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January 16 [Thu], 2014, 12:16
"following hour athletes" intended that it was lasting for lengthy for indoor sports activities facilities in nightclubs or at evening,such as bowling, foosball which is often played in bars," gingerbread circus "?? "After hour athletes",this keyword,if you search in Google, you will find all the posts is about PUMA.It nike high heels is thus distinct that PUMA creates something out of absolutely nothing. Like Nike, Adidas,they operate constantly ads with sports activities in comparable indicates. Puma's concept of "After hour athletes" is apparent to seek new customers.Obviously, PUMA hopes that everybody goes to "nightclubs" and they also start to consider in full Puma's footwear and garments. Nevertheless, PUMA usually wears like sports,and the nightclubs are not an athletic location,how to do? So PUMA truly produces some thing out of absolutely nothing and stage the concept of "Following hour athletes". Except for a "minisite" marketing site, this activity also includes a small software called Lifestyle Scoreboard which consists of Internetwork and cellular telephone. That is to say, this small software is simple and useful scoring software program which makes you perform boomerangs and foosball in nightclubs. They all can rating. Whilst you score, PUMA has an chance to trumpet nike dunk high heels the advertising concept of "following hour athletes" for you. As soon as on a time,everyone went to nightclubs. The feeling of going to nightclubs is to play,have meals, consume and it is by no means believed they were to sport. But,when PUMA started to promote this new idea, gradually, some people would think about going to nightclubs as a type of activity. So they wore and tended to gown up activity. In this time, the revenue quantity of PUMA would improve and this is real objective for PUMA.? With sufficient strategies, the next has a sequence of matching. PUMA not only seek an additional monarch in picture, but also they introduce new products which are to match the position of "after hour athletes". In accordance to the articles, PUMA introduces the table tennis bat and the other new chalk billiard table which van use chalk to scrawl. I still do not see what this products is, but I can imagine that PUMA use extremely big equipment (tennis tables) to consider personal brand into every nightclub from the starting of tennis and create a big "PUMA" on the desk and they use this kind of a big action (it is sure that is very noisy to play table tennis and individuals will crowd around.) to entice everybody come to play. Most of the evening bars nike heels have no desk tennis. Now, PUMA add a set. Some nightclubs have enough large area and people will adhere to to purchase one to perform cool. From these, we can really feel that Puma advertising head really override on the other sports activities brand name in this situation. We can say that PUMA is the highest realm of advertising. They can use marketing to add a team of
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