is also this banquet sponsor

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At the feast is about to begin ,the banquet hall ,melodious voice, in the hall of a corner Mens Puma Mummy,a band started their evening tasks ,and this also declared the event officially began !Although the party may have a lot of intrigue ,but Xiao Yu as heir to Lin group identity ,either from the identity or in future influence ,Switzerland in the party is necessary to put the party had done ,not only to do ,but also do solemnly ,as for the other ,can temporarily abandoned aside .
Thus Switzerland in the party ,to the banquet ,can be said to rack one .Although in some minds ,it is looked down on Xiao Yu this may even the hair did not appear young ,but they are going to sell behind Xiao Yu Lin Ming ,not falling courtesy .
Of course, by virtue of his group successor identity ,there are a lot of people come to the party tonight ,and therefore can be said to have a big feast ,many have not been invited some celebrities ,also rushed to the .
The hall was invited to the number of full ,and on the side of the VIP room ,several people together Kensington UGG,was obviously not good ,one man raised his head ,looked at himself in front of a middle-aged man said : how Lin group people no one ,I do not let you send someone to pick up ? This is Tom and Lin Ming ,the Swiss Minister of interior, is also this banquet sponsor !But he ,is very angry ,my heart regret why to promise to Lin Ming host this banquet ,seeing the feast is about to begin ,the focus of this banquet ,Lin Group heir ,but Xiao Yu has not come ,it makes him feel a little ashamed !General upper circles ,but care about is face ,and now Xiao Yu was late ,as in his face gave a slap in the face ,so that he was very embarrassed !It is also very dissatisfied .
See his immediate boss is very angry ,the man was not so good ,that is not good ,will cause such a scene ,to remedy : is not good ,we immediately went to invite ! For Xiao Yu the middle-aged man not to invite ,also did not send a car to receive ,in his view ,Xiao Yu is the most one by Lin group town only, no big deal ,for this town ,as interior minister favorite, but he sees much, so it is not careful, this can negligence .
Now see the Minister of internal affairs was very angry ,I know I made a mistake ,ignoring the party nature .The party you can be considered to welcome Xiao Yu ,but if that is the case ,why to ask so many celebrities ,enough to be visible ,this party is not a surface so simple ,it is not a simple party .
Middle-aged people stay in the Secretary of the interior side for many years ,that the Minister of the interior each do one thing are his reason ,even seeing in Lin Ming face had promised to hold the banquet ,but undeniable ,the Lin Group ,has caused the Secretary of the interior pay attention to .
To the Shaolin Ming the old man must have said something .Now consider this ,the middle-aged who found their practice is stupid ,so quickly as Minister of the interior . Well, this is something I should not be held ,but now you immediately put his group to me ,otherwise ,you will not do anything ! The Minister of the interior is angry ,he says unexpectedly as unheeded advice ,if not in the middle-aged man in my own hand has also done for a long time ,now immediately fired her .
See also standing in front of the middle-aged, shouting Why are we standing here ,go find me to ! The middle-aged man is startled, but also Pidianpidian stepped down, until out of the room only to find his forehead is sweat ,arms pulled out from a letter of invitation ,this is the party invitations ,but the invitation was belong to Xiao Yu .
Xiao Yu even though they knew the evening banquet ,but thought to hastily without invitation letter ,so it did not go unnoticed ,it directly to the party location .But when Xiao Yu and Tom is hanging out ,at the front of a face ,really want to slap them take on the wall ,how can not buckle down buckle .
In the way of general time ,in order not to let themselves too cool ,Xiao Yu took Rolls-Royce and the Swiss supreme name to send back ,and he and Tom Xue Luo ,few people sat on the Swiss the cheapest car ,and China is not on the level ,but also pull the wind .
The party tonight in the Swiss famous an international conference was held ,generally in the vicinity ,and the surrounding ,the car ,the worst is the masses ,BMW ,Benz ,is a world class name .
But it suddenly appeared a Swiss the cheapest car ,make some pedestrians was staggering, terrified ,it is incredible .General nobility ,and upper class, are very much about the face ,they used .
If not the best and most expensive ,but at least it is the grade ,not lost identity that, but it suddenly appear cheap goods ,is afford much food for thought .For a time, everyone guessing the car what is best .
So talent .But today is the Swiss international trade union held a party to it, in order to ensure the safety ,so check is very strict ,always close to the international trade union car ,must undergo a rigorous review .
Only got the invitation letter car ,will allow him to enter the International Union parking lot .No class car ,the number of security personnel is the one, but the thought of the party ,to be here without a is not a rich family, famous people ,business ,and international trade union is not what tourist attractions ,come back here might be the banquet guests ,think of this ,several security personnel immediately fart I walked past ,as Xiao Yu mount ,were they automatically ignored ,that is the rich man in bad taste .
Sir ,Hello ,please show me your invitations ! Security personnel came, tone is very polite ,his attitude is also placed very low ,Xiao Yu with a sound ,or foreign security quality good, but he would not think so .
Xiao Yu was going directly into the parking lot ,is now a few people stopped ,said to have the invitation, which Xiao Yu and Tom are lost ,not without an invitation ?How can you want to produce an invitation ,how is this ?Invitation.
Xiao Yu muttered ! Well ,sir only show the invitation ,we can let you enter ,it is under the above command ! Security patiently explained ,but saw Xiao Yu a few people puzzled expression ,several security in a convex ,these people will not come to install the upstarts !But long-term occupation quality ,or make them very patient .
But we don ! Xiao Yu puzzled ,* * * ,this party is for small ,ready ,I will fucking invitation ah ,but they did not give I what to send invitations .Several security listen, face suddenly changed, attitude is not so good, but still be neither humble nor pushy and said : if this is true ,sir ,sorry ,we can let you in ,please .
talks did not just respect ,make Xiao Yu a repulsive ,okay ,again being looked down ,but one look at Tom ,Tom is hanging out ,did not think of the Swiss side, even such small mistakes will be made ,is deliberately or put yourself this party to ignore !But no matter which would not take his side ,who see in the eye .
Xiao Yu also thought of this, was still not change, just the eyes out of infinite rage on ,act like a snob ,guy ,I will let you pay the price !Several security see Xiao Yu et al have not left ,thought he had the men of humble ,suddenly feeling very sick ,as though they are security ,but as the saying goes ,the dog will see the master ,to be here to do security ,may not be able to attend the party ,but in this the surrounding is also famous small ,even know some big shot .
This one season they feel regard oneself head and shoulders above others ah ,it feels like your friends talk about someone great ,you suddenly find that this person is your home, and you play, this time, you have more exciting, you wish the whole world knows that you and the great man does .
Now the number of security is such a mood ,maybe they and some people just say, or see a relationship ,nor how good ,nor how to close ,but the main is at least see above .While the average person ,want to see one side are hard to do ,this sudden security here feeling very face ,feeling like identity also stock up .
Now I found the open Swiss is the cheapest car were not invited to the party guests today ,then it is not a celebrity ,nor what business genius ,commercial giants ,perhaps is the ordinary people !Suddenly ,a few people think they regard oneself head and shoulders above others ,inside the party we untouchables, lower body under the gas ,but for a small people, that won see Xiao Yu these people don ,suddenly exposed afford much food for thought .
I say a few ,not money you pretend Dakuan ah, here is your this small people came ! Several security with feel oneself highly flattered smile ,I although have no money, but the position ,often with some celebrities to meet, although just pass ,but also very satisfied .
You look pretty hard ,we do not embarrass you ,but it is not such a person as you can ,get your car to give away this ,province here sick all eyes ! Oh? Would you please tell me where is what kind of people can come ? Xiao Yu seems to be very interested in this thing ,look at the number of security .
Several security thought as long as their own such an opening, which few people will immediately turn around and go back ,that he not also awe-inspiring awe-inspiring ,much face ah ,but look now ,these people seemed to be a little difficult ?However ,several security does not intend to welcome, in addition to an invitation to enter, not all out ,this is above the reception ,if there is something ,something ,and he a little security have what relation ,moreover ,these people will is typical of the swollen face full fat ,its essence is a poor ,can get anything ?Several security look at each other ,could see each other impatient .
For them, their own time ,can only be wasted in upper-class people, and Xiao Yu a few people is a small people, a small people, you can talk to them ,is a great gift ,but now the boy dared to question his ,suddenly turned ugly .
,if come on get out of here ,don us out ! Several security also fire ,* * * ,several provincial to inside, this isn ?If you go in, then I also improper Swiss president, are all looks bad at Xiao Yu ,as if Xiao Yu is the arch-criminal general .
Xiao Yu was not a good bird ,plus the he did not want to stir up trouble ,but the Swiss people here are very kind ,for their own party invitations ,even no ,this is not to smoke ?Now see several security impatient ,Xiao Yu is impatient ,since you some Swiss people ignore their own ,I will let you know that I Yulai Shaw !Look at Tom ,Xue Luo people, the driver said : ! The driver is Lin Group Swiss company, nature is listening to Xiao Yu ,the number of security thought that few people have felt the pressure to leave here ,suddenly relaxed ,but subsequently happened ,to their surprise ,of course, their eyes are very good .
The driver got Xiao Yu command ,he find the best breakout route ,since it can be Lin group assigned to the driver ,no one would be simple characters ,but soon on the best route for a few people ,Xiao Yu said ! The car just a few security nose underground .
Several security would like to YY a ,dark sigh ,yourself or someone to listen to ,but just in this scene, to their head but to turn to ,but can do here with security personnel ,also not be simple ,just froze for a few seconds ,then shouted : someone crosses the union ! The roar ,the entire international trade unions outside moments alive ,all security fast from all sides around them ,to Xiao Yu to stop ,but Xiao Yu makes them so .
In fact, Xiao Yu idea is very simple ,that is !This matter is much bigger is better ,the best to the people in the party to give out of trouble .So ,he could be the Swiss people here give yourself an explanation .
Has just been interior minister lesson middle-aged people ,this is very anxious ,sending Xiao Yu to hate on you ,boy ,you do what is evil in Switzerland ,I work is lost .However ,the interior minister explain what ,he is very careful, if not crazy, work out ,can on ?A VIP room ,middle-aged people make a hurried journey without stop left the banquet hall ,as the Minister of the interior side of the Reds ,first of all must still be ,he knows his mistakes ,is oblivious to the Lin Group heir .
Don put him in the eye .But no one in his group received the invitation ,but also must know ,your side for their disregard dissatisfaction ,psychological recognition !Therefore ,middle-aged people decide ,personally invited them ,so it sincerity ,and to illustrate the problem !Also hope that his successor to be able to forgive yourself .
But just out of the banquet hall ,I saw a car called the waste car coming towards him ,middle-aged heart startled ,almost to the soul to frighten ,seeing the car going to drive yourself too, middle-aged man tears ah ,at the last moment, think of the Lin family heir invitation matter, simply taking the intestines green regret ,let you look down on people ,now go to Hades hall .
Xiao Yu was the sudden track-mindid jumps ,originally drove the master computing very sophisticated ,but the presence of this moment broke the original route to break ,Xiao Yu and Tom have a go to the middle-aged man up pumping fiercely he Y ,no eyes .
Driving master is a helpless, if directly over it, even if it is Lin Group ,not much ,so the emergency a reverse turn ,put the car away from the original direction ,it saved middle-aged life .
Middle-aged people had was lost ,the whole person standing on the ground ,motionless ,eyes are full of hesitation ,until the security caught up, middle-aged human soul come ,suddenly relieved ,but look to the car is Switzerland garbage car ,his eyes out of endless rage .
Monsieur Green ,you have nothing ! The guards catch up ,also was frightened jump, the middle-aged people they know ,and also seen on television ,which belongs to the superior characters, generally see a face is very difficult ,but now most garbage car was nearly killed ,not to say ,the scene is very funny ,but at this time the security but are afraid of the atmosphere ,because this car the intruder is their fault, but Green had nothing, otherwise ,these people will be very difficult to explain ,suddenly look to Xiao Yu car ,was full of hate .
Green adjusted his mood ,just really scared him ,thought he was going to die, but then found himself still alive ,this feels so good ,very good, look to the several security also feel particularly cordial ,but there are few people ,Green is unable to hospice !It was Xiao Yu who !Xiao Yu had no choice but to share we originally thought better of the plan ,do not have ,now the car was surrounded by the security ,it seems to break into the plan that failed ,but Xiao Yu was not in the business to pursue what ,like ,will certainly encounter obstacles ,and now Green is Xiao Yu way ,but there are obstacles are not necessarily fail .
Tom came all the way without speaking ,performance is quite calm ,it has not according to his anticipated direction ,or as long as it is to keep up with his young master ,the development of things must be counterintuitive, but whether it is a perfect ending ,the Tom heart no odds ,can only hope at Xiao Yu .
Xue Luo and lise did not pay any attention to what had just happened ,just naturally or half unconsciously to the outside looked ,car not outgoing female happy laughter ,seem to talk about what a happy thing, not a bit because now the situation and worry ,Xue Luo at window of middle-aged man be a yes-man security ,brow a wrinkled ,seems almost hit a big shot ,but then brow cleared ,confident look at Xiao Yu ,they are master rival ?Xiao Yu does not use for them ,or he is unafraid to these people ,with Lin group right this article is enough to cause a lot of people if not this one, Xiao Yu also is not afraid of .
But these are not Xiao Yu concern ,now he just want to enter this company will go to the party was a complete shambles ,put my people ignore ,this makes Xiao Yu cannot accept ,can not accept, but when I saw those security seems to have it in for Green was afraid when, Xiao Yu smile .
Tom ,we got out of the car ! Xiao Yu suddenly made a very dramatic action ,make Tom their very puzzled ,but due to his master confidence ,Tom and Xue Luo ,Lisi are off .They all believe that his master would not harm their .
Green is now completely from just before being awake ,now see the nearly his life off ,mood is very excited ,on the side of security gave a loud roar ,but Xiao Yu did not understand ,but see the security came up ,I can guess ,Green is going to catch them .
Yes ,Green is sent by Xiao Yu et al .,good ravaged ,do not say ,these people broke into the union ,the single almost killed himself ,Green will not let their hearts ,is secretly vowed ,will give these people a profound memories .
Green is really angry ,from small to large ,he is highly respected ,and allow yourself to experience life and death ,this is impossible ,and no one dared to do so ,as to dare ,not so boring ,you let me experience of life and death ,then I will let you die, Lin Xinzhong sneer .
Green roared ,those security instantly bring Xiao Yu around ,but Xiao Yu did not resist ,but the eyes to Green, in the security has not started before, said in a loud voice : I was his successor ,I want you to go in there and the party held the offer letter ,I want them give me an answer ! The security was to have Xiao Yu arrested several people ,good greeting, but Xiao Yu heard this nonsense words ,changed colour ,although they don what Lin Group is the successor of stuff, but for this party organizers ,is very clear ,but that the interior minister initiated .
Interior minister who is superior ,but that the Swiss people !But the child actually talk wildly ,to the Minister of the interior to give him an explanation .Isn had ambition the vagrant ,have a death wish ?This time, the security had the decided to give this arrogance ,so boy a lesson .
Green originally wanted to see a play, he knew that the security is not going to let him down ,the first of these security without due diligence ,let people to rush in, in order to make up for their sins ,the security will also make every effort to use it, secondly ,his sentence ,almost can the difference between life and death ,in order to make a good impression, they will be hard .
Now Green really want to find a place to sit down ,look at the show ,but to hear Xiao Yu say, shocked eyes must fall, also a moment understand why Xiao Yu rush in, and soon Puma Fluxion II Shoes,the security will hit Xiao Yu ,Green startled ,* * * ,the God you can play ah ,so they could not own aristocratic posture ,with Liu Xiang as the speed to run in the past, shouting stop, you can fight this little family ! Sir ? These security an astonishment ,OMG ,this person doesn what Prince God ,even the Minister of the interior side Reds are heard ,and such a gaffe ,for a time, the security of the hearts of many ideas ,but perceived their hand to manage ,even Green are afraid of people ,consciousness offend people ,not a disease ?Green also know consciously rude, but at that time he had no way ,if the security is really the Xiao Yu hit it again ,maybe it will cause uproar in downtown ,major media and newspapers will matter much publicity and exaggerated ,that time ,even want to argue ,would like to explain ,no people will believe ,so Green also believe that ,my future will also be a dismal .
Compared to his future ,Green think it is simply not worth mentioning all the small things .See security let go ,Green was only better, but his face was still rather pale ,he was ordered to Lin Group heir to beat, if this report up ,that he may have got a lesson .
Think of here ,Green is also a trouble, very carefully, very serious look at the station on the ground face does not matter to Xiao Yu ,fuck ,you are brother nightmare .Xiao Yu on this sudden reversal is also very surprised ,this man was also own hard a beating ,but now suddenly asked his little family, their marriage is yet ,how can there be so old offspring .
However ,when others are just take the hand ,Xiao Yu thought that he must say thank you ,but think of the guy ,his fathers ,Xiao Yu heart ,on the side of Tom a few people smile : I I am old ? Green had an unstable ,and fell to the ground ,instantly know what Xiao Yu is saying ,then quickly remedy : Josh, is my old ,is my old ! Xiao Yu gawks ,oneself just is careless words ,definitely not the meaning ,but to look at Tom and Xue Luo ,they are a pair of believed that you are careless ,that I would rather believe world fishy .
This makes Xiao Yu mad ,this world the truth how nobody believed it ,but for the present why Green knows ,Xiao Yu decided to beat a .But then ,Xiao Yu made a face, well, the original arch-criminal is you !Green in order to remedy their invitation .
There is no time to be like Xiao Yu ,immediately ,ask for forgiveness ,while the invitations out ,this time Xiao Yu also knew why Green know yourself .However ,for Green ,Xiao Yu is not flattery .
In fact, Green is very simple ,in that his successor to Switzerland ,the Minister of the interior to please Xiao Yu to Green, but at that time, Green are one important thing ,to forget ,so Mr.
Green felt very sorry .Xiao Yu, hey hey laugh, also do not know whether to laugh or smile to the person of Green ,Green the reason ,it seems that Green is not very hot ?Xiao Yu thought .
He said he had something important to deal with ,just to please their own things to forget ,this is not evident in the said to myself ,you is not important ,so I can forget you ?Green saw Xiao Yu laughing ,thought Xiao Yu was satisfied ,suddenly very satisfied ,I say ,a two generation what ,just about a few words he to flicker to the remotest corners of the globe ,but I don ,in Xiao Yu heart has positioned him ,the man in ,medium waste .
Hear the words of Green, Tom is also a knowing smile .Luo snow nothing shook his head ,only in very cute and shook his head ,nodded again ,was very puzzled look ,then a curious baby touch ,cling like the Xue Luo said: sister snow ,people say we are not important ! Xiao Yu is amused Li died ,but didn laugh ,even a small radish Li can see errors ,a minister of the interior side of the Reds ,but can not see ,Xiao Yu can not help on this did not meet the Minister of the interior look down up .
Green hearing this ,also get embarrassed, in Lisi reminder ,if he was stupid to also understand a word of what he said ,just as clearly explained ,but Xiao Yu interrupted him ! Lord Green, I am here to attend a banquet ,since I got the invitation ,I go in? Xiao Yucai won Green ,since a word can say something wrong ,you can hope that his explanation can satisfy yourself ?If not ,there is no need to continue to listen to, and in how to say ,this is false ,if Green can tell the truth ,says he is because looked down on Xiao Yu ,maybe Xiao Yu will be the one with special respect ,but now ,Xiao Yu Green was not interested ,for he said ,it is not to listen ,who is willing to listen to nonsense ah .
His talk was broken ,Green ,a little ,still in his heart went up ,more than a little resentment ,however ,Xiao Yu must go to the party ,but also no ground for blame ,face forced smile said: when I can ,can ,Li master please ! Xiao Yu also dismissed Green ,with several followers into a symbol of power and * * banquet hall ,the hall of each corner is always dressed noble ,gorgeous childe and woman ,them or by twos and threes gathers together to communicate with each other ,or to find a corner alone ,looking at all of the hall ,or taste this elaborate cakes .
Of course, the young people are the circle ,the party gave us a platform for mutual exchange ,but also some women to fire torches ,according to incomplete statistics ,a party down ,many women will find their loved one .
Of course, this is only confined to the rich family, the woman is lucky was the giants brought in .Intentions to fly the branches become the Phoenix, but also to family sacrificed woman .
There are fewer is old ,but the older generation for dinner eat certainly not interested ,they are living into a fine figure ,perhaps say a word ,is much accounted for, although it is to attend the banquet ,but their utility very strong, perhaps ,they will come to the party just can have a look and a family of co-operation ,or marriage .
In short ,this party is not the surface is so simple ,even the hall young ,you see they are talking to someone ,this may also be the elders ordered ,so this is a full of this party, as to who is the biggest winner ,must think you can release the ability .
Xiao Yu came in and immediately attracted the attention of many people ,although Xiao Yu thinks of himself wearing tuxedo is a little toy boy feeling ,but to those used to see a European face Swiss people, Xiao Yu on the east face is to give them the feeling of eyes bright .
But before they arrived ,many people will know, today show host is an oriental, now saw Xiao Yu coming ,was busy hall atmosphere obviously cold come down, everyone has his own ideas .
Xiao Yu also felt the change ,but it does not matter, for the party nature Puma Pace Cat 691 Shoes,his heart also has a definition ,that is to pull the relationship ,or the old man ,Lin Ming never let your friends to the party secretary of the interior .
Since Lin Ming to pull himself ,also can let him down ,Xiao Yu smile .At this time, in a VIP chamber ,Green walked in ,he put a message tell Xiao Yulai interior minister Farr, let him host this banquet ,although nominally ,Xiao Yucai is the party but in Switzerland, is not a be of noble character and high prestige people to help Xiao Yu to speak, then this party will lose luster ,and this is Lin Ming .
Saw Green coming ,Farr will know that Xiao Yu has come, to a few friends waved ,few people would have come to the hall .Farr the entire hall was quiet ,in the Swiss Farr is definitely be of noble character and high prestige of a senior ,in Switzerland is absolutely right ,when they saw the old man ,are consciously stopped everything, although I know this party promoters are law ,but they did not think the Farr will to attend .
This comes from the East youth face is too strong . see Val in that moment, many people thought ,at the same time to Xiao Yu this eastern youth is more curious .Farr stepped onto the platform ,to be exchanged a few words ,then very grand introduced Xiao Yu to everybody ,let everybody to Xiao Yu this eastern teenager has an understanding ,however ,for Xiao Yu the objective without saying a word ,just come here to play ,but in the field .
It is not a fool ,since the play ,held a party to do bird? Xiao Yu at this time ,also saw Val is a kind of person ,the old man gives person like Lin Ming, are very kind, but always with a smile, give a person gentle feeling ,does not have a superior taste ,however, Xiao Yu could not rely on vision to judge a man Lin Ming ,as a neighbor grandpa looks like a general ,but do, is very hard .
But at least Xiao Yu know they underestimate the Farr, general upper circles ,for the concept of time is very strong ,but fall on their late things ,but did not mention ,did not seem to occur in general ,Xiao Yu knows this ,but with heart mirror like, but also think about ,and the fox Lin Ming become friends ,is a blockhead ?Since they are introducing himself ,Xiao Yu also never contradicts his face ,then went to say a few words, Xiao Yu knows where the party has many people look at their own jokes ,or to make a fool of yourself, so you have to be more careful .
However ,Xiao Yu is one of the very real, very sincere, also go all lengths ,if you want to describe his words ,is supercilious ,defy laws human and divine ,with no regard for any man in the eye, but he was able to put people eat dead .
But following his speech is the demonstration of all of this, so that the original quiet hall on the boil !It is the Val feeling was hot ,and Green in the Xiao Yu speech ,ending his political career .
Xiao Yu never absolutely how noble ,even in his heart he was also regard themselves as punks ,for such people ,and if you let him in accordance with the conventional methods ,that women should have a rich man is much, at least ,Lin Ming will have the ability to .
Since he is not a gentleman, you also asked not to use a card he means ,but in the hearts of Xiao Yu or some guidelines ,he gave his thin concludes ,is probably the enemy to revenge ,have found newspaper grievances .
Since the Swiss side of the people so ignore her ,Xiao Yu would give them a good look, do not want to give the young master I held what party testified ,I wouldn ,but you are not ferrari puma shoes, you are wrong .
The thought of Green even invitations to give yourself ,Xiao Yu could not help but with a sneer to be honest, I to Switzerland on here without a little favor ,since want to give me a party ,also don an invitation ,it bullshit ?From here I learned ,hypocritical ,hypocritical ! Xiao Yu is suddenly opening bid, his words made Green ,and val is a NIMBY high look ,as if all this and it doesn ,at least in his mind ,Xiao Yu is not worthy of his mind !His idea is the same as Green !Green just dare to use action to do ,dare and val !Can not !Because Xiao Yu behind a Lin Ming ,is the side of the brotherhood ,one side is the world famous business legend ,this two point from which all should care ,Val Xiao Yu ,instead of ignoring .
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