other people also have different changes

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> > SHEN just ask about the sequence of events ,in addition to ask him to treat old Yan Song ,did not want him to do ,as Shen is clear ,a lion is a heart can always discarded pieces ,in his the struggle, no use value .
WWw.QUAnbEN.COm at night, Shen wrote a long letter ,was sent to the capital ,the very next day he left the province ,to Zhejiang rush .He was originally thought ,can get back to Shaoxing, with the old father this year ,but by the snow blocking ,delayed the trip ,Ershijiuyi early arrived in Jiande county .
Shen handy on two gentleman : from Shaoxing and three hundred miles ,we definitely is driven back ,people say thirty does not rest, one year free tomorrow ,we to #39 ;nor walk .
Two people in Ningbo ,farther than Shaoxing ,nature had no idea, road : already could not go back ,right here have the Spring Festival ,again next year . Near the end of the year ,speak is the atmosphere ,a mouth is ,the next year next year .
F crisp we don Hotel Shen laughs : find the hotel ,so welcome visitors and see them off ,the mood disturbance . Two people know that he doesn noise ,they said: that is the best .
To enter the county seat, homing Inn stay .All this time ,not have to ,who would stay ?All the inns are real ,you pick pick ,just one new year ,new year ,diet self-care ,chef ,man will have the Spring Festival .
This three people is foolish eye ,not even decent meal can not eat ?You want to think, Shen Mingchen has the experience, said: I know a place ,do not close tonight . Two great rejoicing ,ask where he is .
Some of Shen Mingchen : is not that man can ,convenient or not? Shen immediately understand ,said: say is a brothel ? Shen Mingchen nodded: well ,the place three hundred and sixty days a year ,every day, walking have the spring festival .
asked : go or not ? Go . Shen is reflected ,she nodded: can have people recognize me? So he sent Hu Yong to find a place to eat ,the dinner on New Year ,the day will nest in a tavern Tan town feel hungry at random ,do you think ,wait for the day a wiping black ,raise the full spirit of the place ,for wear new garments, out of their rooms .
Shen Mingchen does not mention ,wearing the new Lake silk clip robe ,grass a mouse grey mink set button waistcoat ,wearing the same color fur hat ,with thick bottom feet warm boots ,a look is the rich family children .
Shen and Yu Yin two ,although like plainly dressed ,but today, but the new year ,of course, the usual pressure bottom of the clothes show, the latter was wearing a new blue / padded gown ,a gray fox show ,the inner sleeve black satin gown ,with a black warm hat ,see Shen Mingchen clapped her hands : it is the clothes make the man ,you should wear that .
Yu Yin some feel shy before : where is this condition ? Along with the adults although not to the prophecy ,but Shen can not harmed them ,it surely ,World War Second Club ,to give them such generous treatment .
Shen was also wearing a grey rare group woollen cloth robe ,a month short of the white fox ,lynx skin wearing winter cap ,at the end of the suede boots plays a bright face ,rank stability station when ,casual elegance speechless, just a corrupted world dandy .
Hu Yong is also a new inside and outside ,got up ,give Shen on the binding of millennium ,he smiled : please childe ,place already booked ,the county habitat ,floor , know the son of God, love peace ,UGG Mayfaire Boots,specially the West Pavilion package !Where Kanawha scenery good ,can also watch the snow .
Not clever can be guard captain ,when Shen like with three feet ,with no iron ,may also have the reason .A pedestrian was talking and laughing on the street .Jiande and Zhejiang Jiangxi and Fujian provinces but to the main road, water and land officials through all this hub ,so the city is enormous ,residents are also considerable .
Now there is sparse firecrackers rang ,sometimes fireworks in the night sky explodes ,Shashi good-looking .Each and every family exudes the dinner on New Year fragrance ,let people walking in street soil ,such as general a lost soul .
In fact, Shen from a few days ago, became homesick ,he misses his father in Shaoxing ,his wife and children in Beijing ,also did not know that his father how the body ,do not know if Han had cooled down ,never ever with two older brothers learn bad ,do not know half year old daughter ,is he also did not delicate ?Yes ,in southern Jiangxi during the bandits ,he received a letter from Beijing ,said that if the Han gave birth to a daughter .
Keep the hope of having a daughter Shen wave .Although the battle is still frequently, he still found time to continue to write ,to inquire about his daughter ,the results of this girl doll has been weak and sickly, make Shen is anxious .
.. ... If the child has any unexpected misfortune ,his life is hard ,and if the specific relations, may you never go back .In all there were mostly concerned about, usually can use the tense military affairs to paralysis ,but in a different family reunion on New Year could not restrain ,let him .
So bad .So that habitat ,building ,in a richly ornamented building ,ornate West Pavilion is seated ,he is very heavy ,Yu Yin and Shen Mingchen saw this ,he whispered commanded the bar girls sing the cheerful ,beautiful music .
Hu Yongzao just mentioned ,the girl know Daikin is main ,natural hyperactivity not answer ,and big have the Spring Festival ,and who are willing to play those plaintive sorrowful side ?But even then the cheerful music ,house again warm ,Shen was also not happy ,but felt the song but more virtual car Kuang mood .
Yu Yinhe Shen Mingchen two relatively smile, also know how to enlighten .When there was talk sound ,seem quite many, Shen Mingchen motioned suspension to listen to music ,Hu Yong rough voice : sorry ,upstairs have wrapped down ,you will go somewhere else .
Guards were like noise ,all in the forecourt of the eating and drinking, the downstairs only Hu Yong and several unattended on a table ,I do not know what the man barged in . What is this thing ? A familiar voice ,with wrathful asked: the West Pavilion package for a month ? He looked at Hu Yong face ,know upstairs sitting figures ,but in the brothel owners .
The boss said : be careful to not think big new year come here to have a small ,cool ... ... Said : will cause the half month real prophecy paid back .Too small for an officer for not going .
You see me where money? The popularity of it : it is late, you let me go looking for a place? Neglect a guest, you pay for this? Both sides are stiff, walk on a dress with the light ,said: my master said ,big have the Spring Festival is a lively ,friend if not, please come together ;if you don ,it is so big ,we play every man, two irrelevant is .
This is a very refined and courteous ,suddenly three party at all level .The man with friends together,Caspia UGG Boots, so late, do not want to take place ,so be it .But when he boarded the two floor ,see that sits in the positive class, usually known as fearless ,no guy ,a telescoping neck ,he wanted to return to .
Shen also makes no sound, so a teasing stared at him ,the man only scenes of people ,which can make the tortoise ,UGG Classic Tall,instinctive flinch ,and put out his head ,looked surprised : Oh well, I say this to see the road ,turned out in the here and now ,see you ,I am really delivered Huang Gai .
Said that this man is the Danyang heroes Shao Fang ,once in Nanjing and Shenyang just met ,he see Shen is dressed in casual clothes ,and also in the brothel ,which dare to call to break each other .
This is the delivered . This guy is ambiguous as Huang Gai ,Zhou Yu Huang Gai life was like a box next to .Shen was amused him ,he said: it is fools grow without watering. Also ,you this section of rotten wood ,also don get up sitting ? See Shen tone through closely ,since Shao Fang is be transported with joy ,called out to his friends : come on fast ,there is no stranger .
Always chop moment pretend very ripe ,is mixed and essential skills .He came up five people ,are not young ,Shen will not need to read ,can smell them that share family gas ... .
.. This word is not derogatory ,for from his sun collar ,Lu Guangzu et al of us felt ,sometimes is a good cultivation and moral pronoun, but it is not good ,because that kind of the proud pride ,they are often not well liked .
But they took the latter well hidden ,the former was demonstrated ,in succession in Shen can submissively path : thank you for your hospitality ... ... Shao Fang was introduced to both sides ,Shen on the side ,he is the only son of Beijing Shen ,and with him five ,only equivocation ,said of his business friends .
is the fate ah ,but at this moment we meet again? Shen on the beam fairly ; a few name? The five people will ho ,a class ,a surname is a cycle ,a surname Xie ,a family name Feng ,a surname .
After sitting down again ,sitting with a big table .Shao Fang turn from a guest into a host of make up ,let people take ten altar daughter red ,add some good dishes . So much wine ,which can be mass striking Ailanthus rot ! Shen is not a smile .
Shao Fang smiled and said : this is the new year ,if not drink three hundred cups ,not to live up to the beauty of the season ? Speak to Shen will pour a toast : childe if not like drinking, drink slowly ,after such a long night ,we welcome all night ,I have another ten places .
.. ... Shen was originally quite depressed mood ,let it make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks Shao Daxia a lot ,but laugh ,picked up the bowl ,said: New Year Spring Festival, F first to king .
They admire a full ,drank .When a rule ,first cup is to the collar ,a keynote meaning ,see Shen drinking was good ,with good people ,went to Shen ,then host to guest ,guest to host, such as drink three patrol ,ordinarily should have the attention ,the two sides are not familiar with each other ,which have nothing in common ?There was Shao Fang ,not natural ice, see we have wine ,he smiled: drink too boring ,might as well to dot pattern .
With a clap nearby the harlot : ,after you have extinguishers ? The prostitute women stupid Maidai : uncle asked to sign ,go to the temple . Make people laugh .Shao Fangnie put her buttocks ,laugh scolds: wave hoof ,dare to tease you Shao man? I said is an infant wine extinguishers ;that is the temple .
Early . The prostitute is charming smile left ,at a moment to take a delicate extinguishers back .In order to sign a toothpick holder fifty ,one side banner .Front case with double hook Analects jade candle #39 ;four words ,apparently this makes a of .
Fifty teams to sign each is engraved with the words ,explicit drink and do not drink ,a drink drink drink drink more little Li ,etc. ,all in order to drink or not to drink .Shao Fang banner to Shen ,Shen is humility ,he smiled and said: it rotation ,let me first ! Then in a cigarette from extinguishers ,look at it turned upside down on the table .
Shao Fangmang asked : what is the sign ? Shen He shook his head ,smiling without a word ,a folder chopsticks bass bar tastes fine .The Shen Mingchen also lost ,asked: it is to play charades? Shen He smiled at him and ,still did not answer .
The few and Shao Fanglai ,have also said: even the charades ,it must guess what to say ? Shen is not only language ,theft of food into your mouth .They had nothing to do with him, have shook his head : simply can not guess .
See here only Yu Yin didn Shen is interesting to look at him, mean, what do you say? Yu Yin was silent, two people stare at each other for a long time ,have you all stuffy enough ,Shen Mingchen could not help : can I also recognized ,the hard way .
Then took the sign ,with a look, can pass by the side of Shao Fangdao : this is who want to come out ?It Shao Fang came to take a look ,see only above reads: Confucius: a few words one one one who drink three glasses ,not character not to drink .
To all the people, the crowd taunts that label ,and then ... ... Happy drunk three cups .Shen Mingchen asked Jin Yin : only son Billy sign ,you steal saw ? My eyes on the long hook ? Yu Shen Yin on across several people ,looking through the eyes and said: son read the sign ,will utter not a single word ,but also the buckle on the desk ,is clearly tells us ,punishment and talking about the R ■NFL also some small proud tract = although not fit is which one ) but not words are never wrong ? Everyone will laugh with his cunning ,made him a cup of .
It then turns to complete what sign ,eat not the crime essence ,to persuade owners drink three hours ., others ,since five ,drink and so on ,Chung in as one falls in the laughter ,they all drink a lot .
Have to admit ,the wine is close the good stuff ,if you think it useless ,it is still not enough .The presence of people is all drink to good, snapping at others ,address each other as brothers ,that is an enjoyable .
Yu Yin is sober ,said: to change the rules ,otherwise they will all be carried out .We also feel drunk a little anxious, called a prostitute by scholars play Bo extinguishers, which it has been difficult, not necessarily who will, but it did not top male ,so we will accept .
It was Shen Mingchen cast lots ,he drew a look ,laughs: the original word is removed ... ... They give people pass ,people see the sign ,but it is not simple .Strict requirements are not ventilated ,in the middle ,push up ,win a miss .
See everybody looks cannot read ,Shen Mingchen smiled and said: my first start ? Everyone applauded, listen to him: back to the word does not leak, word of mouth in the middle ;word of mouth up ,Lu won a word like ! Said his drink ,many people knew ,was looking for an airless word ,the intermediate portion onto it ,Sale Karen Millen One Shoulder Dress,is composed of another word .
In fact Shen Mingchen mischievous nature ,this would not have said ,but he was afraid of Shen is if the guess, not lose face ?In fact, he does not know ,his home adults but this master ,just busy with business ,never let him know .
We see Shen laughs : you this solution, it is not difficult .I for one ... ... Tian word not ventilated ,cross in the middle ;cross push up ,crafts have a bell . Follow suit ,the rest of you also understand, Yu Yin will around into apricot that thanks boss prison ,word for homes other people also have different changes ,the last only Shao Fang ,see everybody looks at himself ,he is bitter face : can go on the swing ,all let you out, you can call me what to do ? All will jeer ; made ,shall be ordered to .
He picked up his glass ,he will have to fill .He hastened to parry ,loudly : and live, I have to say ... ... You speak ... ... The people didn .Shen Mingchen smiled and said: is not applicable .
Unless you are you ,or no characters . Listen to me . Shao Fang sly smile: said word is not ventilated ,the word in the R ■sa :R push up is not a word .They laughed = did continue ah NFL NFL NFL Shao Fangduan glass of wine ,and drank the wine, make faces : word up ,a big clock ! All uproarious .
Then Shao Fang and the lot ,he drew a look ,a word next to ,requirements for two word homonyms ,again adds a word by word ,into another ,finally by the word for a custom F60 think ,he smiled: read as cleaning water ,anhydrous also read .
Go green edge water ,add the appendage is fine .Shen Mingchen Wen Yan laughs: drunk ?Green characters have heart but please ,it .Shao Fang laughed and interface continued: s right ,I saying is trying to intercede, lest they allowed please ,.
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