not rise to the level of gas month

September 05 [Wed], 2012, 12:41
Dragon song they just out of the arena District of alchemy ,there are many forces to the dragon song they issued the invitation ,and sketch of dragon song in their empire to obtain profits ,however ,dragon song all declined !In so many invited dragon song of their power ,but no sea shark the Imperium of man ,probably because they do not worry, because dragon song they live sea shark house .
Dragon song they returned to sea shark house ,just enter the sea shark house ,the LORD sent Butler invited dragon song they went to the hall .Lian pharmacists dragon song ,please go to our house main hall talking ! Butler said ,although the Butler is the strength of the gas on level five ,but their status in the whole smelting spray monster continent are very high, so the housekeeper speech became respectful .
Well !We go together ! Dragon Song readily promised ,and small ,red to the hall ,in family how you say it will give others face ,and now the Dragon Song their strength is weak ,they are not his opponent !Into the hall ,suddenly saw the sea shark house master ,and sea shark house all gas on eight level master ,while in the hall, sitting in the middle of a person not sea shark house house master ,but a gas emperor nine level master !This estimate is sea shark emperor sea shark emperor !Ha-ha.
Dragon song ,Congratulations, entered the top sixty-four ! House master smiled said dragon song .Ha-ha. Before entering into top sixteen !Enter sixteen to get to the main house gift ! Song of dragon laughs .
The gift is to inspire you ,think of you so strong ! House master smiled ,and then give the Dragon Song introduced next to the gas emperor nine level master , if I show you know ,this brother is our magic ocean sea shark to help out, but also our sea shark house out, is now the mainland ten spray demon empire one emperor ,emperor of the sea level nine gas shark emperor ! When your majesty ! Dragon song they delivered as gift .
Neither haughty nor humble personality makes sea shark emperor laughed : Ha ha !It is the hero of youth ,you with the month level not to ,karen millen sale,they can be easily produced star Dan ,if you reach a gas month level ?I really like you, very much of you ,look forward to your future ! Thank his Majesty the emperor value ! Dragon Song smile coping ,physician .
However ,a good Lian pharmacists ,to have a strong backing ,but also requires a large amount of medicinal herbs and adequate medicine time ,and these ,I can give you ! Sea shark king said ,he is not to contact the dragon song ,Karen Millen 2012 Dress Sale,but what he can give the dragon song ,see his heart .
Thank you for your majesty love !But we have a dream ,maybe this dream can not be bound by an empire ! Dragon Song said with a smile . Tell me, what is your dream ? Sea shark emperor big road .
Our dream is to become a mercenary ! Dragon Song said ,small ,red also nodded .Ha-ha. To become a mercenary? Sea shark emperor laughed .Sea shark house house master laughed ,in the Great Hall everyone laughing .
Dragon song they also smile, but smile . Say ,why do you want to become a mercenary? Sea shark emperor stopped laughing asked . Mercenaries can take one ,can do what they want . Dragon Song said .
But ,we want to become the strongest mercenary ! Little said . Well !The strongest ! Red also said .Hear the song of dragon of their words ,in the hall of all do not laugh ,because they see is a young man of ambition, perhaps after a number of years ,the dragon song they can really become the mainland on the strongest mercenary is not necessarily ! OK ~ !Different people have different aspirations.
,I don ,however ,met with critical moment, you think of our sea shark empire can be ! Sea shark emperor said ,then left a token to the Dragon song .Dragon Song hurried to catch ,only token reads shark imperial order ! See this token such as see me ,the whole spray monster continent ,not to sell face to my face is not much of a ! Sea shark king of Dragon Song said , if you come up with this crisis ,the token can be ! Sea shark emperor so generous ,so everyone was shocked !The song of dragon is touched ,immediately bowed : thanks for sea shark emperor love, then have my song of dragon place ,has sent for me ,I will to dragon song ! Ha-ha.
Good !Worthy of our sea shark good brother ! Sea shark emperor laughed , so be it ,dragon song little brother you rest early tomorrow wish you success ,alchemy ,won the first ! Good ! Song of dragon laughs ,and small ,red back to his yard to rest !But the shark house house owners see dragon song left and sea shark emperor said: dragon song this is so important to the token is it right? Too much ! Ha-ha.
Don dragon song they three very good ? Sea shark emperor asked with a smile . ! Sea shark house house master says . So ,ugg for women,they will not take my token to do evil ! Sea shark emperor said .
They are worth the token ? Sea shark house house asks the lord .Worth. See their potential will know ,they must be extraordinary talent ,daughter of chicken ! Sea shark emperor laughed .
Ha-ha. Big brother wise ! Sea shark house house master laughed .Dragon song they lived in the yard .Dragon Song touch shark imperial order ,which says: sea shark emperor with us to do well ! Ha-ha.
They are good for us !To whom we can be a good ! Shining smile . Well ! Song of dragon nodded . Dragon elder brother ,you first discipline yourself ,tomorrow to alchemy ! The little red .
Good ,Cayha UGG! Dragon Song smile put shark imperial order into space in a ring ,and began to meditate to rest !Small ,red dragon song next in meditation practice .Gas star nine steps of peak of dragon song they seriously cultivation ,at any time may break through the gas cut gas month star level ,level !However ,dragon song they practiced a night ,also does not rise to the level of gas month ,upgrade such things ,not reluctantly ,to a certain extent ,the natural upgrade !By practicing a night ,went to the very next day alchemy assembly start time .
Dragon Song opened his eyes ,full of spirit !Small ,little red is also opened his eyes .Ha-ha. Get moving !Song of dragon laughs . Well ! Small ,little red nodded ,then stood up ,cheap karen millen dresses!The arena District of alchemy .
About two hundred thousand viewers already concentrated in the arena district stands ,ready to enjoy the last alchemy finals .The song of dragon has also embarked on the arena of alchemy .
When the sixty-four Lian pharmacists have landed on the arena ,the referee started announced the start of alchemy !The alchemy assembly referee has changed ,changed into a gas on eight level master ,but also the only way of the master ,to become the final assembly of the alchemy .
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