I got the help of others

December 28 [Fri], 2012, 18:23
Evil bandit chieftain ring but a name be extremely cruel and merciless, never to stay hidden, only to find the swallow completely caravans, everything was robbed all the killing, not even one.Ring personally led the two masters, and three masters have in.Lin Xiaotian mission impossible."I got the help of others, this only escaped death."Lin Xiaotian said."I will be there?"The elders asked."You just saw Canada Goose Lite Jackets Sale, it was this little."Lin Xiaotian pointed to the said Yuan Lin."The master of the house, he was a R ǔ wet boy how can the people you will be saved.You want to make up an excuse?"The elders have to look to Yuan Lin, face s è more y ī n sank, eyes are not believe.Yuan Lin's appearance is at best a young man Youth's Canada Goose Kensington, how can you be in ring men will go."Believe it or not, his family the truth."The face of Lin Xiaotian s è is not good-looking, he felt the atmosphere today is wrong, as a kind of unusual things to happen.The elders are face s è is poor, silent.But while Raymond Lam is laughed again and again."Well, this thing aside, the next is a main problem.The master of the house is responsible for escorting cargo in relation to our family in the future, if not in the history of two poplar under attack from the resist, our family will become a family of two, never to return to the big family of location, most likely in the Yang history two chase perish, we in the hundred years big industry will also be cast to waste."Lin Sihai the elder said aloud."In the face of Yang history two strikes, the master of the house can not do the most crucial one annulus, leading to loss of goods, in view of the master of the house's error, the elders proposed the master of the house.""Fart.Big brother meets the evil bandits can come back alive is lucky's, do you want to let Lin lost two node Dan period big brother do.You want the complete demise?"Forest fire thundered."Of course not, the master of the house can be returned in safety.I have very fortunate.The family has not lost the two node Dan friars, and against the Yang two capital history.However, the master of the house a everything off the Lins of vital importance, also cannot be neglected, it is due to the current house master Lin into a more difficult situation, I had to make a replacement of the master of the house move, hoping the next home Lord can Lin from hard exit out."Lin Sihai the elder said."If, the master of the house can make the method from the new out, the main change is also ok."They look to the forest xiaotian.Waiting for Lin Xiaotian's answer.Silent even forest Xiaotian sink a track "I have no method to solve this problem."."Since that is the case.The elders collective voting replacement home owners and the next master candidate."Lin Sihai Shen channel."I agree with Raymond Lam as the master of the house.""I agree with Raymond Lam as the master of the house.""A reconsideration!""Waiver!""A reconsideration!""Waiver!""Waiver!""Grand master, you mean.""I also agree with Raymond Lam as the master of the house Women's Canada Goose Expedition Parka."Elders speak.Raymond Lam "five votes, with three abstentions.The elders decided unanimously to Raymond Lam as the next major.Please hand over a turtle baby day Lord family shield."Lin Sihai the elder said.Lin Xiaotian s è difficult to see the face of the pole, his hands clenched in trembling.Smell is very unstable."Brother, handing over the day a turtle shield.Now the home of the Lord is my.Days a turtle shield the me."Raymond Lam's smile is a Y ī n sink."Brother, are you really use unscrupulous divisive tactics.To the Presbyterian mission."Lin Xiaotian hated the sound."Big brother josh.When you act adverse, make Lin in jeopardy, the elders are also seeking a quick fix the problem.And I just is able to lead the family out of the plight of the perfect candidate."Raymond Lam laughed."Take out the day a turtle shield, you should know that day a turtle shield only by the chief custodian."Raymond Lam muttered.Lin Xiaotian s è ugly face the terrible day, a turtle scute is already gave Yuan Lin, where he can summon a.Pa Pa pa!!!"Good, is it a good play.
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