he found the red bone reacted very not large

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You mean ,soil and water can be built into the walls ? A ride with contempt ,anger ,bone is full of sarcasm and disdain for the tone of questioning .Lv Yan smiled and said : to build walls ,and then water ice ,in a short period of time can build to withstand cannon assault walls ,each other to see the complete city walls will not try to attack again ,while the ordinary fodder and not on the ice wall damage, in his hesitation and temptation ,we stepped up in the ice wall behind intensify building real walls ,so have to grasp the enemy walls .
The riding of bone and to refute ,but Bernadi stop them, Bernadi and numerous ,but soon will be able to see this tactical feasibility ,he said to Lv Yan : the things I will consider ,if successful, will the Blackwater city after I apply for your reward .
Lv Yan doesn ,saying thank you ,leaving the meeting ,to the north of task execution whistle white forest .Before leaving, Lv Yan Ano and Gulunte at white forest camp ,at the same time to Gulunte on a secret mission ,is to pay close attention to the face of the stubble and his companions ,Gulunte although somewhat puzzled, but promised to watch each other .
For Ano infidelity ,Lv Yan did not tell Gulunte ,so as to avoid the old cow anger Karen Millen February 2012 Sale, Ano is human ,he and some companions can hardly be avoided protection idea ,how to deal with him ,Lv Yan also want to observe a period of time .
Toward the north 5 kilometers away look ,Lv Yan saw the accusative ... ... A broken pieces of bone, which Lv Yan saw with a piece of red cloth, the leader of the war bone could not escape .
Several battle of bone from the dig underground tunnels to climb out ,Lv Yan nodded ,Lu Yan ask them, determine the small search team does not have a skull after the escape ,Lv Yan took the men continue to the north .
Fortunately ,in the white forest north of a bone and a narrow mountain parallel mountains ,a mountain that is said to have been the continent soul gap ,later in the fierce battle resulted in terrain shift ,soul gap closure ,squeeze out a dragon like mountains ,built around the soul gap the city is also buried in the great mountains ,until ten years ahead of the hill for the collar bone and bone adventurers or in a continuous line .
These stories are told Crowin Lv Yan fox ,even sigh unfortunately ,said that hill of the good stuff is the skull of the previous light .Due to the destruction of the city called Ming City of sadness ,so the mountain is also known as the Ming hill .
Snow mountain is difficult to climb with the inscription ,but Lv Yan was regarded as an excellent training opportunity ,he ordered his men to cross flower formation of left and right forward ,each having a pair of pioneer red bone Pathfinder ,to find the enemy immediately lit white wood to large forces in the reverse direction .
Foot rot soil was mixed with a large number of pieces of bone ,and decaying rotten rotten wood and iron ,not forming bricks and the depth of the earth arched white rock together ,then covered with a thin rot soil, constitute a strange geological relics of the mountain .
At sixes and sevens terrain to Lv Yan climbing brought very great disorder Karen Millen Lace,but also let him feel a lot, because this disorder will be unreserved applied to any attacker ,plus the mountain snow ,to attack without being detected is almost impossible .
Took more than one day, Lu Yan finally boarded a small mountain, north of the mountain Ming sad situation a panoramic view, is that stretch as far as eye can see the White Plains, nearly half a meter deep snow covered the stretch to the horizon rotten soil ,no large soul gap ,no white wood forest ,looks like a piece of great white tablecloths ,while at the foot of Lv Yan Ming mountain is the tablecloth when fold ,he and his red bone is the fold residues in food .
With the creator of the wonderful ,Lv Yan started the task ,on both sides of him ,along with the trend of Ming mountain ,there are some higher mountain ,he selected from his most firm red bone ,ordered them to the commanding elevation layout of Beacon Tower ,Beacon Tower is Lenzaj taught an alarm system, and the white wood white wood oil buried underneath ,stacked on top of a damp rotten wood ,pieces of cardboard and broken bones ,in the discovery of the enemy immediately after ignition ,flame and smoke out ,can provide peer alarm .
Cold mountains ,even the dark Peng also cannot completely stop you from being frozen to death . Lv Yan will be assigned to the 40 red bone to impart experience : so you need to keep moving ,our bones as the human physique is so special, but during the campaign will produce weak heat ,the heat is not to make you feel comfortable ,but it can make you live .
Very satisfied with the eyes filled with determination and bone ,Lv Yan then said: but this and cold confrontation training is very useful ,it will increase your head hard degree ,like a Deva as an adult ,he could even at high altitude freeze all covered with ice ,but still in the fall to the ground when not being broken leg, when you this task at the end ,I hope all the people will never afraid of cold .
All are in red bone should be good ,then carried by oilskin packet good drying white stakes ,carrying the prepared white wood oil capsule ,in succession to Lv Yan to say goodbye ,climb to the designated target area .
Two days later, Lv Yan took personal 60 red bone constant visits to their own set of sentinel ,who was replaced the wind blowing the stupid guy ,encourage and praise those who quickly adapted himself to the cold men ,he has the inscription sad hill as his defensive walls ,towers ,a norm sample .
Bernadi there to take the soul of water and white wood material and bone in third days morning comes, he brings a good news ,Bernadi provides according to Lv Yan watering fortification ,in a short span of overnight fix up to five meters of wall ,the original will be at a loss what to do with the bone ,he tried to tear down the seemingly soft ice wall ,but the result is not successful, in the wall under the lost 3 on bone and ten inferior skull corpse ,hurried retreat ,Lord Bernadi has begun casting real strong walls ,can be said to have successful raiders .
This is good news ,but Lv Yan has an additional layer of worry ,that was a wild recognized blacksmith, what his actions ,but Gulunte no carrier to come ,there should be no action was on ,but A Ye expression ,unlike is nothing like ah .
But Karen Val is not in ,otherwise will be able to see through each other ,Lv Yan sent a messenger ,with the soul of water to each post ,as officials cited the soul water applicator ,heal their three days of frostbite .
Ander Lena do this than Lv Yan is good at many, she became the most popular red bone ,whenever she is highly characteristic of laryngeal bone vibrato rang, red bone will immediately become be jubilant ,the little girl and always enjoy it with the soul water shuttle in between each point ,Lv Yanzi still happy to do simply dispensers .
But Lv Yan did not like the surface exposed so easy ,he always feeling that things are not so simple ,Bernadi wall has been built up, why Farrell would not say bone removed ... ... He was waiting for what ?This time wars will really so simple ?The messenger left after 9 hours, the night just comes, Lv Yan felt a no history of upset Italian dry ,he crawled out from the dark peng .
,just patrol back ,you do not have a rest ? Lv Yan guard is the name has a serrated leg red bone ,he felt that Lv Yan was wrong Karen Millen Solid Color Dresses,quickly came to inquire .Lu Yanyao shook his head : we don need to sleep skull ,then over it, when is the right to exercise .
Is ! The serrated leg bone from the red shoulder snow ,loud call other just drilling dark Peng red bone collection ,Ade Rina also worry about to stand behind Lv Yan, he did not know in what anxiety .
Lv Yan gazed upon the west hill, in the last rays of residues of twilight ,the highest mountain silhouette ,like a black beast ,waiting to devour those ignorant of prey .Consider for a moment, Lv Yan said to Ade Rina : Ade Rina ,you don go with us ,you are immediately down ,to see if the hill fire ignited, immediately report to Lord Bernadi on the enemy attack .
,beat the enemy ? Ander Lena was surprised and said ,other red bone is also a face .Lv Yandao : no, I just have this feeling only, not authentic ,if you waited two hours still did not see the light ,you will go to white forest ,ask your brother over there is no movement, as for what ,you ask your brother know .
Is . Ander Lena agreed ,and a worried look at Lu Yan ,then the rapid descent of black .Lv Yan looked at Ander Lena back, slightly disturbed heart Sale Karen Millen Strapless Dress,then he looked to the west of the point : go have a look ,is it right? I too sensitive .
Even had three points ,on the red bone are safe and sound ,and feeling and other red of the link between bone are not broken ,Lv Yan began to feel really is too nervous ,but now has come, put the westernmost of the sentinel was also detectable off, let the soul command the farthest point red bone vigilance ,then took a hand in covered with snow mountain to climb on the west side of .
And Karen Val said Puma Water Cube Series Shoes, do more exercise ,cold resistance is gradually enhanced ,in the snow climbing gradually become not so difficult, watching the left side point nearer .Suddenly ,a fact Xisuo Suo noises appeared, it sounds like numerous cable drag over snow ,some rough, some smooth ,the spirit of Lv Yan it became tense ,he stopped, the right hand is buried in the snow ,to prevent white bee light exposure of their existence ,behind him dozens of red bone also received the soul command ,have squatted down ,the weapon in the hands of the hands .
West No. 5 ,is it right? It ? Lv Yan through the soul to the west side of the sentinel for questioning ,but there is no answer ,he felt that two sentinel and has lost his touch .Beast? The enemy attacked ?Lv Yan at the time of the first order all red bone lying on the ground ,with the snow will of his thin cover layer ,in a few minutes ,the snow will be the traces they almost wiped out, occasionally exposed bones ,will also be considered abandoned in the Ming sorrow mountain residual bone .
Lv Yan head out in the snow outside ,waiting quietly, waiting for the enemy in front of him .Finally ,the back of the head again came the rope drag over snow ,Lv Yan felt himself all the bones are intense shaking ,but he could not move, only firmly in control of their own do not tremble ,he found the red bone reacted very not large ,dark red heart praise human bone psychological quality also good .
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