came here to catch my Yaxuan

October 15 [Tue], 2013, 11:09
"I'm sorry I did not mean to, but North Face Windstopper Clearance when Canada Goose Camp Hoody Toronto you hear that name some ...... you just say that your blind date is Chiba cold is it?" Thousands of grace let go quickly and Mi Xiao Qian apology, and eagerly asked forward. "For ah!! How, you know him?" M Xiao Qian frown was almost broken arm rubbing. "I never thought this would be a cold Chiba man, no wonder Yaxuan princess in a car accident amnesia lying in the hospital!" Thousands of grace clenched fists, with an angry tone in which it was cold as if to say Chiba a big cheat sheet to deceive everyone's feelings, like! "What did you say?" This change m Xiao Qian steady live, her eyes wide open looking at one thousand bounties shouting. "We still another place to say!!" Thousands of grace Xiao Qian went meter beside the rice wary Xiao Qian in his arms looked around! After all this time is not their site, after all, Tomorrow is. "Ah, okay!!" M Xiao Qian nodded, but she should be very excited by adding a very joyful grace in one thousand arms. But when she heard 'Yaxuan princess' that the words when she was decisive surprised, surprised a greater extent than more than one thousand bounties. One thousand bounties with a car with a meter Xiao Qian came to a relatively small and quiet woods, he parked the car in the woods, they sat and did not come down. "You can say that is how it!!" Now is not one thousand meters Xiao Qian asked bounties, but Xiao Qian m anxious to know what this thing is her middle do not know. How he and Chiba cold there Muya Xuan What is the relationship between, is a triangular relationship between you? This is too weird, right! There is a woman born with jealousy, and why she saw two boys hearts like Muya Xuan! ! This is where the good to Muya Xuan in the end, where she was in the end as Muya Xuan! "Did God intend arrangements today do? I am about to leave when you are lying on the ground met, but did not see the person you down!! Chiba cold if I see that it is, then I will not let him , how he can do!! "Having one thousand bounties angry patting the steering wheel, the car Men's Timberland 2 Eye Cupsole 'drop ~ ~ ~' rang. "Who are you, you and Chiba cold there Muya Xuan What is the relationship!" Confusing, m Xiao Qian feel like fall into a huge whirlpool turn more dizzy, disoriented turn more . "Ya Xuan is my favorite princess, back in to see her at first sight when I fell in love with her, and then I came here to catch my Yaxuan princess and you did not think her mouth blind date Chiba cold contacts and engagement!! I think ...... I think they do not belong to each other is ours!! "Thousands of grace sad side of the corner with his eyes while talking Note Xiao Qian's every move with m Each facial expressions. "Yes, it should be ours!! They do not should be together, I'm the Chiba cold blind date!" M Xiao Qian has entered the trap thousands of grace, her jealousy has been one thousand grace to bring up. "So I think today is the God arranged for us to meet and let us know all of this, the opportunity in our own hands, is to give up to let go, or to hold on tightly to see us all!" Is not fully see them, is a full look at m Xiao Qian will not listen to one thousand bounties arrangements. Yes, ah, it all depends on them! ! Xiao Qian was originally thought that encounter one thousand meters grace is God gave her another chance another option, but now, after listening to one thousand words of grace she felt that God wanted her to take this opportunity to get Chiba cold. "We have the opportunity, and how we may abandon it? But ......" just meters Xiao Qian is a jealous heart, although very strong girl, but she does not know how to plan how to get Chiba cold! ! "As long as you believe in me, I think we can ......"
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