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December 20 [Thu], 2012, 15:01
Chapter 303 big brother to marry Xiao Yan see Han Yu eyes are closed, the gas heart curse, you black, look at your usual time quite frank person, think here what wind ah, close your eyes, your eyes closed why?A public occasion you too sick!Xiao Yan tears in the eye with spin, just feel heart full of grievances out not to come out.Love reading she turned her face, he waved his knife, lest their strange being seen." Men's Canada Goose Borden Bomber;What are you looking at?You work on your!"Xiao Yan managed to calm voice to those confidante nobile were shouted: "don't let those asshole kandi."Ten years old, is the hero, like heroic age North Face Denali Fleece Hoodie Clearance.While the Han Yu Kung Fu, a younger brother, the money is missing, young as a party boss, is there some girls in the eyes of the hero image living show.Such a little girl to practice martial arts, how much of it is to have a look Han Yu, probably only they know their own.And Chu Yan this hug, let their hearts to the hazy dream with broken!With kinds of thoughts, a small girl who continue to practice up some feeble.Han Yu was stiff, even thinking also has some not circle.He was here like I stood for a moment, by the wind, is a sober.No, don't let the girl always hold, there were so many people watching, heaven knows how they would want!See Chu Yan cry almost, Han Yu busy carefully: "Okay, girl, what you say is the Chu family group general manager, don't be that guy at the joke, the line, wipe your face, don't be sad!"Chu yen here to remember your own place, rushed out of his arms from around, look, a face was red with exposure for three days as the tomatoes, red are purple."I, I am not intentionally......"Chu Yan gently pulled twice, low voice.Han Yu smiled, shrugs pretending to be cool to say: "all right, you later if there is anything unhappy, just come to me, though I'm not comforting, but by a shoulder to let you depend on your ability or some!"Chu Yan a snort of laughter, my face with tears on her here you smile, like the blooming roses in the rain, attractive: "here but you say Women's Canada Goose Palliser Coat, later if I not happy to find you, you can't refuse!"Han rain eyes fade, could not help but replied: "you have such beautiful active gestures, I'll be delighted to do, refuse, not the fool?"Chu Yan eyes, his face still a tear-stained asked: "do you really mean it?"Han Yu awkward smile, he also did not think of himself to say that almost make fun of it, but is now clearly cannot come back.He nodded: "of course......"Chu Yan her eyes bent into a crescent shape, but this number is too much, it is not discussed here. A good place, otherwise she will ask.She is clear, this is a wood, is a broken drum, not hard to give him two times, he is no news.However, the heart thinks so, her mouth said was: "cut, you men one by one is a dandy, don't think I know that?The thought that you do not like them, now it seems I was wrong.Heaven knows your blandishments cheated many people, well, see you are very busy, I will not bother you, I go back first."Han Yu was called up into the day Qu: "you say so can do me wrong, I am such person?"Chu yen Bai He is one, only to return to two words: "to say!"Han Yu blue hand pat forehead, sigh: "my gaze toward the moon, but the moon shines on the river!Oh, sad ah!"Chu Yan eyebrows a pick, as if to screw him: "you say me not to know chalk from cheese?"Han Yumang to step aside: "pay attention to temperament, attention to temperament!"See Chu Yan stopped, he this before: "you come to me, is it right? What thing?""All right, is not in a good mood, so looking for you to chat.But cry for a while, feel better."Chu Yan face restored always calm, light track.Han Yu saw that she restored the mood, mind relieved, not white he - inserted - buffoonery over ah: "I send you!"Said Han Yu and her side by side and went outside.Her car is kept in training field, not far away.Xiao Yan looked at two people to go out, heart - random -, asked in a blade almost split in their legs, she will be the knife away, hate channel: "don't do that, do not practice, what is, is useless!"
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