread ,but will not only be fighting so simple . Beam was started ,and the cold sweat Shua down .This sentence is talking about the key .If I now take people back, according to the regulations of punishment, root weight not where to go, but if the conciliatory words .
Once a message to the market ,that I shall be back the last shielding aliens notoriety ,later in this area where can stand firm ?The future may have destroyed in the said above !Especially offended Wu Xiao ,even to the hall hall to grow in the ear .
It is the more the loss outweighs the gain !More and more to think is scared, beam face s èhonest withChen Xiaodian nodded ,and said: OK, I immediately do everything by rule ! Leaf cocoa slightly surprised eyes ,twinkling look at Chen Xiao, Ling Yue is turned thumbs ,laughing : still have to see through .
At the same time .The door is knocked ,into two middle-aged adults ,are yellow .See which one wears glasses ,appearance is decorous man ,Chen Xiao suddenly know .The mind can not help but laugh ,it seems that foreign guy indeed some stories ,was able to get Yuan Shiqiang the buddha .
The glasses m, Chen Xiao some impressions ,had its own car accident when discharged meets Yuan Shiqiang, this man was with beside Yuan Shiqiang ,recall is called Wei Dong .Wei Dong saw Chen Xiao, is taken down .
Face surprise s è ,heart tight .Just heard that involved in Provincial Public Security Bureau Director will understand that this is a big problem. ,did not think of even the Mayor Chen involved .
Is really a friend gathering !Just at the moment thing ,even more difficult ,he must brave it out ,came forward and shook hands beam ,said: Hello ,I am Secretary of municipal Party committee secretary Wei Dong yuan .
And pointed to the man behind , this is the company chairman assistant Philharmonic ,Australian Derek ?Mr. Cui ,just and several conflict is chairman of Gu after Kevin, for what happened tonight ,Mr.
Cui regret and apology on behalf of the company ,and will properly compensate a few and the victim service loss ,only hope that things can stop for stop . Hear the Philharmonic company ,Chen Xiao features a pick ,as I thought of something .
While the beam is shocked by heart ,Philharmonic company ,it was well-known domestic and foreign milk powder enterprises ,industry in the well-known Multi-National Corporation ,and even the vice secretary of municipal Party committee secretary came, it was only a possibility, that is the Philharmonic company is going to be in the area ! Move on !It is a false foreign devil ! Ling Yue disdained humph sound ,with Wei Dong and Trey assistant all frown ,but now the primary task is to solve the dispute eventually ,but did not pursue .
Wei Dong and saw he was Chen Xiao ,a friend of Wu Xiao and that his disdainful attitude ,he is also one of the first to second guess the other ,just strange cloud river when a domineering arrogance town .
Wu Xiao is clearly Philharmonic company reputation ,recently was heard the Sino-Australian joint venture intends to move headquarters to Cloud River ,and the establishment of production base ,is said to billions of investment ,if the final and municipal government reached intent, it will be the future development of a riverside area large project !Based on this buy north face cheap,Wu Xiao was hesitant to pursue ,is love ,Chen Xiao came up ,smiled and said: Wei secretary North Face Womens Down Coats,long time no see .
Yes ,Chen recently fortunately ? Wei Dong smiled a little far-fetched .A double beam ,Chen Xiao did not expect even vice secretary of municipal Party committee secretary are recognized, but Wei Dong restrained manner ,was somewhat afraid ,linked to the provinces and cities in the bosses ,and Chen Xiao surname ,vaguely guess what ,but not identified, but now is not to think about it, the hot issue how to solve, ability is a pressing matter of the moment !Chen Xiaogen Wei Dong greets two ,smiled and said: on this matter, must not have any debate about the necessity ,Mr.
Kevin as the Philharmonic company sent to Cloud River examine the investment environment ,both party leaders ,or the vast majority of cloud river city people are welcome to ,I sincerely hope that companies like Philharmonic such large enterprises to enter the riverside district development ,that regardless of who is a good thing .
Wei Dong quite surprised ,thought Chen Xiaohui for one time, unexpectedly was so good words ,and words with meaning ,obviously has the intent of the s ī.See Chen tzu-hsiao loosening means ,Wu Xiao ,leaves cocoa is as head L ùtrappedHu ò ,but false foreign devil Mr.
Cui hear eyebrow fly s è dance,jiligula said a lot of words ,but all are in English ,make large less a sniff at .Wei Dongning ear listened ,nodded: Mr. Cui compliment to you said it was pleased ,but also willing to let bygones be bygones.
Thank you ,he pledged ,and so he took Mr. Kevin to go back, must have a good discipline ,avoid occurrence of similar cases . Chen Xiao L ù surprises è,said: ,when to say it to s ī .
? Wei Dong is startled, Mr. Cui face s è instant alsofroze .Chen Xiao stand we said: it is not in accordance with the law. ?In a public place or person ,then in accordance with the regulations dealing with it ,this is very normal .
Puff ... ... Wu Xiao ,Ling jump almost spray laugh ,leaves cocoa also quite some simmer with laughter ,not clear is the man when the monkey playing well .Seeing the face of Wei Dong s è tight,Chen Xiao patted his shoulder ,and said: Wei secretary ,I understand your difficulties ,after all the investment on the whole cloud river ,as well as riverside area development ,is the chance of a lifetime ,but the law dignity x ì ng youis clear ,whether it is Chinese or a foreign people, have to make no exception ,unbiased s ī unbiasedhelp ,in this land made it ,it would have to be punished .
Paused ,he pretended to be friendly around Wei Dong ,whispered : but this has been so many people see ,you know, if this simple s īup,spread out, lane is bad people will say the police get special treatment ,the municipal government is bound to cause negative effect ,then both Yuan secretary is my father ,on the face is not good .
Wei Dong mouth twitch ,nor is it is said to be rendered speechless ,can only in the heart of Chen Xiao a am ,this unknown pendulum is forcing himself to support justice perpetrators !Especially that Chen Xiao is in the news ,now it is the uncrowned king knows ,if you insist on s ī ,even took Yuan Shiqiang to pressure ,the back Taiwan province report ,things will be completely make a big, boss Yuan Shiqiang to be caught !Y ù cryno tears ,but Wei Dong lamented how I met Chen Xiao this scourge ,helping his father in the municipal Party committee in more than tyrannically abuse one ,now have to force yourself to the dead end ,this town when this ability ?At the same time ,Wei Dong also clear ,at present in accordance with the law the perpetrator is the loose solution ,at most, a few days of detention ,however ,do ,will be worsened and the Philharmonic companies to discuss cooperation !Helpless ,Wei Dong had to turn to look at Mr.
Cui ,hope he can understand the .Mr. Cui nature can see that Wei Dong has been beaten Mens North Face Down Jackets,he did not think of it ,these people even Philharmonic face did not sell ,but ten big project ,but now the company still Cloud River establishs firm calcaneal ,men first caught in the police station ,all is the boss ! Mr.
Cui ,you also do not have the psychological burden ,it is ultimately the Kevin out of their own ,and the company has nothing to do, I believe that with your boss Xi ō ngarms ,will definitely support the law punishment ,will never allow such an evil member of the herd destroyed the reputation of the company ,is that you ? Chen Xiao laugh a little sour gas ,Mr.
Green and pale face a ,but attacks may not ,had to pinch your nose to Renzai ,took a deep breath ,the last teeth : rest assured ,I will turn back story is communicated to the president to give chapter and verse for the ,also hope the police can just processing ! He turned and sliding door ,ready to leave this place makes him be thoroughly discredited ,suddenly heard behind the ridicule ,he almost tripped off balance .
What the hell. Do for a long time, had not only understand Mandarin ,can speak out ,this false foreign devil acting was not professional ! Ling little face contempt ,but leaves cocoa is concise and comprehensive way: Hey north face outlet Sale,everyone is born when the original ,but sadly ,many people gradually became copycat copycat scores ,but also not clear what country manufacturing .
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