Zhang Mao himself had strange appeared

December 29 [Sat], 2012, 14:55
The 463rd chapter visit Jin PS: brothers can support ah charts all result by brothers, your support is my greatest motivation."You killed Naran master, Narang family will not let you go!"A bodyguard in a trembling voice their roar.Ha-ha.Zhang Mao gentle laugh, "the unknown dangers I will advance to strangle in the cradle, do you think I'll let family know well?" Timberland Euro Dub Boots;"You speak in the name of" the bodyguard stare big eyes, he would hear a piece of bases of the meaning of words, but before he could react, Zhang Mao himself had strange appeared in his body in front of."Click!"A loud, guards looked down at his sunken chest, a face of fear, unwilling, then crashed to the ground."Brothers, to kill him!"I do not know what the guards shouted.Second, the remaining several bodyguards will know, today, if not put Zhang Mao to kill, then what they.Very nice.Zhang Mao laughed, hedge to several bodyguards hook and the hook finger, " Canada Goose Foxe Outlet;come, let me take you to see you well master!""Ah!"A bodyguard roar, toward Zhang Maochong, then the rest will also Zhang Mao surrounded, crazy toward a joint attack.Too big for her skin.Zhang Mao laughed, the next moment, he moved, as if the wind with ambient air in order to melt together, a snapping sound followed by a few sound crashed to the ground."Say you too big for her skin!"Zhang Mao clapped his hands, looking at the ground several bodyguards, then looked down at the nano blue Kang's body."Eh?"Zhang Mao suddenly found something, frowning, towards Na LAN Kang went, then his body to play aside Canada Goose Snow Parka Outlet.A blood draw a six angle Star printed out in the carpet, fishy flavour lets Zhang Mao intra-abdominal a Fanyong, almost vomit."What is this thing?"Zhang Mao could feel the immediate blood formation in the six star too strange, far from it seems so simple, but he didn't find that blue Kang is when the carpet painting under the six angle star."Blood pact!"Zhang Mao suddenly thought of a possible, this is Na LAN Kang died after leaving the Zhang Mao remember four words."The blood pact what?"Zhang Mao frowning brows gazed at the carpet six angle star, lost in thought.For a long time, a Maotan sighed, "well, if it accepts the LAN Zhen Kang became ghosts and how, I all not afraid, no I'm afraid of ghosts?"Think, Zhang Mao head self-deprecating laugh."Zhang mao!"Chu Xun's voice in their ears, with a little quiver."Good wife!"Zhang Mao looked up on the Chu Qian laughed, "have you scared?"Zhang Mao got up and walked to the Chu Xun side, held her in his arms, softly: "Chu Xun, later I'm afraid to face more formidable enemy, fighting is inevitable."I see.Chu Xun around a joint waist whisper, "you walk and we are not the same, I will silently support you forever, as long as you have my heart."Don't worry.Zhang Mao patted Chu Xun shoulder, looked down at the Chu tower body."You" Chu great looking body, suddenly feel a cold eye sockets, and shiver, watched Zhang Mao, speechless."Chu's, you should now take you why bribery, blue Kang causes said what?"Zhang Mao voice cold, even if the other side is the Chu Xun's grandfather, a Maoye didn't buy it, "but, you must remember, Chu Xun is my family man, not your Chu family!""Is!"Chu from busy nodded, then added, "I actually is to let the Chu Qian brother can enter the Narang family learning kung fu.""Chu Jing?"Zhang Mao asked in astonishment, "Chu Xun's brother?"Then, Zhang Mao will look to fall in the Chu Xun body, asked: "Chu Xun, you have a brother?Do not listen to you about?""Well, my brother has been abroad, recently back!"Chu Xun apology to Zhang Mao smiled."Oh!"Zhang Mao see light suddenly, the Chu Qing day said, "even if you let Chu Jing went to the Nalan family will not learn kung fu, he has been the age, but, the Nalan family will never let a foreign people to learn their family Kung Fu, you think too simple."Chu tower before really some brains, then listen to a mortise and a simple reminder, instantly understand the relation, if their family can let a strange man in?The answer is no..
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