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September 26 [Wed], 2012, 15:52

Students in the capital after the petition is submitted to Congress, will be mighty came outside the presidential palace, although everyone knows that the Office of the President has no real power, but still arrived at the Presidential Palace in up and down in an orderly fashion in accordance with students we reached yesterday plans to present a petition at the presidential palace and the surface to see the President get a reply, they will then guards with a gun outside the presidential palace of the country hurt Hospitals petition handed book some stand by and watch the dense mass of human sea Yang bubbling patriotic passion, they do not know how to dispose of the matter, the duty of the captain of the guard side signaled the guards to block these students are not allowed to collide presidential palace, while even panic ran into the presidential palace to report students do not know at this time countless pairs of eyes watching them House Mr.! Dongfeng have blown up! , the capital of the students will take the initiative to go on strike and took to the streets the Wind Waves anxious nationwide, to when you can into potential events can be scheduled when compared to the excitement of the Lu Renhe the Sima looking somewhat dignified, those college students are Chinese Youth the elite northern government decided to suppress, to how it will own place ... think that passion Yang overflow students, Sima has a sense of guilt in mind, and from that day on their own approved Lu Ren plan, Northwest propaganda tool , intelligence agencies, and left behind the border guards began to step-by-step according to plan for that day prepared to use public opinion to the people angry target on Lanzhou massacre to the distribution of central government the southern provinces agents provoking Southern places warlord who take advantage of this golden opportunity attack the central government to spread rumors around, encouraged the sow discord students this surging emotions, general of the militant groups in the capital of the university students, as the plan to a point of intense secret funded funded student, all the efforts, and eventually to the capital thousands of university students took to the streets, targeting the central government, pointing Li Yuanhong, Duan politics! Think conspiring to refine that plan after plan approval Lu Ren did not own the number of soft-hearted, Sima can not help but joked! ! Must present it before looking at the director of some solemn expression, Lv Renming white he was thinking of guide China to get rid of the bear any shame! Lanzhou Mi difficult people or students now procession will thus become more valuable History will remember the contribution they made for the country and the nation, know when become so dark, and even some cold-blooded, in order to achieve their dreams, even ... but all this is worth it, they are to pay will be in the future in exchange for a new land! A powerful Chinese! Countless Chinese people to dream, to achieve their dreams, must pay a certain amount of sacrifice and consideration! This is the truth North Face Womens Denali Jacket! hoping that one day he would not for today's decision regret this time all but are Bureau. either students or officials of the capital, and even myself have the same insider! down, hand-foot-stricken Li Yuanhong just muttered to himself The president, too, followed when the president is also so now they face the republic since the founding of the first occurrence of such a thing, of procession and the students for the resignation of President! This resting and the rebels in the past what the difference hear the cry of the Fu Wai increasingly deafening Ha Han Zhang looked at the hand-foot-stricken President said loudly to let the president fast decision again so drag, who knows what will happen, in case those students as it was against Banners survivors of Yi Shao like that, I'm afraid ... these students to come forward to all locked up, tortured and then came to Canada to find out behind the main ... you want to set where presidency! dispatched Guard kept strictly torture, you want the presidency as the common enemy of the whole country! student processions and meetings about law given the powers, but shut buckle in Beijing students, to the provinces what attitude! presidency, the original student shot and kill the the bannermen survivors of the State Council of the favoritism students because scruples provinces attitude, if unauthorized actions, I am afraid that attracted provinces cried wolf! profession when I'm afraid ...... finished, Zhang Guogan seems perhaps is the Northwest has been in the waiting for the one opportunity, if these students are arrests, shut buckle, then think of the date of the Northwest Army elite south of Zhang Guogan only feel sweat, and when I am afraid that the president or prime minister only to resign a way can be election Zhang Guogan looked at the table share of the petition, Li only think that it is simply bombs, the students would like to coax out on my own bait case out on my own after an impulse to open the gun, but if they do not go out and meet them They stormed the presidential palace, and I'm afraid to lead to disastrous consequences, Ten seconds to tell their own suggestions, I can only do so appease! let the President promised in future, will resign in order to appease those students, President! treat only guilty of rebellion students must be punished, arrests take them to be inappropriate, but the first of those students representatives invited to the House, and then arrested again command the Guard with a belt, sticks to disperse students lost chieftains to self agents just quickly disappeared! arrest of the student representatives, and then disperse again below strictly by the Ministry of Education, schools custody students, waiting for things and then subsided slightly better words to console those students on behalf of repentance, quit when the matter since solvable! domestic corrupt, Eli, the local warlord, and this time they let the president resign! could not help the DPRK Kim Yong-Yan looked obviously did not expect Xiaofeng Jin went so far so fast there is a idea. Mr. Shi Gong feel how! Please also in the heart of Li Yuan-hung has Xiaofeng Jin tendency to accept the proposal, Big president think twice! See the president asked own Zhang Guogan even panic up and advised Mr. Shi Gong, although the views of the Hillsborough is still not perfect, but it may well be the solution Road, this does not promise to be student representatives into the government, your first acting president good words to console those representatives, student representatives still insist to see if, and then play it by ear! You see how! with a little complacency Mr. King will not regret today's decision, in future, when things are, though Paul Mr. King is still the presidential palace aides, but Mr. Kim do not need to be worried for the life glory! Own proposal approved, Kim Yong-Yan recalled a few days ago in the conversation between the hotels and the man of the nations, as the military chief of staff of the Presidential Palace, Kim Yong-Yan clearly know that the Northern Army absolutely anything that might stop their march, and as such cooperation will choose the man President Pro out Kim Yong-Yan toward sitting there looked presidency intellectual consideration, but subordinates but yet generous, Kim Yong-il the fire only looking forward to keep his promise will not hurt the President, no matter how large president or any other official in the capital will not be personal threat to any regime change in history, whether violent or non-violent, always accompanied by all sorts of conspiracies, blatant lies, ugliness is not known to outsiders since, in today's natural has not been immune to standing on the balcony of the border defense Corruption Beijing Liaison Office Fan Hongfei, the locked eyes looking away outside the presidential palace to beat the crowd, Fan Hongfei only feel heart rate, seems to not control their own general full of hearts an unprecedented sense of unease, but also implicit, with a little of the excitement, Must not ... a key figure in the plan, the original hold secret talks with Kim Yong-Yan, Fan Hongfei no concerns, but looking at everything now is about to begin, Fan Hongfei hand, worried students for the resignation of President Lai from also grateful Zhang Secretary-General invites president I'll wait for petition out to accept the post of the president, resigned from the post! Gao City tragedy to comfort Mi difficult to seven thousand people rest in peace! Staring straight in front of Zhang Guogan sunji proudly says Before the Secretary-General, you could be so rude! The party exercises had Republics years! Equality for all! What is presumptuous to speak of! Zhang Secretary-General, you asked me to, etc. into the House Is a Young Officer Wei? after a few words, he turned earnest persuasion with student representatives before your classmates, now the State rapid development etc. should learn in school, learn useful the knowledge for developing countries try real should not take to the streets as well as abandoned academic students we may rest assured, Gao City Massacre Government set to give the world an account of an account to the people! Government hospital is now the matter? Furthermore ...... The government hospital is being processed? Since the tragedy for the entire population saw both the government hospital Selection Committee passing the buck! This is the way you deal with? I now have only one request ... Li Yuan-hung, resigned from the post of president, Gao City Mi difficult people to comfort the soul in heaven! Hands immediately Helenians! Remember not allowed to shoot! Do not hurt students! Do you understand? Had with paragraph Premier dare not touch these students ... Kim consultants! not just being not as good as the State Council, the Office of the President! when the the drawing room Mainland quarreling became louder, Kim Yong-Yan frowned smoking a cigarette tucked fingers of smoke some slight trembling, but Guard hands to arrest people, and then disperse student demonstrators to when ...... chaotic shouts, Wu Shijia rubbing along the forehead outflow of blood from time to time, this is the Presidential Palace Guards armed with a whip made of iron to take the lead to break ground wound presidential palace ground guards armed with disperse at the presidential palace field demonstrations of students, and representatives of the fourteen school places students cheated into the presidential palace after missing Wushi Jia did not choose to return to school and other students agreed measures, since they are outside the presidential palace to disperse the students, and then back to school, that caused by military police will find an excuse blockade school student petition activities to the northwest, and finally, by the mouth of the professors, principals, depressed! Wushi Jia made the decision to return to school on the way, Wu Shijia and Northwestern University to the last drive full classmates keep in touch, and Northwestern University, as well as their classmates, Township Friends of since in the capital can not solve the problem, then to the northwest to fight for the support of Northwestern University students, and then to the Joint Parliamentary petition the Joint Parliamentary never to capital these gentlemen such disregard for public opinion! separated by one high counter, the cabinet after the pawn shop guys looked forward to the cabinet forehead Maoxue foreign students the drink a pawn shop drink, The cowhide armed with a China pen one! When Western Reserve coupons $ 1.50! Which received good pawn ticket, month to ransom, when the object is sold by the shop's! Grabbed a pawn ticket and money Wu Shijia they frantically ran towards the railway station, daily on the capital's train station has six classes by rail to the northwest, half hour, there are generally sent to the Northwest Train roadside places people only see the foreign students dressed in black and his head is blood in the streets desperately ran Foal Eagle Camp is one of China's largest orphanage or orphan school here adoptions from the country's nearly 30,000 stray orphans, orphans from four years old to fourteen-year-old ranging from the Eagles camp funded Assistance Foundation founded by Sima northwest loving commitment, which Sima personal take on the requirements of more than half of deafening battle cry bursts forth one after another, hitting objects banging voices in Foal Eagle Camp training ground, thousands Kids North Face, ten-year-old boy who is being trained fighting with bare hands the who was feeding sound, cloth the old silkworm fist frequently mixed with wind hit the opponent is their own classmates, brothers, but they are like to treat the enemy the vicious, the Foal Eagle Camp is not a sit pure orphanage It is a large Spartan barracks where all the orphans in addition to the students, they were educated to be a have and soldiers tenacity, courage, tenacity, unity and obedience to the soldiers from the border guards without any superfluous unarmed combat, close the mouths cleanly by no means clear-cut boys in the eyes of projection out naked issued a few, such as the general sound of the roar of the ground soldiers on the battlefield with some childish voice, despite the late autumn, but students from wearing protective gear still all of them sweating North Face Gore Tex Cheap, breathless, but the action at hand without the slightest pause Wearing not the title uniformed instructors looking Senleng issued with a password roar somewhat low as instructors shouting teenagers handheld sports rifle growled a big step in the left foot to the thorn in bayonet target and right leg also come naturally slide Loud! Like a man! Shouted out! thick cylindrical, and many schools of military instructors, looking Senleng instructors soldiers retired due to disability, he lost his left leg in Russia, Remember! This is the more the target is to be the enemies of your lives! Give me hard to kill! Skip step ...... thorn! the first choice of many of them, the training ground the sweat can guarantee their future on the battlefield for more medals you how this is going! Like a woman weakness! Give me killed! Shouted out loud! Kill! Kill! Shasheng bellowed out! Let roar enemies tremble in fear! The roar of their wits! the enemy That's it! That's it! Very good! This lesson you could get at least two points! When the rest of the whistle sounded, the students have already exhausted brisk running training courtside gulps of drinking water, sweaty, thirsty, they are most in need of supplemental water drinking cup with These savory cold water, most around the training ground in a bucket of water containing a small amount of physiological salt with a towel, wiped his forehead of sweat, Zhang Shaan captain looked at the drinking water, the captain! Waiting for you to eighteen years of age, the application into border guards, or participate in the entrance exam before University! If learning to respect the university entrance exam! Otherwise go troops! How about you! are given by Mr., and this is his only way I can repay Mr. Long-range strike thousands of miles by plane from heaven, then Shenbingtianjiang! Drop in the heart of the enemy! Save the world Lebanon untold miseries! China is no longer there and we like orphans! Zhang Shaanxi Some said longingly in the mind to imagine the airborne enemy henchmen land, heroic battle and then return victorious! Enjoying the cheers of the people, of course, will never forget the desire of each student in the Foal Eagle Camp in Lanzhou after the end of the war, with newspaper publicity know Northwest an ten thousand Lanzhou people, even though they pay half of the casualties of the consideration for the newspaper publicity to let people filled with awe of this Estimated that we at least eighteen years of age, when the battle was over early! war is best not to end, they need to use the Medal to prove himself on the President's promise to listen to the Office of the President to detain procession student representatives and send the Guard to disperse school students report Xu Shuzheng could not believe their ears Li fat will make such a stupid thing, far beyond Xu Shuzheng expected so unlike his usual camouflage out the kind of generous long do wind forward the development of the situation, Gao City tragedy of the central must be someone responsible for, but it must not be the State Council, the Presidential Palace is perhaps not wrong to choose, Li's momentary misstep, Xu Shuzheng the opportunity to see the troubles Dongyin this time need to launch a scapegoat Come on! Made up his doctrine of Xu Shuzheng then picked up the phone on the table had anger Gao City tragedy Premier, but did not affect the share of unconditional trust between the two men, the State Department Xu Shuzheng still under one person people on Secretary-General of the State Council, the State Department's most decree still from Xu Shuzheng the hands of the then Minister of the Interior on the phone, the money can be training listening blind tone phone for a long time can not speak, Xu secret long before the phone call, the money can be training just received a the presidential adviser Kim Yong arthritis phone straight over more than ten seconds after heaved breath, and then remove the official letter paper, writing a secret order Order one, I'm afraid affairs commotion! secret order issued by the House General Money Can training, then placed in a capital police chief Wu Bingxiang total length of the front of the House the secret order allows the Wu Bingxiang issued personally feel a big head, though do not know the inside story of this secret order, but Wu Bingxiang know it relationship material, the slightest mistake can afford to accompany into the where, the Service when Dulv belongs, stationed in schools, effectively anti-Mi, in order to maintain public security event and then by name Jiuzhong disorderly dissatisfaction with repression by with law arrested punish, Do a little sparse relaxation Order Prime Minister House Total Length the money training republic on 16 September 2007 above schools, non-school students out of school, school students are only allowed into, allowed out of hand and the students scrape together a few hundred dollars to buy drugs, these drugs is wound with bandage to the injured students, Li Zhe far just a came not far outside the school, only the gate closed doors inside and outside of a large group of heavily armed police stood to see this scene Zhe far stopped passers-by, ! Is not this stature students took to the streets, want to force the President, the Prime Minister's resignation to the guards of President outcasts! The big presidential angry's down to the police surrounded the school, and only allowed into, not allowed North Face Men's Windstopper! This four NINETOWNS can be looked lively! You ...... Imperial University students? Quickly go back home! Province get scored ...... Do you think that on the streets shouting propaganda, can the President ousted! Losses you read so many books hey! Really is a scholar rebel decade too hard! Not good to go to school, what Street tour line ah! Listen to me months to persuade, and hurry back home! Remain useful to the body, again future! Know not! mentioning drugs and then looked at their hands, the students were injured in the campus needs these drugs, never do deserter, leaving the injured students escape! hesitated for a few tens of seconds, or went toward the door at the

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