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September 01 [Sat], 2012, 16:14
Asks everybody collection book ,asks everybody to drop some red tickets ,anger over the old .- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Oh ,one officer ,your first time to our peach ditch ,did not even talk to drink ,how can just walk away ! Hao Xianglin and Zhao Jinzhong quickly shot .
However ,a smile still don a little face ,out of their hands ,to pick up the wallet, step out ,leaving a gang of village cadres being at a loss what to do ,I do not know what to do .Hao Xianglin and Zhao Jinzhong still did not give up ,strode a laugh before, whispered : a secretary ,we give you some native products ,is not much .
.. ... Oh ,I say old Hao ,Laozhao ,you can get these custom not kick things ah !You must mind on work !This is before I come ,county leader specifically told the . Ah -- Hao Xianglin froze, chills ,like a pot of cold water poured down .
Zhang Yixiao had to say on this ,but also how to do ?This is a hundred-percent soft and hard not to eat people !Peach ditch leading cadres who suddenly feel a dim and dark .The front has stated before, Hao Xianglin and Zhao Jinzhong say the peach ditch native ,and not the usual said that goods ,but the peach ditch !They have already scheduled ,let the peach ditch primary school math teacher Sang Yuner to receive a smile .
In the peach ditch ,sang Yun was ranked tenth in the beauty !Let cloud to the reception of mulberry a laugh ,this is Hao Xianglin and Zhao Jinzhong together .The mulberry cloud, this year twenty-one years old, with a smile of an age ,is the peach ditch an ordinary farmer Sang Shide two daughter ,she was made a voluntary ,study hard ,make progress every day ,give daddy go ,let him live a good life ,but unfortunately ,she has a huge empty volunteer ,play life to study, and not to grow ,she didn learn the piece of material ,even the most basic two once basic quadratic equation do not understand is why returns to a thing .
Just two months ago ,mulberry cloud graduated from junior middle school ,come very naturally to peach ditch .Hao Xianglin as the peach ditch head ,immediately umbrella for the cloud ,gave the beautiful and a village girl made a change in life rationalization :to the peach ditch primary school when the teacher .
Sang Yuner natural one hundred agree ,this heaven diaoxianbing thing ,who can resist ?But the sky does not it is without rhyme or reason. To drop pasty ,Hao Xianglin and his condition -- reception city county rural area four class leader ,always at arrangement .
The so-called reception ,it is accompanying the leading cadres at all levels, eat ,sleep, is sleeping .Sang Yuner is an obedient daughter ,she in order to reverse the poverty situation in home ,thinking hard about a week later ,finally decided to devote for the family .
Sang Yuner ripe and full ,she could sing and dance ,two legs very attractive ,body coordination excellent .By Hao Xianglin et al as the peach ditch tenth beauty !Her first task reception ,reception of village cadres are difficult to handle is the piece of a smile !Peach ditch gossip everywhere, this two months around mulberry cloud gossip has been increasingly Sheng :the girl ,even a dollar two equations will be learned ,even a small X does not understand, such levels can teach? Also not open crotch allow leaders to date to !.
Sang Yuner -- honest old Sang Shide ,a month before the next door neighbours in a tattle and prate died ,but sang the cloud has been brainwashed by Hao Xianglin et al ,she put the village leadership to give their reception as peach ditch for the development of the sacred mission !She thinks ,the reception work ,both for the village made contribution ,but also meet their physical needs ,but also solve the family crisis ,three good ,what is there against it ?She felt it is both the beauty and wisdom of shenggu .
Li Zhonghe is later heard camel tertiary about mulberry cloud conditions .He sang the cloud was no good impression ,the mulberry cloud teacher no wonder even the most simple two once basic quadratic equation will be learned ,she only so little intelligence !Like the low IQ wave - goods ,even as the peach ditch primary school mathematics teacher, this is his horse funny .
The peach ditch with such misleading teacher ,can never produce a college graduate. !Since a smile this kid on Peach ditch so cold ,then ,let this kid warm up tonight .This is Hao Xianglin and Zhao Jinzhong exchanged eyes the same idea .
Just go upstairs ,Li river when the mad dog Qi Ruixia ,she is busy preparing for a laugh native .She was hurrying to the peach ditch primary school notice mulberry cloud .At the moment, mulberry teacher had already returned to the home UGG Dauphine Boots, in the face of the sacred mission ,she is full of confidence, closed the door ,make a pot of hot water ,are hopefully wash .
She listened to the mad woman said tonight to reception is a more than 20 years old boy ,from the county ,was full of hope -- to make their first to the county government handsome young man ,is really an honor .
However ,Hao Xianglin and Zhao Jinzhong in the best plan ,does not appear to be so smooth .A smile don he rejected their invitation, peach ditch leaders ,be at a loss what to do .At this time, only to hear footsteps by far is near ,footsteps not urgent not slow, appear very relaxed .
Oh ,I say big officer ah ,peach ditch a hospitality you have a meal again ,is that it ,and why not? With the principles two words irrelevant .You come, go ,the chair is also did not take the heat ,peach ditch three thousand villagers will be chilling ! The voice just fell ,they would see the Li river slowly came in from the outside ,he smiled and nursed smoke ,leaning on the door .
Well -- peach ditch the village officials see the Li River at the moment, was startled at first ,and then a hi, andao: powerful ah ,the Li River in the speech level really terrible ah, clear articulation ,articulation, don play one ,escape one ,every word correctly, although with a complain that the tone and speak out, but people is so very comfortable ,very sweet ,for the average person, seemingly unable to refuse ?Look at the peach ditch ,who can have such a level ?Be overcome by one ,peach ditch many leading cadres put hopes on the Li River in the body, they hope to Li River can put a smile the yama to stay ,as long as a smile can remain in the peach ditch overnight ,what to say .
.. ... Yes ,Li River the peach ditch the village cadres are also raised new hope .But they also have some concerns :the Li River since entering the peach ditch village since ,by all means to mix son ,try various devices to let him take the initiative to leave ,let Li River eat cold-shoulder treatment ,and let the Li River be cold-shouldered ,even at noon today also sent peach ditch first PI Liu Heidan against Li River ,the Li River be to do with the village committee ?If he is not stupid ,I believe he will and peach ditch official cooperation ?I do not know why UGG Nightfall Sale, Hao Xianglin and Zhao Jinzhong village cadres at the same time with one and the same feel :Li River the appointed vice mayor Earmuffs UGG,seemingly on the peach ditch is still a little bit role !Zhang Yixiao saw that Li river suddenly appeared in front of us ,was stupefied, thereupon ,he chuckled ,and said: the river, what are you doing what ? Li River smiled ,pures colors: big officer ,you too not to give us the peach ditch face ,Hao Zhao village secretary and long age people, in our peach ditch ever done most lifetime ,all efforts have led to the development of the village ,development although the slow pace ,but also in the development of ah ,anyway ,no credit also has done ,right? But you, you from the county to the governors of adults, a sentence is the two leader of village life to deny ! The words just to say ,peach ditch the village cadres and a smile ,a kind heart somersault .
The words of Li Zhonghe ,Hao Xianglin and Zhao Jinzhong two village leader s post touted a lot, and put a smile is called the Imperial County to adults ,bidirectional touted ,bring out the best in each other .
A smile a laugh : river ah ,you made a mistake ,I just take the matter on its merits ... ... Li River with a smile ,for a pair of Frank ,said: just Hao director Zhao was right ,we peach ditch UGG Montclair,is very complex ,change the person ,perhaps as secretary and mayor Hao Zhao ,I just one example :the peach ditch surrounded by mountains to the county ,from the village ,the villagers need tramp over mountains and through ravines six hours ,if it is to walk at night on the way ,and maybe even some wild animals ,the villagers even dare to go ?If days ,from the sun ,and so people from the mountains, is the afternoon .
By this point ,peach ditch than something Tuen ,Yu Dongzhuang ,slow development of several beat !Big officer Sale UGG Fringe Cardy,no investigation no right to speak ,you just take the hard things come to us Hao director Zhao applied pressure ,really, you this to us is the peach ditch village committee and the village collective denial !The truth ,is to get the Secretary of county Party committee Comrade Dai Yonghua ,I also dare to say .
Well -- a smile a terrified .A good Li River ,Dai Yonghua of secretary of county Party committee should have moved out .However ,a smile is not a fuel-efficient lights ,Li River in the word ,and not put him to choke him ,laughing ,said: in the river ,I know what you mean ,but ,peach ditch in last few years ,people really can not agree, county leaders also look in the eyes in mind .
Now ,from the central province ,city ,and county ,leading cadres at all levels in stressed development ,peach gully development does not rise ,has become the focus of attention of top leaders !In the city yesterday held helps deficient job conference ,the spirit of the meeting me ,specifically referred to the peach ditch .
.. ... Ah -- all an astonishment ,the peach ditch name ,should mention the city helps deficient job conference agenda ,this can become famous !A small peach ditch ,suddenly become the focus ,focus ,difficulty ,it really can thought-provoking .
Hao Xianglin ,Xu ,Zhao to Haoyang ,mad woman ,Shi Huaiying these village cadres ,a eagerly look Li River and a smile dialogue .In their opinion ,Li River and a laugh similar age ,but Li Zhonghe language expression ability than a smile strong many ,a smile can really play the official ,to that time, energy is insufficient ,always get stuck ,but they did not know that Li Zhonghe and Zhang Yixiao irons relationship .
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