and the struggle for the last two months of the enemy

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Something dramatic changes ,rodero big surprise ,and the struggle for the last two months of the enemy suddenly into the star city ??they look to Baruch ,but Baruch only slightly embarrassed ,but swim to Royston Drenthe side ,whisper .
Lv Yan said yes, Baruch really has dark Royston Drenthe !Rotter grumpy ,a pendulum to attack ,but Rhodes held him down : and so on ,to see Lv Yan there is no arrangements, since he thought so ,should not be so easy to die .
Rotter listened to Rhodes, immediately stop, reminiscent of Lv Yan just to sweep the eyes were deep ,he decided to wait and see .He saw Lv Yan. Suddenly appeared a bone ants ,Lu Yan turn to cross to him ,behind the three underlings also close behind Lv Yan UGG Boots womens,each took a rope hook on the bone ants in the joints, a dark ,do not see what .
You want to transport ? Drenthe cold well : well, I Aosaidesi teleport ability records, he was rising on bone ,teleport in clearance can reach six km, but once encounter obstacles and water ,reduced to Shushushi meters distance !Star City is surrounded by the endless river ,you don want to escape through a teleport ! Lv Yan dismissed the threat of Drenthe ,but glanced at Mobadi ,Mobadi nodded to him, though still cold expression ,but very firm .
Originally just Mobadi secretly release powder is disposable Magic Memory powder ,they have been in the bone bridge formation behind a simple transmission, posterior approach has been paved ,you can leave at any time ! Lu Yan ,you stupid long adults don in grey studios ,can easily sneak up on it, but the gray shade city I had arranged numerous traps ,as long as your mother go ,he will die ! Drenthe screamed to Kaman at his side ,cold face ,a face at .
Lv Yan :not take it seriously Royston Drenthe ,you don my Lord how smart ,how he will be in your trap . Ha ha ha .A burst of laughter from Drenthe armor came ,shrill voice and furious: I know Karen Val very cunning, so it deliberately exposed to attack grey studios ,the red jade river for more than two months ,who knows this cowardly bone dragons have been afraid to go ,then I will make this clear the surrender of the trap ,Ming is to lure Karen Val to star in the trap ,dark or encouraged him to ash studios ! All of the skull were surprised ,that Kaman and Drenthe conjoined had been strange ,did not expect the armor also hidden inside a speaker .
But the Star City rodero special more surprisingly ,Baruch was very early has gone over to the enemy ,or the mysterious voice say in Star City for two months .Skeletons with surprise ,Lv Yan was completely without any surprise ,everything in accordance with the Karen Val plan ,the bone dragon this it seems to succeed, he looked at Drenthe and said: only the collar bone bone collar can cope with grey studios ,trap again severe, are not able to pay my lord .
Humph ,shallow !Stupid ! Hiding in the armor behind the voices of immediately ordered : go get rare soul disc remove two down ,let us have a look the genius . Drenthe immediately repeats the command ,flew several underwater ride swim to a bone bridge tube side ,tearing the bone bridge ,took out a huge disc ,followed by another piece of paper is taken out ,brought to the center of the hall .
Two disk is circular ,a diameter of more than fifteen meters ,it is almost transparent ,full of dark red star ,in the water and gently floating like some underwater animal ,seems to be a very strange feeling .
This is me the Dark Wizard of special rare soul disk ,it will automatically close to the collar bone, adsorption of collar bone body ,and dilution of the bone spirit ,is a rare soul obscured ,collar bone will be relegated to the bone ,was two wrap will be reduced to the bone ,three words completely lost bone spirit ,become and bone .
Hiding in the Drenthe armor behind voice sneer: in Star City I have prepared three ,while in the grey studios I prepare six copies ,that stupid dragon to grey studios ,as long as the rare soul plate sphere of influence, he would not run away ,which he must complete regression of ash bone status !Ha ha ha .
It is a magic trap !Lv Yan tunnel against the collar bone weapons or is really magic class effect is most effective .Drenthe also with the sound of laugh together ,however, and he joined Kaman had no reaction ,but face bone slightly distorted ,a little funny face .
Royston Drenthe ,you fool who ,if this rare soul disc so badly, it now why not dilute your bone spirit ? This is Rhodes in asking questions ,he does not want to give up resistance ,but he and his brother for the sake of lot ,if it is not ,he would surrender, but the premise is to determine the Royston Drenthe can really control the overall situation .
Royston Drenthe .Ask Rhodes, his heart ,the die-hards strength stronger than Baruch ,if he would surrender, the entire peninsula city with extreme ease ,he smiled and said: I say this rare soul disc is the Dark Wizard is my special ,which had set the sensing mechanism ,they give me the bone spirit is not play a role ! Custom ,so do not attack the Royston Drenthe ,only to attack other collar bone .
So as long as the hostile collar bone into suitable area, can easily kill .This rare soul disc really bad !Rhodes was silent ,Drenthe is reasonable ,and if Karen Val can seize this opportunity into grey studios ,it must trap ,the skull in the northeast corner of left Drenthe a collar bone ,or body strong collar bone, that he and he doesn sense more recalcitrant .
Suddenly ,being thought Rhodes looks a condensate ,two prominent eye bone still look around situation observation .No. Lv Yan sounded: cold Drenthe adults although not dilute the soul disc ,may the Lord Kaman ? Awaken the soil of bone ,all of the skull can see light suddenly ,yes ,and Drenthe Kaman can not be customized conjoined ,he ought to have the effect of dilute soul disc !Ha ha ha .
Drenthe broke a series of loud laughter : do not think ,but Kaman was not affected ,whereas Karen Val would die !Not nonsense ,who give me take down Lu yan ! I go to ! Drenthe voice just fell ,have been known to calm Rhodes actually make a sound ,width of more than eight meters large body suddenly discharges a gas ,Lv Yan dashed to go .
Rotter ,Wahl and the fish bone did not react, how has never surrender Drenthe Rhodes ,suddenly change ?Baruch grunted coldly : huh ,thought would be hard to the end ,the original is just so so ! Other capitulationists will have such a bone of color .
Drenthe applauded loudly ,and Kaman more and more as strange color, from behind Drenthe armor ,came the name of the hidden light cold humph : well, he still refused to believe ! Don not to kill !Lv Yan did to Rhodes launched white bee ,but orders O Seiders out of a pair of thin like cicada wing wings ,if he Dezhen is to kill, he immediately has escaped into the transfer matrix, and then through the prior in the ruby River Cruise set delivery outlet from star city .
.. ... Rhodes clamp becomes very large ,to the top of Lv Yan fell down ... ... Lv Yan just endured not move from Rhodes Karen Millen Multi Coloured Dress Cheap,he did see on their intended to kill .The distance is less than ten meters ,the water rushed to Lv Yan body, Aosaidesi to seize the ground bone bridge bump ,two large long wings trembling ,he quickly carry live, but Lv Yan didn but he refused to lose face first .
.. ... Finally ,Rhodes bone emerged a appreciation ,followed by his two giant clamp around a dozen meters ,pliers suddenly elongation ,in two with a rare soul disc riding bone suddenly clamp !Sorry? Caught by bone one, also did not react, Rhodes bone clamp has been made ,they will clamp crushing .
Rhodes ,are you crazy ! Baruch in the back of the howling voice in addition to shock ,anger ,also bringing faint .The surrounding noise big, Rhodes is clearly beyond the expected all skull .
Rhodes now came to the side of Lv Yan, he gave Lv Yan a cold way: adult speech ,whether to count? Lv Yan slightly one, then don answer : Karen Wahl adults although love make fun of ,Gunong mystery ,but he said out, never goes back on his word ,even if it is for the enemy ! Good Jimmy Choo Starlit UGG! Rhodes in front of Lv Yan turned back ,will be revealed to him, a pair of pliers alignment Drenthe : your mother just sent subordinates told me ,if I keep you safe ,he today kill Royston Drenthe ,I will believe you again, see you home adults how to change Sale UGG Jimmy Choo Kaia! Just notice? Lv Yan Montgomery is disenchanted ,Gaia to ?Only his ultra distance soul invasion to secretly contact with Rhodes !Lv Yan suddenly looked ,but hall around the skull three hundred or four hundred ,he did not see Menggesiya shadow .
Now ,Wahl ,Issa ,down ! Rhodes shouted three die-hards will bone help ,Lott and Wahl did not hesitate to down ,but the fish bone but Issa shilly-shally ,he didn if to surrender then why not choose Drenthe and obvious weak Karen Val .
Drenthe is upset, he does not understand these three stubborn will bone why in this case also refused to surrender himself to the bone ,he don Rave: Baruch ,you go and kill them ! Adult.
Baruch swung his enormous umbrella-shaped body : rodero special together, I am not their opponents ,but I ,only request is that please cooperate with me out ,or I just die ! Baruch no ground for blame ,but if it is to let Baruch die, Drenthe to worry about other underwater skull bone will scene ,he to the armor in which the hidden from it, and then reluctantly agreed to Baruch .
Baruch a bodily assault ,from his oval bone shell in numerous human head size Octopus skull ,the skull they came to Drenthe around the body of the Drenthe body is fixed, holding him in action .
These small octopus skull is Baruch mounts ,such a bizarre mounts mode called categories ,there are countless mounts rider in vivo joint bone ,and then receiving myriad tiny mounts holding him move ,Baruch can rely on these small octopus skull in terrestrial walking swiftly .
Baruch himself came to the side of Drenthe, to sound to offend ,and then the whole body expanded several times ,will Drenthe and Kaman joined the wrapped up ,taking them to the Lv Yan .
Originally Kaman and Drenthe conjoined is big, the Gaba Luke package and numerous small octopus skull ,the water immediately appeared a super huge monster ,the length and width of over fifteen meters ,before the body has Royston Drenthe, Kaman two to two pairs of claws and fangs, around Baruch numerous dark bone tentacle ,image is quite ferocious .
Lu Yan ,as soon as you across the foot of the bone bridge ,ready to escape, we stopped him ! Rhodes grunted coldly ,and he and Roth together ,formed a two huge bone forceps ,a three meters long with fangs teeth mouth ,as well as a super giant mace tail super skull ,Rhodes was bone armor can actually occur entirely deformation ,Roth body is also the protection together ,they formed the shape of the momentum from the not weak in Drenthe ,Kaman and Baruch .
Detonation !Two piles of skulls crashed ,bone fragments splash ,fighting together, Stir Crazy surging undercurrent ,punching O Seiders could hardly stand .After the crash ,a follower of Rod Roth brothers frog shape will Bwall immediately slipped by to ,in a suitable actual suddenly play street ,the bone level street is pretty terrible, Lv Yan felt the entire hall current suddenly toward a direction of mad rush karen millen outlet store,if Mobadi hadn even magic to control the flow of water ,they are going to be washed .
Wahl only had time to make the strike ,because Drenthe bone claws suddenly elongation of 10 meters, cut off his neck .Although Wahl is dead ,but the street or breaking Baruch ten tentacle ,Baruch body surface of the bone mass fragmentation ,he gave Drenthe mobile help decrease .
The battle to a stalemate, but on the whole Rod Roth situation is getting worse ,Rhodes broke a bone forceps ,Rotter tail smoke too rotten ,everywhere he is terrible wound, if not by physical flexibility to escape, they would Royston Drenthe .
Rhodes get back home to look ,but Lv Yan was not in the bone bridge mining escape hole ,not by the fly : Lu Yan ,you also do not run ! Lv Yan ignored Rhodes ,because he now has just
received the Menggesiya Soul : Lu Yan ,the opportunity is already mature ,adult says you can hurt someone ! : it is a large chapter Oh ,recently it had many, every time is to write
a good summary of the results ,one not careful writing hundreds of words ,in the next chapter can be lazy ,but is not suitable ,so ????please a lot of support ,evening Oh ,have your support
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