whips out a can of the outstretched

December 27 [Thu], 2012, 13:02
Huang according to Zhang Can's orders, to those who were not injured Large Carved moved aside, a good placement, and the two drive home, was her kill large carved, peeling Ripper, tick to internal organs, clean.And then a big fire, after a while, the two true burning bird, he burst into a mouth drooling with greed.Zhang Can's mouth and a mouth swallow slobber, if not Topaz often use a sticks, whips out a can of the outstretched hand, perhaps one can already secretly to tear off a piece, and eat it.Huang Yusui is weak, but when sitting by the fire, previously lost another two carved egg Men's D'Alpago, is much better than Zhang Chan, topaz also know, one can clearly have a chance to eat the last eagle egg, but miss her body, just just chew a few mouthfuls of grass, and a group of large carving the battle a, this time alone halfcooked barbecue, even grabbed the large sculptures, a raw and whole, Zhang Can also had the heart.But considering the topaz, wild animal, is very easy to carry bacteria, parasites, and now have to eat meat condition, if so halfcooked to Zhang Can ate it, if later, so Zhang Can's headache and slight fever, was sorry Sue snow and Zhang Can himself.Finally two large carved roast, Zhang Chan also can not consider that, a person carry a, the open mouth and eat it, this large sculptures, baked ripe meat, also has nearly four or five jins, Zhang Chan several mouth down, went to 1/3, see Topaz not stopped and said to him: "you eat slowly, no one told you steal, you are careful to choke, you want to know about the Golden Eagle meat what is that smell?"Zhang Can swallowed a large piece of meat, vague replied: "don't want to know, I know, this meat eating, do not kill, will the belly, taste well, like meat, what was I forgot, you still don't bother me for dinner".He is also a few mouthfuls, gnaw at the roast Large Carved ass, Huang also constantly interrupted him: "Zhang ah, this dinner, to be chewed, the food into the stomach, where time is not much, wool short-tempered impetuous is swallowed, not only the digestion not good, also can cause gastrointestinal problems, you are young, it must pay attention, otherwise, not speaking of old, on your own great bodily harm, on the front, you also resulted in the unnecessary waste,......".Zhang Can side work with quiet hard application, asked Huang: "I this eating Canada Goose Elijah Bomber, how will be wasted?"Huang gives Huang Yuhe a look her, it said: "you eat like wolves and tigers Canada Goose Tremblant Full Zip Hoody, certainly not good to digest, meat nutrition can not absorb clean, it is,,......".Huang was not the "discharge" a few words to say, but Huang Yuhe Lin Na two people frown straight wrinkle, two of them are young, and not have experienced too many to survive in the wild, naturally do not want to eat at the time, to hear those dirty dirty things, so as not to affect the appetite.Topaz quickly changed again, to Zhang Can said: "Zhang Chan, you say, those large carved, what is the matter, how did you defeat them, let them come, do your captives, say, all of us can learn, in order to meet it, also have some experience.""You still want to encounter such a thing, but also experience!This once is enough. "" we are this time, Zhang Chan has overcome the large sculptures 2/3, would also like to get a little achievement, helpless, his belly does not live up to expectations, watched delicious before, but no longer under cruel hand, had touched the belly, then said: "I tell you the truth, the Maoshan operation, have specialized to deal with these wild spells' nine-feng mantra ', I can only say to you so much, zushi ye had made me swear an oath and said,' month often do, always see, do an oath before, that is, to descendants' not to give the show away, if you push me, say to you, I will be the oath, you never wanted to see me die ugly appearance, is it!"
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