but and Ma five do a cup again

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> or Xie Wendong first said : you is Ma five !? She put a smile: really clever .But you than I imagined a little more ! Xie Wendong smiled : en !There are a lot of people say I am ,but in the end they never feel small .
The five looked at Xie Wendong for a while ,said : I think the cold China public security is it right? Nobody, who sends you this child also do undercover ! Xie Wendong laughed, know each other is bluffing ,did not speak ,waiting for the five continued .
And Ma five added: they used to catch me ,were sent five an undercover ,you know the five end ? I find no interest in such things ! But I am interested in .I put their heads cut off ,inserted in the tree .
Their bodies ... The five said to the next dog a crossbow mouth ,said : in their belly ,ha ha !Kid ,today you are the sixth ! Ha-ha. Xie Wendong laughed out loud ,then cold voice says: Ma five ,if you show is over we talk about the business .
I am not and you remove the eggs .You don take this to frighten me ,if I am afraid would not come ! Ma five ghastly smile: well ,it is the public security training out of the dog .
You have a kid ! Next to a wave of his hand, do him ! Xie Wendong was surprised at the five eyes ,sleep is not acting in a play .If I so he killed some really confused .I think about it, Xie Wendong also had to go .
No ,Ma five men begin ,punches in the nearest person on the face of .The man Oh a sound body ,exit two meters down on the ground .Just as Xie Wendong was about to attack again ,but eventually gave up .
Because there were five guns were pointing to his head .Xie Wendong is unable to ,hands up ,to the five said: if you kill me you will regret it !Because you lost a good chance to make money ! Ma five hey smiled: is ?I never killed a police regret !See your age is not large, is it right? Even the police didn !It ah ! Said the five big head shaking ,he said : what are you waiting for ,did he .
According to the old rules ! Xie Wendong was a punch down the man stood up ,to spit blood, they have two molar .Stride to Xie Wendong in front of him without a word to his stomach ,he gave a blow .
Xie Wendong failed to pain ,sitting on the ground .One side of the five up to thank text east into large fonts on the ground ,one from the next box and pulled out a two feet long machete ,to the east the neck up to cut down .
When the five hand stretched forward ,stopped the man next action ,have a look with eyes turned next to a thin .With the eyes of them smiled at him, and shook his head ,Ma five understand his meaning .
Asked loudly : ,you a cop? Xie Wendong had thought I really live, fell the moment it faces one one surfaced in his brain, but he did not regret their choice of road ,because it gives own previously not happy ,his mind is an unwilling .
But now listen to Ma five of this sentence ,understand the five original is a test in his anger ,Xie Wendong in the heart of Ma five ancestors eighteen Generations Collective greeting .
Crap. If I were the first to get your copy ! Ma five laughed ,waved the hand ,let go back ,rising from his chair came to Xie Wendong and said: brother you don ,I do so is to be engaged in .
Only in this way can I live today .Just now I apologize to you ,Ma five to accompany you not ! Then ,the five in his face POPs hit two slap in the face .Xie Wendong from the ground up ,dust yourself off ,I thought that the five would be a slap in the face ,typical for jujube to eat that kind of person .
Xie Wendong than with his mind these, calm mood says: Ma five ,we should talk about something .Is it right? ,North Face Pants! Ma five nods to say: on the !Come ,give no fetch a chair ! Then ,a hand moving in a chair behind Xie Wendong .
Xie Wendong blunt, a butt sitting above, see Ma five and said: your boss treat guests really means in particular !Talk about your offer . The five said : the market price would have little brother already know ,my price and the market almost, but I guarantee ,the purity is far higher than the market ! Xie Wen host : you bring your price that I listen to ! The five wanted to say: two five zero ! Xie Wendong know that he said is two hundred and fifty yuan per gram ,shook his head and said : the five ,this time I am sincere to do business ,can you a little to no ! The five head, later said: ,two two zero .
What, is cheap enough !The price in the market the general cargo is hard to find . Xie Wendong smiling ,according to the three eyes tell his price ,Ma five to the price is really cheap ,but now we find the goods of many people, they should seize this opportunity .
With this in mind, Xie Wendong still shakes his head : .I came all this way to make money ,you are not sincere ! He stood up to go out ,thank text east .The five saw anxious ,loudly say : brothers don ah ,we can discuss prices slowly .
Bite the bullet and then said: ,we have a price, two hundred .But the price to the limit ! Then ,unblinking look at Xie Wendong .Xie Wendong did not speak ,or shake his head .The five also stood up ,swallowed saliva said : you give how many money !I give the world not price ,you little brother also let me earn ! Xie Wendong chuckled and said: well ,you let me say it .
In a word ,one hundred and eighty ! Sorry? Are you kidding ,one hundred and eighty ,one hundred and eighty you sold me ! Ma five to almost stepped on a chair .In fact, the five it is to thank text east guessed it ,his hands are available, but no sales .
Source of early in the first raid by police when he was almost broken .Later has been copied several times, it is not easy for a person to do business ,the five will not easily let go .
Xie Wendong looked at the five of the eyes and said: I can only give the price ,if you think the right to sell, not suitable for me to find someone .But there is one point ,I want goods is long-term ,not doing this to trade it or leave it .
Ma five rubbing two fat hand ,said to Xie Wendong : let me think about it ! Ma five in a small warehouse walking back and forth ,my heart with the advantages and disadvantages of fast calculation .
His brothers are keeping an eye on him, they have several days without money .Finally the five one feet ,watching Xie Wendong asked : now can you want? Xie Wendong thought for a while and said: I want twenty pounds ! MA in five and his men is a short, twenty Jin can not be a small number of .
Ma five from new sneaked a look at the Xie Wen host : twenty pounds ?Little brother can you eat so much? Xie Wendong smiled : I can eat me .As long as you promise me the price ,this time I will be twenty kg .
Then maybe more ! The five burst out laughing : good ,North Face Shoes!Brothers Frank enough .Then I don ink !As you give the price .Ha-ha. Although Xie Wendong to the price is very low, but the five is to make money, just earn less .
Xie Wendong said : there is a saying in the front ,a cargo gauge you send ,Mens North Face Triclimate Jackets,cash payment .You should not oppose ?! The five pointing Xie Wendong says with a laugh : this natural ,you little brother is really smart !Ha ha ,brother night don ,I sleep with your brother ! Then ,ask the people said: to kill a few chickens, get some wine and meat ,I and the brother to take almost almost !After we have close cooperation ! In the brothers say ,happy ran out .
Xie Wendong said : Ma five ,not polite .The meal I want to eat ,but don get too much ,just better ! The five one places a hand to say : you are a guest ,the first to naturally treat .
The brothers also don ma five ,look outside .I a few years older than you ,call me brother brother you do not suffer ! Xie Wendong wanted to also later on ,and the five without contact ,shouted nickname is some not good .
Xie Wendong politely said: ,I was very .Brother ! The five was to shut the mouth faster ,a Jin said !Took the hand of Xie Wendong says he has a little brother .Xie Wendong said in his heart :just to ourselves or to kill the scratch, now become brothers ,the Ma five really is not an ordinary person ,I will be careful .
Xie Wendong passion and the five chatted .Speak mostly be of no great importance it, Ma five to tell Xie Wendong her previous deeds ,how the scenery ,how awe-inspiring ,to later how to decline .
Finally Xie Wendong was fast asleep .See Xie Wendong lack of interest ,the five thief smiled and said: ,night, give you a surprise !Ha-ha. Then ,the five laughed .Xie Wendong hesitated, asked : what ? The five eyes narrowed said: brother, don ,you ! Thank the text east Michi Michi mouth did not speak ,suppose that the operator can give yourself what surprises .
Seven pm ,the five men put the meals are prepared ,from the outside to move out a big round table in, placed in the middle of .Ma five called Xie Wendong to sit down ,pick up a bottle of wine to Xie Wendong poured a cup,sale north face jacket, then pour a full, picked up his glass and said : brother ,we are brothers first meet, have bad host place please brothers don .
Big brother to three since the end of the cup is to brother you cut ! Then ,the five is connected with the stem three cup ,and then poured a cup of said: ,this cup we ever do .For the future we can cooperate happily ! Xie Wendong nodded and said : will inevitably troublesome brother !Stem ! Stem !Come here.
Together to do ! Xie Wendong and the public together to do a cup .Xie Wendong did not drink a cup of liquor ,dry throat fast smoke ,eat a few food .The five saw Xie Wendong look that he can ,also does not Quanjiu ,and his brother cup after cup of dry .
See ,today the five is really happy ,pull on Xie Wendong the big customer ,later will have more money to spend .I will drink a few cups of wine .East of Xie Wen asked : brother ,food goods when we get to J ? The five wanted to say: brothers, if needed ,and within three days I will be able to deliver the goods ,North Face Gore Tex Jackets Sale! Xie Wendong nodded and said : well ,I wait for your good news .
I buy a mobile phone ,and then the numbers tell you .Delivery before you call me . The five smiled and said : brother ,how even a mobile phone not ah ,do not send you a brother ? Xie Wendong smile ,know he is polite ,he looks poor faster hematuria, can send their mobile phone .
The mouth but said: brother ,to send later we well before ,now if you give me something I really feel shy to do ! Ma five heard this music ,not only to his face and give yourself the next step , line ,has a brother that, your this friend I will make .
Brother happy today ,brother to have a drink with me ! Xie Wendong can ,but and Ma five do a cup again .After a while ,wine ,Xie Wendong felt some faint .No matter how to persuade Ma five do not drink .
After three drinks ,food five .All finished, Ma five rickety stands up say : old horse ,to give my brother a big and clean room ! The old say ,went outside .The five holding Xie Wendong ,inarticulate said: ,I a little bit more .
Is happy !Brother ,played the woman ?Big brother here .Here, I brought you pick one ! Then ,the five took Xie Wendong ,regardless of whether the latter answer did not promise to house a small black door to go .
Came to the door ,shouting : old horse !Nag ! Xie Wendong says with a laugh : didn drove the horse away ? The five one film head ,you look at me . !OK, brother didn much, memory
is better than me ! Back to shout loudly: seven ,seven where ? The voice just fell ,was the five called the seven comes up ,said: brother ,this time a try ? Ma five one slap
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