Long Zhongwu looked puzzled at his five most

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Dragon Song satisfaction from meditation to stand up, sees more and more strong self .Skin and bones strength increases further ,vindictive vigorous degree doubled ,while the gas form villain has energy more and more .
Dragon Song gently waving fists ,found more powerful than the original ,more rapid ,dragon song even believe that ,without weapons he can be more powerful melee ,UGG Liberty Sale!Dragon Song went to the yard ,long pedicle they also happen to a yard from the inside out .
Ha-ha. Congratulations ah ,we together upgrade ! Dragon Song said with a smile . Are you with dragon song !Every challenge ,to help fight continuously ,night persist in practice, if not ,how fast upgrade ! The dragon was said with a smile .
Eat first ,all morning ! Rose virtuous to set the breakfast , going to challenge ! Ha-ha. Dragon Song smiled and took the rose handed over a bowl of soup ,then asked us , now we all reach what level ? I gas profile level four ! Ronti said , can be estimated from the list of forty-third names on a few ! Oh ,I say ,I gas form three, forty consecutive days of challenge in the list of successful ,is ninth ,tomorrow to challenge eighth ! Dragon Song said with a smile .
Ha-ha. Good bad ah ! Dragon said happily ,then proudly said to everyone , I challenge the new list of third without success ,now or in the new list fourth ,Puma Water Cube Series Shoes,but rose to gas infant after level eight, the challenges of the new first list should not be a problem ! Oh ,my gas baby six, is now the new chart fortieth ! Jin Zi said .
I also gas baby six, but I a little worse than his brother ,is the new list thirty-eighth ! Rose smiled and said .Three eight. Song of dragon spewed a soup .How. Rose stared dragon song .
It I just want to ask why the roses than why gold Catalpol also ? Dragon Song transfer subject . Is not the Soul Eater arrow ,a shot out ,the enemy is distraction ,and then make up an arrow let the enemy defeated ! Jin Zi in the side complained , dragon song very eccentric !To my sister so well method ! .
.. ... Dragon song .Ha-ha. Rose laughs than flowers in bloom more brightly ! Everybody satiate drink sufficient to continue to challenge ! Dragon Song shouts ,then lifted a roasted golden devil beast legs .
Good ! They also raised the devil beast legs long pedicle touched .Half an hour later ,when the morning sun in the list of the arena ,the new challenge again .There is no suspense ,song of dragon challenge in the list of eighth successful ,as the eighth throne ,but did not get any gold level weapons or armor ,because in the list in the list of master master challenge is no weapons or armor ,unless it is a challenge to the top three, if every challenge have weapons ,the Imperial College early due to financial in short supply has failed ,Karen Millen Solid Dress Sale!Then the dragon was in the list of forty-second successful challenges !In the new chart arena venues ,Dragon Challenge standings for the first successful ,crowned as the new number one !Then get a gold pin sword ,this time he didn long pedicle !The catalpa to challenge the new chart the thirty-ninth success !Rose to challenge the new top thirty-seventh success !This time she won because the place is dragon song laugh !The new list to challenge the new announcement is also not weapons or armor ,only the first challenge can be obtained, but it ,Longyou heaven and earth to help at least twenty pieces of gold weapons and armor .
The specific statistics are as follows :Song of dragon wearing gold heavy armour ,a gold pin Epee ,a rod of gold from pike .Ronti wearing a gold pin armor ,with a sword handle gold pin ,and a gold ring in space objects longbow !Dragon wearing gold heavy silver armor ,with a sword handle gold pin ,and a gold ring in space objects longbow !Jin Zi wearing a gold heavy silver armor ,with gold heavy knife ,the shield ,the space inside the ring and a gold dress and bow down .
Rose gold street wearing silver armor ,with a gold heavy longbow ,as well as a pike challenge after ,dragon song back to his own yard practised ,and long pedicle they go into the school .
Afternoon still practiced .In the evening, dragon song they once again came to the gang challenge site . Song of dragon ,you have to challenge ! Class school teacher said with a smile .
Yeah !Yesterday we challenge the 366th Gang ,today we come to challenge 365th gang . Dragon song also smiled and replied . You challenge the gang seems meaningless ,the gang is not strong ,even there is a gang master list without your help ,Longyou world and two master list ! Class to send the teacher said .
The teacher what do you suggest ? Dragon Song asked .Ha-ha. Class school teacher laughed ,but it looks like good sinister ah ! Have a suggestion ,don you accept ? Oh ,you say ! Dragon Song laughed and said .
Your continuous challenge for forty days ,each day to earn five hundred thousand gold coin Gang costs ,now you have twenty-one million five hundred thousand gold Gang money ,of which eleven million five hundred thousand gold brush into your Cary ,now the gang capital is also left over ten million ,you want to look for a gang of funds is ten million to help battle ? Class were asked the teacher .
Ha-ha. I don get so rich ? Jin Zi said in the next . Song of dragon is now with one hundred million gold cap card ,from help build up to now, we have twenty million, is really too rich ! Dragon also said .
If we made a profit of twenty million ,college also earned twenty million ,college than we have much more money ! Rose at the side of said ,no account class school teacher feel ! Song of dragon ,consider the good ?Would you like and ten million capital gang fight? The teacher asked the class group of dragon song .
Such a good thing ? Dragon song have asked suspiciously . Of course ,I will not give you the ! Class to send the teacher said . Oh ,then we will send the gang war ! Dragon song after watching the dragon with a glimpse of them, see what opinion does then issued to help battle .
Good !I help you arrange ! Class teacher laugh send location for a name . To me ,is what helps ? Jin Zi takes the gang list ,suddenly froze .Dragon song they go close enough to see ,and they wish to challenge the gang is the Dragon feet to help !Dragon feet to help :in the intermediate Department Gang ranked fifth, capital total is twelve million !Wang was absent in the list of ranked fifth in five ,this helped a total of one hundred members, of which five are in the list of master !This does not include its five master ,if coupled with a decrepit, five ,a total of six master list !To help condition ,gas form above grade four ! .
.. ... Dragon song they a speechless . We can recover the challenge ? Dragon song to the class and school teacher asked . Can ,have been sent out ! Class school teacher smiled , it doesn ,is not ten million ! Whether we win or lose you have millions of money, of course you don worry ! Rose says class teacher face a red faction .
We are not in a perilous position ? The catalpa depressed tunnel .Be not afraid of. A song of dragon in it ! Dragon pats dragon song of the shoulder, and then asked , we do ? .
.. ... Dragon song . You don talk ,your opponent has come ! Class teacher to send arena doors , Ha ha !The top five Gang action is quick, they haven been challenged ,for it seemed very ! Dragon song they looked towards the door ,I saw a gas form nine level master with seven or eight gas form nine level master step entrance ,where several people behind, is a deep skill, style extraordinary people ,anyway, which has only twenty men can look through the pedicle ,which he completely fail ,Karen Millen One Shoulder Dress Sale,i.
e. they only twenty of them are gas form four level master ,other all is gas profile level four or above !The powerful forces ,good strength, good powerful gangs !To walk in front of the gas form nine level master slowly on the challenge ,while the other master also closely followed .
Class school teacher ?Don help to challenge us ?I very five is long time no fighting ! Its five Q class school teacher ,not the song of dragon them in the eye, perhaps he thought the song of dragon that few people come to watch the gang war ,because the level is too low .
Longyou world is their help ! Class school teacher pointed to the dragon song they face ,smiling ,it seems to say ,if not so tortured song of dragon kid ,didn much potential ! They ?Five ? Resonant rings look around ,and then his men laughed !However ,there are five individuals did not laugh ,the five men all are dragon song in chart beat ! Why don laugh ? Long Zhongwu looked puzzled at his five most powerful men ,can in the list ,are gas shaped nine in Jiaojiao ,they are no exception .
He is the Dragon song ! One of his said . Oh ,the new chart first ? Its five seems to have been ill informed ,to estimate usual time is in cultivation ! Alchemy master of dragon song ! Another crew complement .
Oh. Its five don ,alchemy and fighting is nothing ! Mixing device master of dragon song ! And one of his said .Oh. Long Zhongwu not to say yes or no . Skills Master of dragon song ! Another said .
What ,say together ! Long Zhongwu was a bit impatient . Master !Fu masters !Continuous from the chart the fiftieth challenge to the list of eighth ! Sorry? From the fiftieth challenge to eighth ? The five began its serious .
Yes . Men said . ,Karen Millen One Shoulder Dresses Clearance,you are he defeated ? Long Zhongwu looked at his five best men ,and then stared they asked . Yes . The five said the master list . Good !Let me see much of him ! Its five fierce eyes look to the Dragon song .
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