but so she had some not accustomed

August 10 [Sat], 2013, 15:27
/ Div> Xiao ping is sitting on the couch, from behind the back secretly admire Zhang Yuxin beautiful, really shocked by her words, quickly shouted excuse: "I got nothing to do ah" Zhang Yuxin turned and looked at Xiao Ping categorically Road : "Because you did not do anything, so only question" at this moment Xiaoping Ling chaos, watching Zhang Yuxin glamorous face cranky: "Is this what I was doing her a reminder or animals as beasts? can not ah, Zhang Yuxin does not look like this is Pathwalker "If Xiao Ping Zhang Yuxin know what they thought, certainly fell immediately gone. / But she can not read minds, so quickly added: "Your farm has developed rapidly, which I very much admire, but you can not only interested in production, and in the establishment of corporate brand image does not do anything, the long-term is this to you at a disadvantage, "Xiao Ping heard here came before, and could not help but sigh of relief and said:" Oh, that you would say is this ah? "" Do you think what I'm saying? "" I did not complain, "Xiao Ping quickly Zhang Yuxin asked: "Do you think I now how to do?" It is on the mall Zhang Yuxin best, she immediately gushed: "You have set up a company, the next is a registered trademark name of the company, to be able to apply to all patent applications, and remember to apply for global patent, to avoid being in a foreign country advantage of the loophole. Even now the farm's production capacity is not enough, you also have plans to advertise in the media, always hungry marketing effectiveness very good and you can also consider finding partners, and quickly occupied the country and even the global market, as long as "" Stop, stop, "Xiao Ping Zhang Yuxin interrupted with a wry smile and said:" I have thought about these things, but I am a man too busy to ah. Even me too busy to split in half so much. "Zhang Yuxin frowned:" Who wants you to go and have control? You do not even have a few employees can not afford? specific things so that the following employees to do it, you are a boss once you have great direction. judge the quality of the staff working on the line, "Zhang Yuxin Here, the woman's temperament snarky, Qiao Lian filled with strong self-confidence. Xiao Ping Zhang Yuxin also very much agree with it, but still bitter face and said: "You're actually lightweight, I do not have the experience of hiring employees, ah, got to know how people can not do their job?" Rare to see Xiao Ping powerless when Zhang Yuxin could not help laughing. / Very good mood, she pondered a little one, and soon became determined and said: "My company will attend next week's job fair Sioux City, if you trust me, the way I can help you recruit a few employees, though not guaranteed are all jīng English, but at least you can first take up the basic framework. Slowly company will be able to track up. "To tell the truth Xiao Ping Zhang Yuxin saying is you want to do, but he shall milli No experience, it has failed to put into practice. Listen Zhang Yuxin willing to help to solve this major problem, Xiao Ping is of course very happy, quickly sincerely thanked her: "You help me solve a big problem. Was so grateful," This is the first time Xiao Ping Zhang Yuxin thanks to the seriousness, but so she had some not accustomed to. Zhang Yuxin did not think about,north face sale store, Jiao Chen Xiao Ping a cross and said: "What is the relationship we have, and what I still polite?" When they speak with Zhang Yuxin windswept hair, her disheveled hair with your fingers gently hooked rope to the ear, the side of lovely woman reflected most vividly. At this moment Zhang Yuxin revolutionized the image of his woman, completely became a fascinating and charming, noble mature beautiful woman. Xiao Ping was Zhang Yuxin inadvertently reveals the beauty of a severely shocked, always articulate he could only stare at the face of a beautiful woman, unable to speak even a word. See Xiao Ping this unusual look. Zhang Yuxin was suddenly aware of their performance is just something wrong in front of this man seems too arbitrary a. This makes Zhang Yuxin very embarrassed, quickly small channel: "My time is late, tired, go to rest" That finished Zhang Yuxin fled like to leave a terrace. She looked fabulous back disappeared in front of Xiao Ping could not help heart Antan: "mature woman lethality really strong enough" "how do I say so? Really too immature" In the meantime Zhang Yuxin also to just move while secretly annoyed. But she soon found an excuse for himself in the hearts consoled himself: "It must be very relaxed environment here, and it does not matter, after the attention point like" Although this happened in the evening and Xiao Zhang Yuxin hearts are to remain calm a deep impression, but they invariably it buried deep in the heart, it is a tacit agreement to meet the next day as nothing had happened, as usual accompanied Little Momo on a farm goofed. Happy little girl, but this weekend is broken, two days to see new things than in the past year were more than a little reluctant to leave mean. But Momo this age already in kindergarten, Zhang Yuxin time to let her daughter learn to play Ryan. So to Sunday afternoon, sullen little girl will be sent on the car. Momo looks to break off the mouth Xiao Ping was reading some unkind, so take the initiative promised little girl will often ask her to play. Xiao Ping also promised little girl, the future will grow more fruit, what peach pear ah ah ah orange, just cooked to please her farm to eat. Zhang Yuxin not willing to see her daughter so sad, after the spot agreed Momo regular play, and that makes a little happy little girl. Momo insisted, however small, and pull off the hook mom and Xiao Shushu was assured, but unfortunately they only agreed to her request. When the pull hook met Xiao Ping Zhang Yuxin fingers, although only lightly touched, but will also give him a feeling of heart slam. And Zhang Yuxin has demonstrated nothing had happened, but she was the only I know, his ears red, hot, but fortunately was not obscured by hair be viewed by others. So Land Rover carrying a small Momo and babysitting slowly leave, to go directly back to the provincial capital. And Zhang Yuxin and daughter did not go along, but intend to stay an extra day at the farm. According to her statement, since Xiao Ping to help companies recruit staff, we must first understand the farm situation, can be targeted to recruit the right talent. Xiao Ping deeply that it does,north face jackets clearance, indeed repeatedly praised Zhang Yuxin big boss of the company, even the recruitment of staff have become so specialized. Xiao Ping praised touches Zhang Yuxin, embarrassed, in fact, to understand the so-called farm situation is only an excuse, she's just too fond of farm relaxed atmosphere and want to stay here one day only. But this little secret, but Zhang Yuxin mind that she is in any case would not tell you. jīng little girl with plenty of power left, leaving huge villa in peaceful Xiao Zhang Yuxin, the original bustling farm seemed suddenly quiet down. They had dinner together, but also the same as yesterday, to the roof terrace to enjoy the scenery. In happy moments spent together two days later, Xiao Zhang Yuxin feel calm and the other a distance closer. Although they did not speak, but very quiet atmosphere to enjoy this moment. Zhang Yuxin casually leaning against the railing of the terrace, enjoying the surrounding scenery. Front of the villa is an area of ​​two acres, jīng caused tidy garden. Through the trees around the garden, you can see the farm neat vegetable greenhouses. Small continent through the middle of the river on a farm, meandering flow of the distance. In the villa is not far behind lush undulating Baiyun Mountain, like a barrier like the house half fenced. From time to time there is birdsong coming from the hills, made even more quiet surroundings. Perennial in the market for hard work, the noise in the busy city accustomed to living in Zhang Yuxin, the farm environment is simply too fond of her. Looked lush Baiyun Mountain, silent Zhang Yuxin suddenly subconsciously authentic: "This is so beautiful, if you can live here forever like." Stood beside Xiao Ping Zhang Yuxin shrugged and said: "I welcome the hands in the air, you can always to live ah "Xiao Ping This sentence has been somewhat ambiguous, but it may be the atmosphere is really good right now, Zhang Yuxin not only not angry, but looked straight at him and said:" I live here and there is no way the management company , who will feed me and Momo Yeah? "by Zhang Yuxin Meimou stare heartbeat, Xiao Ping involuntarily blurted while Debut:" I'll keep chanting "To be honest Zhang Yuxin would love to hear the answer. But Xiao Ping really say these words, she could not help but feel a panic, quickly bowed his head to let Xiao Ping see their red-hot face. This is the first time I saw Xiao Ping Zhang Yuxin shy appearance, could not help much heart, stretched out a finger hold her smooth chin and gently lifted Zhang Yuxin bowed head. Printed into the eye is Xiao Ping Qiao Lian Zhang Yuxin flushed, her Meimou has cast a faint mist, beautiful lips slightly open, upright breasts gently undulating along with shortness of breath, apparently are looking forward to some of the things happening. Faced with such a tempting Zhang Yuxin, Xiao Ping where also restrain maintained, slowly bowed his head and kissed her lips. However, just two lips met,Women's North Face WaterProof Clearance Sale, Zhang Yuxin Weibi xingmou boss suddenly wide open, like suddenly awakened from a dream of the same. She forced a push Xiao Ping's chest, stick together, they have been separated once again. Xiao Ping caught off guard two steps back, his face looked Zhang Yuxin surprise, she did not understand why there is such a large response. Zhang Yuxin also seems to feel that they do something bad, incoherent to Xiao Ping explained: "I'm sorry, I, ah, the day late, I returned to the room," Zhang Yuxin Carter in a hurry to leave the terrace. Watching two days have used the same excuse to leave Zhang Yuxin disappeared in the stairs, Xiao Ping could not help but smile shaking his head and said: "Oh, this is even the beasts do not give me the opportunity to ah, evidently only continue to go beast than it "(You are welcome to your support is my greatest motivation.) RV
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