and woke up the smell wee .

September 10 [Mon], 2012, 12:18
The 334th chapter he must still be alive !Second more ,... ... Wen Yan and Qin Fanglian know is when sleeping ,although the night quite cold ,but two people embracing tightly, the sleep actually slept very practical .
In such gloomy soluble Dong ,even in daylight, but still no sunshine ,but Qin Fang is accurate ,almost asleep suddenly opened his eyes .Qin Fang know this time should be at five in the morning .
Wen Yan ,Wen yan ... ... Wen Yan on a cold ,but with the Qin Fang close together before the Xiong is still very warm ,Qin Fang gently probed veins ,sure no problem, that long breath a sigh of relief, and woke up the smell wee .
Eh? How, Qin Fang ? The smell of sweet sleep or m í m ímassat the corners ,hung faint smile ,sleep seems to have dream ,have woken up is a very unpleasant things ,but now wake up is Qin Fang ,her a little unhappy soon disappeared without a trace .
Dawn. Qin Fang said with a smile , to eat UGG Bailey Button Krinkle Outlet,eat, we only effort on ... ... Is still a hot buns North Face Womens Denali Fleece Jacket,but Wen Yan has adapted to the Qin Fang mystery ,this will only let her deeper ,more cannot extricate oneself .
This time she did not want to Qin Fang one point one Hello ,who while still cold ,but has been restored to a lot of effort ,this Xiao thing can still care .Two people are fed a meal ,he immediately got up and ready .
Qin Fang will be airing on the side of the clothes here, soluble Dong inside the low temperature ,high humidity ,a night past ,still some wet clothes ,but Qin Fang did not know where to find a piece of thick cloth .
The pad in his stomach, then put on his clothes ... ... Qin Fang is said tenderly ,the cloth is affixed to the Wen Yan smooth Xiao abdominal ,for her to put on clothes ,although Wen Yan now in nature ,but Qin Fang and no strabismus ,no more other ideas ,just a piece of a piece for Wen Yan dressed ,and his clothes were all together cover in Wen Yan .
Although the clothes were wet, but it is at least as before ,what also don wear better . Wen Yan moved ,but have a look Qin Fang ,clothes to her ,he was wearing only a still wet four short horns K ù ,as the Cowboys K ùisin your hand .
I while exercise hot ... ... Qin Fang laughingly said .And my heart is for his SAP set observed a moment of silence ,don smell wee stomach on that piece of linen just a bit ,but it was Qin Fang best .
SAP set inside the sack ,to be destroyed later Qin Fang ,actually is not a complete left, left this ass a large piece of cloth ,although become soft a lot, but the Xiao difference too much ,otherwise can give Wen Yan to shelter from the wind and cold .
Wen Yan did not say anything ,but her eyes shining bright, can understand her feelings .Two people on the way out ,the soluble Dong lead in all directions ,Qin Fang can only with the feeling go .
The soluble Dong below is an underground river, Qin Fang memories of how to enter the river, as well as in river flow and so on ,roughly estimate height ,before looking at several of the channel ,and then by the feeling has chosen a seems to be up to the channel .
... ... Qin fang ... ... Qin fang ... ... You don have ... ... But this time ,Qin Fang Wen Yan and missing a pool ,already under martial law, all around is a serviceman, Tang Feifei and Xiao Muxue is kneeling on the pool side ,in prayer ,and the military had already sent people into search .
Find the smell Qin Fang Yan ,Tang Feifei and Shaw snow along the stream way down ,safety and immediately cry to Chinatown call .Chinatown immediately find uncle Tang Yongming for help ,the mobilization of a row of soldiers rushed to the cloud hill ,closed the section of the surface ,and then sent into the water to look for clues .
Unfortunately ,these warriors water x ì ng althoughare good, but the whirlpool or no one dares to easily try ,even by their launching tried, also not to be able to succeed . Fifi ,Qin Fang will not happen Chinatown frowned ,looked around Tang Feifei Xiao Muxue ,vaguely feel Qin Fang and Xiao Muxue relationship is not simple ,but by this time, regardless of these apparently meaningless, he only tried to comfort his sister .
Brother ,you must save Qin Fang Tang Feifei it was sad y ù absolutely,she hated myself for not listen Qin Fang persuasion ,to play adrift, and Wen Yan does not say, also let Qin Fang also one .
.. ... Fifi ,Qin Fang Xiao Muxue looks bleak ,expression is also very worried ,but she has to calm down more than Tang Feifei . Admire snow ... ... This is Xiao Muxue advised not okay ,that is to have a sad Tang Feifei immediately again also could not help the tears ,cried aloud ,it is really sad ,people see tears .
This is not only Chinatown ,leave ,he is read out, his sister is also love the Qin Fang ,but is unable to find Qin Fang ,sister will follow . Fifi ,believe me ,Qin Fang is still alive .
.. ... See Chinatown gone ,only Xiao Muxue Tang Feifei righting ,was affirmed the . Admire snow ? Tang Feifei stopped crying ,tearful eyesdance gazed at Xiao Muxue ,eyes filled with doubt huo .
A short silence ,Xiao snow only faint said , now ,I frankly a thing ,I hope you will not blame Qin fang ... ... Tang Feifei is surprised ,was a bit confused Xiao Muxue really say anything .
In fact ,I have been with Qin fang ... ... Xiao Muxue took a deep breath ,almost took a lot of guts to open mouth . ,I know the point ... ... Can not think of, Tang Feifei was immediately interrupted her ,saying that she already knew .
.. ... This time replaced Xiao Muxue stunned ,she and Qin Fang relationship has always been very secretive ,though occasionally ambiguous Sale UGG Classic Mini,but never in front of Tang Feifei Table 1 ùout.
This thing to ever since I was at Xiao ... ... Although doubt Huo ,Xiao Muxue or will she and Qin Fang this decreed by fate of bizarre things to Tang Feifei one one jiao generation .
.. ... ... ... In the dark .The two figure Mo cable along the ground ,some wet ,head and some of the water dropping, impingement in the article on the tinkling sound .Occasionally some of the water dropping in two individuals with the neck between ,there is more an inarticulate .
Cheep cheep but at the moment, a very sudden noise in the shadows came . Ah ... ... Come unexpectedly voice to smell wee a scare ,almost instinctive body to Qin Fang arms shrinkage ,until the peripheral was calm again after, she this some and unable to part from from Qin Fang arms flash out ,but the face is very red .
Fortunately, Qin did not notice this ,but very vigilant looked around .Soluble Dong light dark, only those fluorite releases light halo ,for Qin Fang they illuminate the way forward ,as for those hiding in the dark creatures is not clear .
Wen Yan is not the kind of careless silly bold girl ,facing such environment ,previous strong is quite fragile ,Qin Fang hesitated ,or will she come to my side ,let go of her shoulders ,let the smell wee more tailored to your health .
That Qin Fangdao is very calm ,side pull smell wee shoulder ,will she stubbornly hold ,side is toward the front walk ,at the same time investigation skills are not stop detection forward environment ,once the show any abnormality ,he will be the first time the risk elimination .
But that rats ... ... Qin Fang tapped Wen Yan shoulder and said, and so on ,mouse ... ... But it just said half ,Qin Fang suddenly shocked, then become surprise, ha ha ,we are saved ,we were successful .
Qin ,Qin Fang fang ... ... You don me ,Qin Fang Qin Fang can be the sudden mania ,but let the smell of beautiful hair mist ,face is full of fear ,even a little scared . I I .
.. ... The smell of beautiful ,we have been saved but Qin Fang soon recovered ,and laughed and said, even be overcome by one to keep the Wen Yan ,on her forehead to the brim . Qin Fang ,you make it clear, I don .
.. ... We are saved with the mouse to have what relation? Wen Yan still do not understand ,but honestly asked . The mouse ,the mouse you say this solution Dong inside what can I eat ? Qin Fang now but not anxious ,actually this way since Bailey Button UGG,Qin Fang always worries about the way is correct ,he although has been identified is right ,but the heart has no bottom .
If there is no ... ... Are you saying ? Wen Yan consideration ,immediately on the reaction .They two it all OK ,take time is long ,at least four or five hours more than, but did not see any plant ,also did not run into any animal ,which in addition to stone or stone, is the largest stone R ǔ ,visible inside the environment is not suitable for living .
But now suddenly out of the mouse ,soluble Dong there is no food UGG Gissella Boots,the food is only outside the mountains ,that is to say they will escape . We ,we finally made it out alive ... ...
The smell of beautiful short dumbfounded immediately after ,J īmovingup ,his eyes is more in the tears to flow out ,she all night with just a few Xiao worried ,fear ,but dare not let Qin Fang saw ,until the moment she finally could not resist the .
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