would you like to have a rest

January 14 [Mon], 2013, 12:00
Join the bookshelf | recommend this book | return pages vertex novels; urban love; my beautiful wife, the body of the 124th chapter [choice] rose a return next page 124 Xili Lek autumn light falling on small garden pond surface, with trace of ripple ripples in two strains of huge banana wind gently swaying, the broad leaf from the dim light, let the fuzzy shadow rubbing in the glass door on the floor in the morning, Rose's bedroom is cool and quiet, with a simple graphic decorative lamp night is not closed, because it is cloudy, now the mission light appears yellow dizzy eye has more for the upper body blue white loose linen nightdress Yang Chen lying on his back in the bed, with her eyes closed, a weak but breathing, just thick black brows locked is light brown like liquid chocolate as sheets fold out, like to tell people, last night in bed asleep man, is how violent action at this time, the door quietly away, carrying a tray of small rice and a dish of sweet garlic rose has changed his white silk nightgown, beautiful face is full of sorrowEmotion and fear, limbo light Noah walked into Yang Chen bedside will porridge dishes down, leaned over to Yang Chen pulled thin was sat on the bed, look at whether rose complex man, she didn't sleep at all last night, took Yang Chenxian to the hospital Mens Ralph Lauren Hoodies, after the inspection is also called private physician come here to Yang Chen Yang Chen treatment smoothly identified no danger, rose to handle matters soon after the party wonderfully made a series of effects of future western underground pattern is important and decision-making, rose and hurried back to the house, hands Yang Chen to morning the man again bring her completely shocked, but at the same time, also let her have a feeling among the gap chasm rose doesn't like this kind of feeling, she has too many questions, but everything must, Yang Chen woke up in the contemplation of some complicated picture, originally closed eyes Yang Chen Xing Zhong to open your eyes, long breathed out rose are sensitive to this moment, suddenly feeling of surprise, to hold Yang Chen's hand, "husband, you wake up?"What time is it now Polo Black Watch Sale.Yang Chen smiled distantly, to cast a let rose assured eyes "is still far away, it was just seven, would you like to have a rest?"Rose looked at Yang Chen pale face, heart acid, but tried to smile and say: "you scared me, suddenly so weird, I didn't sleep at all last night." Yang Chen arms hold the bed, he sat up, close to where the export rose cheek kiss, "I okay, but last night I blacked out, what happened?"Rose Yang Chen does not have its own interpretation of meaning, is also very clever ground didn't ask, compiled under the said: "yesterday I take you to the hospital, simple after the examination the doctor said there was nothing special, just like you very excited, heart beat faster, give you sedated, you will be quiet many of the later I brought you back here, please come to my doctor gave you some sedative drugs, you can sleep till now." "are you......I don't remember ", Yang Chen smile touched his forehead, he is in fact the only thing I can remember, is his brain inside explosion general pain thought accomplishment for a year, after which more than half a year's lazy days, they even have no alternative against one's will move a real, killing dozens of people, but also will not be like the past is difficult to control, but did not think of, oneself that old problems still somewhat better but with his door eccentric Kung Fu realm continuously upgrade, have been able to try the terrible rage, only later called rose to stun his scene, or else Men's Heli-Arctic Parka......
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