regardless of his perception of how to improve

September 08 [Sat], 2012, 16:25
The sky is endless, but in the vertical direction on all reflect in Luo sail ideas ,was he in some mysterious way of perceiving only ,and that the only .In the vertical direction with occult perception will be wrapped in which the entire sky ,regardless of his perception of how to improve the perceived scope ,but no trace of ascension ,then stop there !Even his mind that vault like general sea in the vertical direction on the thickness has reached 3000 ,to reflect on his idea in sight was elevated to thirty thousand miles ,that is reflected in his ideas sight is only at the end of the sky UGG Classic Tall,go on a little what situation ,whether the endless sky ,whether there is a piece of heaven and earth ,or simply is a void ,even the world is infinite ,is know nothing at all .
This strange and mysterious circumstances while contains an endless mystery ,if really clear ,certainly can let his practice has a great progress ,but this is not the time .Don ,at this time ,but in the event of a clay palace in turn the world upside down changes !The spirit of constantly expanding the week hill ,continuous twisted around the grey powder material ,strengthen the knowledge sea vault shape size .
To me it Chi Chi Chi Chi crunch. The increasing spread his ideas ,the more general mapping scene went into numerous fragments ,let him in to keep the mysterious sense UGG Chrystie Sale,the spirit of this kind of idea is gradually becoming more and more significant ,more and more frequent sound is full of .
The whole idea is gradually become blank .I do not know how long after ,the whole world seems to have undergone a dramatic shock .Thought that an inexhaustible blank in this a severe concussion .
Gradually crash crush .Smash the blank after ,he only felt he had become a very strong presence, a vast unyielding breath deep in my heart beats ,it seems that as long as a show of hands ,with one action ,can smash the world ,void shatter !Fine fine feeling ,his mind was filled with infinite shock .
Originally, the anonymous method real efficacy could be so ! Luo sail only so a like thunder surging thoughts in .Because ,at this moment ,he felt that he had not hill incarnation !The outside world is not out of the Northwest Tianzhu Zhou Shan ,but his spirit by the sea ,in identification of void not week hill !This week hill as his body generally stands in the knowledge sea vanity is central .
While the general sea vanity don have become a world ,into an area of forty-nine thousand miles radius ,height of four thousand nine hundred feet in place ,where in the world !Or rather ,a vault like the shape of the world !In this world, his spirit ,become not shape of the hill stands in the middle of it .
The bottom of the hill stands firm ground ,and the entire surface of every inch of space firmly together .Peak withstand the world ,like Skyreach pillar in general, become the whole world to support .
Inexhaustible pressure from top to bottom in a two direction pressing down on him ,the pressure is strong ,like countless mountain from thousands of miles high crashing fall generally ,heavy cannot imagine .
But these ,but not to his cause what effect !His mind ,is that a vast indomitable spirit, a day falling down and I will love him back !The two upper and lower direction to hit him terrorist pressure in this vast unyielding spirit ,in this unit against the world of passion ,but be just perfect ,not make him feel have no place to make a strong ,did not let him feel unbearable north face outlet store! Pangea day ,I is the backbone, of indomitable spirit ,I not the sixteen word was so mean in just the idea, and an idea popped into his mind ideas .
In Zhou Shan observed from the perspective of the whole world ,and everything in the eyes of .The ground is uneven, the ups and downs ,a seemingly random ,but has a very profound rule ,and the entire week hill together, like a true earth .
The sky ,is a gray, like in their eyes ,turning Chung ,crushing ,seemed inexhaustible clouds cover the sky in general .So the sky north face jacket clearance sale,so the earth ,let the whole world seem bleak just ,things did not leave Luo sail too much time to feel this so desolate ,so strange sea world knowledge .
Suddenly ,his spirit by not week hill a mad earthquake ,inexhaustible shadow from this week mountains like submachine gun bullet general blurted out Puma Speed Princess!These virtual shadow in the left the spirit not week hill just after the reduction of indomitable spirit in the twinkling of an eye ,from the original to the grain size of the particles .
The ghost of the ejection lasted for a long time, ejection shadow volume more than hundreds of millions just stop .The billionaire ghost continuous condensation ,ended up in a hill like brown gas ,in the knowledge sea opened up the world as a fine thread ,appear so not worth mentioning .
Fu zhuan ! Luo fan heart marvel ,at the same time it is great joy .Because he felt ,the mountains surrounding the virtual image is composed of a complex that ordinary people at will collapse of the spirit of the three-dimensional character of the seal ,not around the mountain shadow ,but this character and its shape !And the composition of the rune fragrance ,it is a very mysterious energy !The pure degree ,aggregation degree than before ,in vivo ,in sail that mystery of mysteries of energy to be hundreds of times more !This dish consisting of hundreds of millions of Fu Zhuan is composed of the airflow in the knowledge sea world wandering ,like a living being ,very flexible ,very elegant .
And it is completely in the Luo sail under the control of the control degree ,even deep into every Fu Zhuan .As to the control of the airflow to deepen ,suddenly ,his mind suddenly ,there was a message from the depths of my mind bursts .
By the use of the word is still documented ring method that complex ,but with endless information text . This is called mana . he produced at the moment so understanding .With this understanding ,this one mana gave a sudden judder ,into the general sea world a very mysterious place ,disappear in the knowledge sea world .
Luo Fan for the general sea world everything is clear ,instantly understood the secret location is the knowledge of sea and body connection point .A thought of punch ,also the mysterious location ,out knowledge sea ,into his body ,the whole body feeling ,inside the body ,external situations into his ideas .
That a mana at this time have been poured into his bowl mouth size meridians .This tract mana although small ,was not much larger than a strand of hair ,but power is terrible .This is the size of the meridian in the mana after entering ,he is unable to withstand, instant collapse crushed pieces ,silk !Then ,more of a very strong attraction from him ,tearing up all around the energy ,the energy constant inhalation of his body .
He now location is in the gang thunder fire layer third layer .This is a terrible tearing force, moment of the strong wind thunder fire layer responded ,a head and a variety of colors clouds like life is found generally targets ,crazy he dashed toward the !PS :someone is very thick declare: I update time earlier than yesterday !By the way very shameless seek votes to reward ( read novels to vertex novel network www.
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